Want to Help EPD With Crimes? You Can Register Your Security Camera

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Eureka Police DepartmentThe Eureka Police Department is now utilizing the Security Camera Registration module within Citizen RIMS, the online tool that integrates with our computer aided dispatch system.

Security Camera Registration allows residents and businesses within the city limits of Eureka to voluntarily register their cameras. The registration only includes the location and contact information for those wanting to register their cameras. Police will not have access to the camera systems, but will be aware that a camera exists when investigating a crime in or around a particular neighborhood.

Officers and detectives spend a lot of time canvassing neighborhoods for cameras that could potentially hold evidence to a crime. With camera registration, police can look at an interactive map and easily contact those who have registered a camera. Camera registration is a partnership between the Eureka Police Department and the community to help deter and fight crime in our neighborhoods.

Cameras can be registered using the Security Camera Registration link on our Citizen RIMS website. https://epd.crimegraphics.com/2013/default.aspx



  • That’s kool. I’d register if I were there..I hope people actually do…

  • Collective group-think hive mentality has brought us to this place of despair. If it isn’t working, lets keep doing it.

    If we all think alike, then none of us is/are thinking very much at all.

    The wheat and the chaff.

  • The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. -Gloria Steiner

    Is a Police Department constitutional? No.
    Does a Police Department originate in the City’s Corporate Charter? Yes
    Do officers in a Police Department keep their Oaths to the land jurisdiction? No
    Do Cities abide by their founding Articles of Incorporation document? No

    I’m not dissing City Police Officers. I have three brothers who were Peace Officers back in the day . . . but that was then. This is now what We, the People, have watched, and blindly participated in, with how the police state came about. Militarized via bribe grants (that have no value – but that’s another story).

  • The police body cameras that we paid for would record crime, if the officers would ever turn them on. Of course, since some of those crimes are committed by the officers, it’s in their best interest to leave them inactive.

    Who will Linfoot shoot next?

  • PissedOffStolenBike

    Their investigations usually consists of taking your information, hand you their card, give you the look that they really aren’t going to do anything about it, get back in their car and head back to the station to sit behind a monitor and watch the latest police kick ass youtube videos.
    They should be out patrolling the streets on foot and bikes. Eureka isn’t that big and the police could use some exercise. If they actually got on foot patrols they would catch a lot of thieves.

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