Images From the Carr Fire and the Smouldering Devastation Left Behind It

The Carr Fire as seen from the air.

The Carr Fire as seen from the air at the north end of the Whiskeytown Lake. [Photo from Cal Fire HUU]

A mostly silent view from west to east, from yesterday afternoon to today, as our photographer captures images from the destructive Carr Fire which is tearing at the edges of the City of Redding and its population of around 90,000 people.

Fire fighters prepare to fight flames as they climb up a hill near Whiskey Town Lake in Shasta County.

Firefighters prepare to fight flames as they climb up a hill near Whiskey Town Lake in Shasta County. [All photos and video, unless otherwise specified by Mark McKenna]

An apocalyptic scene as smoke rises near Redding.

An apocalyptic scene as smoke rises from the fire.

A house burns in the Carr Fire

A house burns to the ground in the city of Shasta, California.

A crew from Mendocino County tries to save a house in the city of Shasta, California.

A crew from Mendocino County tries to save a house in the city of Shasta, California…

A crew from Mendocino County tries to save a house in the city of Shasta, California.

But a strong wind and nearby vegetation complicated their efforts.

A house burns in Shasta, California.

Flames grab another home…

A house burns in Shasta, California.

and this house in little town of Shasta was lost.

Video of the fire

A structure burns in Shasta, California.

The Carr Fire gutted this structure, too.

Video of a structure fire.

A Sikorsky helicopter drops water on a hot spot near the lake.

A Sikorsky helicopter drops water on a hot spot near the lake.

A Sikorsky helicopter head back to the lake for a refill.

Then it heads back to the lake for a refill…

A Sikorsky helicopter head back to the lake for a refill.

and picks up water from Whiskeytown Lake.

Video of the helicopter.

Smoke rises above Whiskeytown Lake.

A view from the east end as smoke from the Carr Fire rises above Whiskeytown Lake.

Fire ignites on the side of highway 299 near the Whiskeytown Lake.

Fire ignites on the side of highway 299 near the Whiskeytown Lake.

A large column of smoke approaches fire fighters near Whiskeytown Lake.

A large column of smoke approaches fire fighters near the east end of Whiskeytown Lake.

A CAL FIRE truck passes flames on 299 near Whiskeytown Lake.

A Cal Fire truck drives by flames on 299 in an area of restricted travel near Whiskeytown Lake.

firefighter fights flames

A firefighter battles flames as they climb up a hill near Whiskeytown Lake.

Sunset on the Carr Fire

As the sun sets over the Carr Fire, its color turns red from the smoke and is rippled by the heat of the fire.

The hills north west of Redding were burning

The hills northwest of Redding were burning as evacuations were ordered.

Last night residents were ordered to evacuate many areas. Today, some of the neighborhoods that were left empty are burned and battered.

A burned home in the Redding area.

A burned home in the Redding area.

Carr Fire

Burned over area.

Carr Fire

Smoking ruins.

Carr Fire

Burned home in the Redding area.

Carr Fire

Burned neighborhood.

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  • Amazing photos, videos, and coverage.

  • Horrible, has it reached the center of Redding yet?

    • The FFs goal right now thru today is to keep it from going over 1-5.

      To answer your question, in about 4 hours from now it will be in central redding.

  • Fire up the pumps and irrigation guns in Redding and soak that town, sounds like some new ideas are needed in fire fighting cause the current procedures aren’t workin

    • Lone Ranger get you rear end over there and show Cal Fire how to do their work. [edit]

      • Which part is stupid? fighting fire with water? Lol , a good start would be dozers ran remotely like drones across the world are, this is 2018 not 1960 , get up to speed calfire , could have saved a life, that took about 30 seconds to figure out,with calfires budget this should have been done years ago along with new fire fighting tools

    • What’s your great idea to fight this monster?how would you do fire and all other agencies are working if you have a plan let’s hear it other than that zip it.

  • Very well documented photos of a very horrifying event. It is cool and foggy on the coast if folks need a respite from the heat and smoke.

  • The photography is wonderful but the event is so devastating, these evoke a multitude of emotion. Thank you for capturing the bulk of these Mr. McKenna. Please be safe.

  • One month ago, there were 30 firestorms raging. Today there are 60. <<<the fast blink of a plane spraying retardant at the 10 sec. mark is not The World’s Largest Firefighting Aircraft Grounded by U.S. gov’t. Sept. 5, 2017

    • Why did they ground it? Nevermind guess the answer is because of cost?

      • What’s the value of one of our brave firefighter’s life, or those who die in the fire?

        The theory of the constitution .. the gross violation of rights, show that compelling states to submit to a federal Leviathan is not the path to Liberty.

  • it may sound crazy but for fires of this scale that blow up so fast and that could have such a devastating impact on highly populated areas……dropping a device known as a fuel air explosion could work. It would rob the air of oxygen in the area of the fire front and create a blast wave that could snuff out the front line.

    Definitely worth a shot since it can be dropped from the air from relatively close range and potentially make a huge difference in the outcome. Again, based on all the observed factors that lined up for this tragic event it would have been worth a try.

