[UPDATE 8:42 p.m.] Carr Fire Explodes, Runs Towards Redding, Structures Lost, Multiple New Evacuation Orders [Map Included]

The Carr Fire is burning alongside hwy 299.

The Carr Fire burning alongside Hwy 299 last night. [Photo from Caltrans]

The Carr Fire jumped dozer lines last night running eastward towards Redding and Shasta Lake. At 6:10 a.m., CHP Redding posted on their Facebook page, “The #CarrFire is in Old Shasta! If you live in West Redding start packing and be prepared! This fire is out of control!” Cal Fire lists the Carr as 20,000 acres. It reports control has slipped to only 10% now. It has burned several structures at this point and is at Iron Mountain Road as of this morning.

The following map shows where the fire has jumped the dozer lines and is racing east. See more details if you have Google Earth by clicking on this KMZ file: 20180726_Carr_IR. But note, the fire has pushed even further east than is shown on these latest maps.

We have received reports from credible sources that the fire forced the evacuation of Cal Fire’s Incident Command post, has crossed Hwy 299, and is now an immediate threat to Old Shasta and Keswick.

map carr fire

The xxx’s are dozer lines. X…X’s are proposed dozer lines. Zoom to see more detail or click to download a PDF.

Cal Fire has issued multiple mandatory evacuations. Click here for the latest. 

Caltrans reports that Hwy 299 is now closed for westbound traffic at Buenaventura Blvd in west Redding. “Closure to eastbound traffic remains at Buckhorn Summit,” they tweeted.

Goes 16 image of Carr fire 7/27

Image from the National Weather Service in Sacramento shows the size of the fire and how close it is getting to Redding.

Yesterday, temperatures soared well over 100 degrees and last night instead of the fire calming down, it continued to grow quickly. Today, temperatures are again predicted to be over 115 in some areas. Humidity will also be under 20%.

UPDATE 8:12 a.m.: The fire is now at Swasey Drive. See map of where Swasey Drive is here.

UPDATE: Latest updates here. Carr Fire Jumps Sacramento River; Western Redding Being Evacuated

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  • Thank you Cal Fire for your endless hard work trying to contain that monster. Praying everyone will stay safe.

  • It seems as if it’s Nor Cali’s turn this year!!! Last year was Central & Southern Cal!!! This year the Northern part is burning down!!! Best of luck & thanx VERY MUCH to Cal Fire, The Countless VFD’s & FPDs as well as Forest service Firefighters!!! As well as any I may have forgotten!!!! You do a great job, keep up the good work!!!

    • Yeah, bring in 29 helicopters.

      Despite Large Number Of Wildfires In California, Supertanker Not Being Used By CalFire


      I’d really like to be oh so wrong about this. If anyone spots the 747 doing what it was designed to do, please advise.

      • It would be nice to have the funding to use that 747 but each drop costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      • Exactly! Follow the money! Lots of wages! Bigger budgets! The 747 tanker is a threat to California major industry! FIRE FIGHTING!

    • There is a lot of fire in SoCal too. East of Los Angeles. It’s on the news you know.

    • Praying for everyone to be safe.

    • Nope it was our turn the past two years. We have had massive fires in Lake, Sonoma, Napa counties. Last year one went into the city of Santa Rosa. Huge loss of property and some lives. A massive thank you to all the firefighters.

      • Don’t forget the town of Helena in Trinity burned right before the catastrophic Sonoma and Napa fires.

      • Also Mendocino County. Redwood Valley burned horribly. 8 fatalities and lots of homes burned. Last October.

    • Last year Mendocino County, Sonoma and Napa counties had catastrophic fires. Lake county has had catastrophic fire events for several years running. Lots of fires all over Northern and central CA. We don’t make mainstream news as much as so cal, I guess.

    • Northern Cali got tore apart too last year. And now theres 2 new fires near Redwood Valley area that burned laat year 🙁

  • I had a final inspection with CalFire on a logging scheduled today and checked in late last night and he panicked cancelled, it is all hands on. I was curious and checked the weather radar and the smoke plume was going nuts at 10:30pm! Stay safe all! 16,500 acres in the mountains in one day is a beast! The wind was howling out here yesterday, put me on my knee to say a prayer for the firefighters a couple times…

    • Are you logging 2 units off south side of Barker Mt. in Trinity?

    • I saw that plume from Orland. It was huge, humongous huge. There arent words to describe these things. I knew what it meant, and I hope all of us here in the north state will pull together and do for one another what is needed.

  • There was a bunch of thinning out done just west of Old Shasta on the south side of and running parallel to 299 there.

    I hope it helps slow down the fire even just a little.

