Convoy With Chipper Headed Out Ettersburg Road This Morning

raidBetween 10 and 15 law enforcement vehicles headed out Ettersburg Road this morning. One of the vehicles was pulling a chipper.

A convoy with multiple departments and agencies has rolled out every day in Humboldt County so far this week. See below for links to what we know about the ones in the past.

According to a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, yesterday, the convoy on Tuesday consisted of the following departments: California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, California State Water Board and Humboldt County Planning and Building Department Most likely, there is a similar makeup in today’s raid.

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  • Leveling the playing field

  • Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.

  • Zero sympathy. You dickheads had 20 years tax free to make your illegal fortune. Now you have to pay for a permit and you can’t even manage that. SCUMBAGS!

    • If it was just paying for a permit and greasing a few political palms it wouldn’t be such a big deal to go legit. Every week it seems the rules change. Every county department wants a piece of the pie and there’s only so many pieces. At the end of the day big tobacco will be the death knell for local legit growers. There is no way they’ll be able to compete with a million square foot facility in Modesto.

      • Craft cannabis shouldn’t try to compete with a corporate mass grown commodity of a lesser quality. The market value will sepperate out. Let the big corps take 90% of the market, 10% is still plenty to live on nation wide. They will not and do not want to farm the way we do to achieve the product that we do.. chemically grown, water intensive cannabis is all them. Educate the consumer up is the craft motto while dumbing them down into complacency is how corporations market everything.. Humboldt can live on crumbs, it’s just getting past the growing pains of the next few years. Making history is never easy.

        • FMF- agree! Just as there are all levels of almost everything marketable( T-shirts, 3 for $12 at Walgreens or $70 each in the Sundance catalog), knowledgeable people won’t want horrible GMO Monsanto/Bayer weed. There needs to be a permitted niche for people who grow 25 lbs or less. KISS

        • Ok buddy, keep dreaming.

        • That’s a laugh. Mass amounts of HIGH QUALITY bud is being produced down south in literally hundreds of high tech greenhouses. The greenhouses are HUGE. Humbolts hooper world is light years behind but the black market will live on.

          • Steve Deangelo invested 20 million in an operation in watsonville. Watsonville gets fog untill noon. His quality is mediocre. He may be rich, but I can beat him anytime.

            • Sure buddy, Humboldt has it’s niche black market but the BIG BOYS are out there killing it with HIGH QUALITY killer weed. They’ve diversified out into growing hundreds of acres of hemp/high cbd in Oregon. They produce isolate for edibles and medicine in laboratories. Their ag greenhouse “towns” make Humboldt hoopster farms look like tinker toys. Fog in Watsonville , pfffft, Steve isn’t the only big grower around.

              • Yeah we just don’t have the ag land here. We have a good ‘brain trust’ with a lot of experienced growers, but that won’t last long. We specialize in outlaw clandestine operations due to hilly terrain and we grow some nice timber. I think we have some nice scenery too and best of all: no traffic and no city people!

          • That is a fact brother…

        • I hate stinky hippies

          Nobody cares about any of what you stated. Nobody.
          Shit will be grown mass quantity and extracted for oils and distillates. The flower market will remain and marketing strategies will remain the only option to get a fair price.
          Soon all 50 will be legal then youll be trying to explain to everyone that humboldt is the only place that cannabis can be grown in because of climate. Well your wrong pal. No plant likea a 100 plus degrees, not even a cacti.

      • Except, big tobacco will have to cross states lines with the product, which they can’t do, so that scenario will not happen for a number of years.

    • Pharmstheproblem

      Jealous much

    • not everyone wants a fortune, and every business is feeling the brunt.

      i’m a far too highly educated classicist to stoop to such name calling.

    • Spot on, Chaka brah!!! Agree 100% keep it coming and keep rolling these low life degerate scum growers that have ruined the community spirit and the environment.

    • 40 years for me.

  • Go getem boys !!!!!!!!!!

  • Loving this so much. These slimes have abused and degraded our beloved Humboldt and now will pay the price. Gonna have to sell the big black truck, cut their greasy blond dreadlocks and see if they can get a job at McDonalds.

  • People keep saying business is down everywhere, but i hold two part time town jobs and both my employers are not bitching. Inf act the last quarter they were up from previous years as tourist season began. The media hype and nonsense gossip is worse here than almost anywhere.

  • We will see what happens in the next few years the money from this industry kept most of Humboldt County out of the 2007 economic downturn land values remain high and most of the economy along with it Jest recently there was spikes in a real estate market mostly for places with permits for growing and making concentrates lots of these places skyrocketed to over a million dollars the dust settle a little and they dropped almost in half the places with permits will probably go up again if you don’t think this industry is driving our economy some people say that it is just a drop in the bucket of what they are eradicating a lot of people left last year most likely way more will leave this year people will be studying where there is greener pastures and I’m sure they will find a lot of places most people have profited and some will probably make it through for a while the environment seems like it’s going to be the biggest issue coming up soon cleaning up for the Long Haul so hold on to your panties tomorrow will be here soon enough

    • Oh good, rain too? It’s so fucking hot!!

    • Little do you know most i,terms permit holders will not receive a permanent growing permit.
      You dont really think most of the makeshift growscenes will permanently cultivate.
      Just wait 2 more months you will all soon shit a brick.
      Theres major changes underway for humboldt.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Hmmm I wonder if the growers read this in time to uproot and relocate all their plants, move any money to somewhere else, and fix all their would be environmental violations before the convoy arrived?

    • Really doubt it

    • Yes most did just! Thanks to kym posting on here 5min before they got there, it gave them the heads up they needed to undo years of damage, except the few they raided, just those ones didn’t get cleaned up in time. (satire)

  • Lol u guys are such haters. Those cops are pieces of trash and all u hayers on there forums giving police a hand need to get their property ran down on and their rights trampled jus for growing pot. Get a life and if ur so upset about the environment up here then go get educated on whats really happening to our ecosystem up here. Pot growers arent why our water levels are low or our salmon are decreasing. And jus cus u old prunes are retired the locals need an income stop living in ur own little world and take into account other people. Love ur work kym keep up shouting out the snake cops that are jus mad [edit]

  • cleaning up environmental issues is a good thing

    • The clear cutting and all the skid trails, the mining they did 100 years ago. The dam that diverts 80 percent of our water. Freedom is by permit only

  • Check this out
    375000 square feet indoor grow
    How it works :
    Any joe can walk in and pay about 12000 dollars and that gets you a lease for a turn key grow facility including all permits and licenses all you have to do is plant grow and pay your taxes. Why is it so easy in so cal? Cat city is leading the nation in legal mj production also Anza and morongo Indian tribe have huge facilities and they are dumping fresh dep for 300 a pound ( you can dep year round cause the sun shines 360 days a year. They are handing out licenses like candy down there and are way ahead of Humboldt in the legal market.

    • Lol. I have been to Anza, yes sunshine 360.. but also not a lot of water, windy as hell, and squirrels and chimpmucks and gophers that will eat the hell out of anything green. Plus mojovie rattlesnakes that if you get bit, there is not an antidote. Enjoy.

  • What about the convoy? Where did they end up going?

  • ‘Black market been berry, berry good to me.’

  • Outdoor Humboldt Homegrown will always rule!!!! Any thing else from any where else, will always drool!!!!

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