Crash on 101 Near Samoa Offramp in Arcata

Boat trailer and truck accident

The two occupants are dazed after their truck crashed. [Photo provided by a reader]

A small pickup pulling a boat on a trailer crashed on Hwy 101 near the Samoa Blvd Offramp in Arcata at approximately 2:54 p.m. The two occupants were able to exit the vehicle and are apparently unharmed. The boat, the truck and the trailer all ended up facing northbound in the southbound lane closest to the center divide.

Southbound traffic was impacted for a time but by 3:27 p.m. the roadway was completely open, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.



  • Turns out you have to slow down when towing a trailer. Especially when you’re driving a Tacoma that weighs damn near nothing.

    • May be it should have been you and then we would know what happened for sure. Too quick to blame people!

    • How do you know they were driving too fast? Are you one of those that always expects the worst in most situations and just likes to complain for any reason?

      • Or maybe I’ve been in similar situations.

        • Lol, just Because YOU screwed up or seen something one time that means allllllllll instances that look the same ARE the same??!!!! IF YOU DON’T KNOW FOR SURE THAN WHAT MAKES YOU WAIST YOUR TIME WRITING IT AND OTHERS TIME READING YOUR NEGATIVE, JUDGEMENTAL KNOW IT ALL made up bS. If you don’t have a fact or something nice to say keep it to yourself 😀

        • You’ve been in multiple situations like this?
          Oh, man. Be careful!

      • He just likes to make negative comments about anyone, anytime.

      • He’s another armchair know-it-all who can analyze an entire accident from a press release. The police should hire him.

    • I LOVE my Tacoma! Like I told a salesperson after doing a lot of research, “they hold their value so well that you might as well just go ahead and buy a new one for not much more than a used one”. Not really the best gas mileage for a 6 cylinder but plenty of power and maneuverability when the situation calls for it…except maybe in this situation.

  • “…..A 3 hour tour. A 3 hour tour……”

  • By the looks of the pickup, I’ll bet there won’t be any tour for the boat.

  • If speed was not a factor then he would not be in this situation. Does not matter if it was 20mph or 55 mph. If you can’t control it and you spin around facing the other way, you were going to fast. But those who want to criticize someone who makes a statement, should look in the mirror. I just laugh at the comments most of the time.

  • 4 lane freeway, daylight, and dry pavement, I wish somebody had a dash cam in their car, so we can all see why this pickup driver crashed their truck in the first place.

    Odds it was operator error.

  • Trying sell that tacoma ?

  • I’m sensing some animosity here.

  • It also works not to fall asleep at the wheel. Gone fishing way to early.

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