    Good luck to all

  • This is not an official map but it shows the current fire perimeter.


  • Heat map from last night 7/25. Incredible heat trails over the lake and eastward from Rock Creek Rd.


  • Oak bottom to iron mt road overnight?!?! Good lord. That north end of the lake already burned and got thinned out years ago. That’s a lot of communitie$$$$$$$$

    Prayers to everyone out there.

  • I dont see what the problem is they have all the warter they need right thar redding fire air support is right thar this thing should be a peice of cake

  • >”I dont see what the problem is they have all the warter they need right thar”

    You don’t put out a full size forest fire with water.
    firefighters need to make ‘breaks’ around the fire without fuel.

    Water is for defending the fuel breaks and structures.

  • Bozo, thank you!

  • Go out in your yard build up a good camp fire, let it get burning real hot then try putting it out by peeing on it. That’s about what the planes are doing by dropping water on a fire this big, a lot of the water evaporates before it ever hits the ground, the rest of it evaporates immediately after hitting the ground. This fire is not going to be stopped anytime soon unless the weather changes, we need a good hard rain over it. Good luck to every one in that area, especially the fire fighters, stay safe.

  • Kym, a suggestion:

    May I suggest creating a “Fires” section of blog posts? Similar to “cannabis cache” , “crime”, “news” etc.

    This way the fire information will be more prevalent and easy to find for those interested…

    Either way, thanks for all you do.

    • Use the Search function. On a phone, it is at the end of all the articles. On a computer, it is near the top right. Search the fire’s name using quotation marks, ie “Carr Fire”, then you find it. Also, if I’ve posted about a big fire, it is usually in the slideshow at the top. Just click the dots underneath until the correct photo and headline show up and you can easily access it that way. Or, the news stream link is a quick way to scroll back to.

      • Sometimes there’s so many fires and updates, along with other news stories, I think it would help many people out just for fires to be together all the time.

        But that’s the last of my 2cents on it. Cheers.

        • Agreed.

          • Plus ,if I might add , the search bar is basically hidden ! It’s in such a random location I honestly think I have found it only once.

            Ps these fires are beyond bad. No words to describe the destruction, fear and uncertainty. Needing miracles .

            • On a computer, the search bar is on top of the right column (see attached below.)

              On a mobile, the search bar is all the way below the articles and the twitter section but above the FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA section.

  • I watched that smoke plume around sunset last night looking east from outside willow creek at around 3500′ elevation. It was making the trinity alps look small, it was hard to wrap my head around how high up it was!

  • I checked the infrared maps at 4am this morning, and it looked like a couple thousand more acres since the last calfire update, but the map still showed the heat west of whiskey creek. An emergency text came In at about 8:40 to evacuate parts of west redding, so it looks like most of the growth happened around daybreak. This is a picture of the fire looking east from Oregon mtn. summit about 10:30 pm. From here the closest edge of the fire is about 15 miles away, I have never seen this much light from a fire that far away. It would get noticeably brighter at times due to the wind, kind of eerie when you think of the scale.

  • Debate Over Use Of Jumbo Bomber As Wildfires Rage In The West


  • The plume and cloud form over the fire is beyond description right now.

    If you are west of the fire the view is still clear, enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Indescribable the scope of this column.

    This’ll likely be 100,000 acres by the end of tomorrow.

  • Big fire! CALFIRE and USFS won’t miss this opurtunity for bigger budgets!
    Lots of expensive equipment = bigger budgets!
    Lots of wages = bigger budgets
    Fire fighting is one of California’s major industries = bigger budgets!

    The 747 Tanker threatens a reduction in CALFIRE budgets and lost wages for fire crews! Follow the money!

  • Good reporting on this kym. Keep those updates coming.

  • moved my whole career to redbluff from arcata- 3 weeks ago,i moved next to a street called stoll as in the stoll fire that burnt my livelyhood to the ground,i got office job in redding to pay off my storage there and try to move into somewere,now i am stuck in weaverville trying to make it to my lowpay job with no gas ect food ect,we are warned here to fill up gas becuase the pumps may fail and all electricity,then bamm fire west redding? wtf omg this is the same thing in redbluff that fire is going to go all the way into west redding and burn down my storage! im serious im so tired i dont know what to do, and highway 3 and clearcreek and other inner roads may be to much traffic,idk what to do,geeeeez the trials of job ,pic is a screenshot of my vids of neighbors houses ect blowing burning up as i was evacuated

  • I’m in southern California. My daughter is a student in Redding and has been evacuated. It would be nice to get more information down here.

  • Just want to know if Bethel church in Redding is okay, I know many beautiful people there. Praying much.

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