  • Thank you Kym for keeping us up to date on this terrible fire.
    My prayers go out for everyone affected and special prayers for the men and women that put their lives on the line to fight these fires.
    Let’s remember the families of the firefighters who gave their lives while trying to protect others.

  • Hi Kym, thank you for these photos. If reposted on FB, the photographer/source to credit is you, correct?



  • 4:50 pm
    25 miles west
    4500 elevation

    • I could see that cloud from a ridge on the coast. Probably 100 miles away. I don’think things went well today.

  • Blow hards should get together and talk the fire out!

  • Did anyone hear the emergency radio broadcast about the evacuation of Mendocino? I heard it on the point about 3:30.

  • Oh no, not Mendo too!

  • You mean the evacuation by potter valley? It’s not very severe yet

  • Anyone know about the fire off Platina Road in Shasta near Platina? Does not seem to have a nem but Platina rd now seems blocked.

    • “Ono and Igo need to be on high alert tonight” -Rob Elvington

      -Perhaps because some of the largest growth today has been on the western flank.

      • Igo is under mandatory evac now.

        Ono, be prepared.

        The beast wants to move into Trinity Co., good luck everyone out there.

  • Wondering if the Carr fire has reached Shasta Dam yet?

  • Thank you for keeping an eye on us over here in Shasta County! Worst fire I have seen in Redding in 30 years! It hasn’t hit Shasta Dam, but Shasta Lake City was evacuated.

    The west side of Redding has been evacuated but only a minimal area compared to the size of the town.

    The smoke just keeps getting worse, and the east side of Redding is mostly ravines with dry/old manzanita and scrub brush, which is keeping this fire going.

    We also have a fire going on in Igo at the veterans cemetery, causing even more closures to the south west of Redding towards Happy Valley, a few other spot fires were found yesterday in Happy Valley as well.

    I have never posted on this site before and I visit this site almost everyday, thanks Kym, for involving your neighbor county!

    Good luck to everyone with the fires that are happening all around. Glad to see the community come together at a time like this.

    The Carr fire nearly doubled in size from 40k acres to 80k acres between last night and this morning.

  • Best reporting in the area.

    • Indeed! It is the most honest, upfront news.

      Blessed to have people who desire real news getting to the public.

  • >” CARR FIRE Children, great grandmother missing in Carr Fire found dead”

    Dammit again.

  • The fire is so hot and huge, it leaves homes in ashes and rubble, while trees remain standing and green. Just like Santa Rosa. Am I the only one who finds this odd? It’s a forest fire right? But trees in residential areas next to demolished vehicles and homes are barely singed? Even firs? They burn wet or dry!
    I am troubled, and the theory goes that’s what they want.

    Conspiracy theory : DEW

  • Trinity county evacuation have begun for eastern Lewiston residents.

    Another explosive plume/cloud formation now.

    Good luck

  • Hero stories:
    ” …getting some incredible stories through the grapevine on the Redding fire, one of the UH 60 pilots saw a mom and 2 kids with a dog in a field surrounded by fire he loosed his bucket and ripped it free on trees before dropping down through brush to pick them up he flew them out and returned to fly down under power lines and pick up groups of people huddled in streets and fly them out he went back over and over till dark then put on night vision which has never been done and continued flying and hauling out families and pets landing in yards and streets by the end of the night the paint was burned and peeled and the body has deep scratches from him flying through brush under the smoke, no seats people piled in open doors and hung on …..his wife and kids were safe but he flew over his own burning house.”

  • So you want a better idea to fight these supersize fires?
    This is not my idea but one that i believe would work,
    instead of a super tanker aircraft why not a fleet of
    super tanker aircraft on call, and with a well planned attack
    strategy this would be so much better than one huge
    tanker, thats just nowhere near whats needed.
    And i dont want to hear any sh** about cost its well
    worth it and look at the billions thrown away for crap
    that nobody wants everyday.
    if its needed and important then it cost to much is
    the reply you will get every time.

    • Great idea , why doesn’t Calfire have this already done? they will spend hundred of millions on the Carr fire, just like every previous year on fires, what is the hold up Calfire?

    • Sometimes planes can’t work because inversions/ layers of smoke block their attack view.

      I don’t completely understand why, our military in the least has equipment to handle seeing in the dark or through smoke. I guess it’s money.

      I think more retardant carrying trucks with large pumps could help fortify lines.

      Retardant planes, water copters all get grounded for the night. However most the time the night offers the best ability to fight fire and build lines, because flames settle down (mostly).

      So how about a fleet of trucks spraying retardant over Buckhorn all night?

      Getting deeper into my brain, during last year’s Santa Rosa fire I dreamed of large towers connected to the city water lines. The towers were placed on corners in grids. They would shoot water in any direction over homes , like a 45 foot tall sprinkler. Lots of em, with high power pump ability.

      And then, every house should invest in rooftop sprinkler systems.

  • Anyone there in Lewiston that can give an account of latest happenings?

  • Evacuations in Trinity continue;

    Everything west of Buckhorn summit to highway 3 and 299 junction have been told to go to Trinity High School in Weaverville

  • Power out in Trinity County according to chp.

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