[UPDATE 5:13 p.m.] Convoy Gathered at Dyerville Overlook This Morning

raid This morning a large convoy gathered at the Dyerville Overlook near Founders Grove in Southern Humboldt. According to multiple witnesses, there were around 15 vehicles–reportedly including Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles as well as those from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

The convoy has left but there have been no reports on their whereabouts at this time.

According to Samantha Karges, a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, she can’t yet release details about the convoy as they haven’t yet reached their destination. She did confirm that this is joint operation between the Department of Fish and Wildlife and her department. She also said that a press release would be forthcoming about yesterday’s operation is southeastern Humboldt.

UPDATE 3:11 p.m.: We have multiple reports of law enforcement in China Creek. One person described eight law enforcement vehicles being seen in the 5400 block of Crooked Prairie Road. One was pulling a chipper.

UPDATE 5:13 p.m.:
We have also heard that law enforcement was in the Honeydew area.



  • Caller into kmud said they turned down Dorian lane or something like that in honeydew. Flower police.

  • Go get the illegal growers guys. They are nothing more than forest rot.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Good that they’re getting those eco-hazard grows,but this all seems pretty expensive.
    Feels like a quick house party cleanup,and the parents are almost home,but the house is still pretty thrashed.

  • Imagine if they used all they money on our roads or schools instead of cutting down flowers? 15 vehicles and crew must cost white a bit of money? How long can tgry keep this up? Legal growrs up here aren’t competing with the black mkt people, thier competition is big ag. This whole enforcement thing just seems so ass backwards. Eventually everyone will figure out how much you can grow without getting busted, and we’ll all be back to running 99 plants per parcel and selling our herb on the sweet sweet private market.

    • Contemporary Satire 4 you!

      Here is a story I am predicting:

      The USDA today announced that there is a 5 million pound surplus of fine Cannabis Flowers which is driving down prices, as demand falls off.

      Economists say that overproduction threatens the entire future of the American Cannabis industry, since Chinese production is saturating world markets and keeping international prices low.

      “American producers can’t compete” said the Secretary of Agriculture, “and anyway, they are all high all the time”…

      President Trump, serving his ninth term, is threatening tariffs on Chinese Pot, if the Chinese refuse to limit production and exports of their cheap weed.

      Oregonian production has completely shut down, since the glut of Oregonian weed caused the construction of the “Oregon Wall” by the Trump Administration, and since Oregonians can’t afford to leave their state, and since they are all too fucked up to drive anyway…

    • I don’t think the 99 plant scam is happening any more. Good luck with that unless you have them in the bushes.
      6 plants per parcel, that’s what is allowed.

      • No permits required from water board for 1000 square foot greenhouse. California state laws allows 6 plants PER PARCEL in a 1000 square foot area. If you build a 1000 sq. Ft. greenhouse and get it permitted by the county (and I’m guessing all your other structures permitted) then you’re good to go. If built properly you could even covertly pull some deps inside…

    • fuzzy haired dude

      Snap out of it. Prohibition is over.

  • I am loving this…..thank you to all involved!!

    Does anybody out there know how Reggae on the River got their permits for the bridges so rapidly from the State agencies? There was a story here a month or so ago about how the permits were going to take at a minimum of 4 months to process. They needed Water Board, CDF&W, and Army Corps permits for those crossings.


    • groba dude trustafarian osnt

      I am thinking that High Times might have millions from their Canadian Farms…

      MCC sure didn’t have this much backing…

      Cash in the right pockets is the most efficient method of operating our government…

      • “We used to make isht in this country, build isht. Now we just stick our hands in the next guys pocket”

    • North Beach Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Why was it controversial? the desk at the permitting agency is situated at the center of the universe. To do something without their oversight will cause a singularity that rips space time.
      Why were they approved? The bridges have been put in the same places for twenty years. we are still waiting for those really high flows of August.

    • Yeah that was weird! I guess there was a public comment period in there somewhere? Our poor river- sold down the river by The Mateel. And by county supervisors. Who did they get doing traffic, port-a-potties, etc? Maybe High Times threw some $$ at the old vendors who’d been not paid? Funny how it was all done so quietly- I guess they have picked up on the local resistance to this eco-disaster!

      • I figured that, thanks for input. Was hoping that Ed Voice maybe had the lowdown on how this got done and so quietly after the large article and public outcry over this continued degradation of the Eel during the most critical time of the year!!

        I still cant fathom how this is continuing to get permitted when our fish are fighting for their lives in a low, slow moving, and warm river time of year.

        • I have no idea how the MCC fast-tracked their 401 for the bridge so quickly. There was a 21 public comment period and RWQCB did include the restrictions we had requested in the required conditions of approval. However, its a mystery how the application submitted by the MCC on June 22nd was put out for 21 day public comments on June 26th so quickly. I have never seen RWQCB act that fast on a 401 before.

          It would be interesting to see what engineering firm the MCC retained to sigh-off on the bridge construction and installation to comply with County Planning Commissions conditions of approval and CEQA.

          Bruce Champie and his crew have been using the road from Oak Flat campground, across the river from Richardson Grove; to bring in equipment and start mowing the site location for ROTR for more than a week now, before the bridge is finished.

          Waiting to hear back from the County if CHP, Sheriff and Caltrans have signed off, paid and or on-board with ROTR. And whats up with the CDFW ESA Take Permit for the yellow legged frog.

          Here’s all the new contracts that were submitted last week for ROTR:






          As far as CDFW and the ROTR bridge is concerned, here was an email I got this morning:

          —- Original Message —–
          From: Jennifer@Wildlife Olson
          To: evoice@mchsi.com
          Cc: Jane@Wildlife Arnold, Timothy Smith(TO)@Wildlife, Alisha Goodrich , board@mateel.org
          Sent: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 11:55:32 -0400 (EDT)
          Subject: RE: The North Coast Region is issuing Water Quality Certification(s) or related document(s).

          Hi all,

          Now that all permits are in place, CDFW staff supervised frog relocation and bridge abutment construction yesterday and will be on site later today and/or tomorrow
          for the rest of the in-channel portions of bridge work.

          There was no evidence of vehicles crossing the river except for the permitted heavy equipment crossing for bridge installation. They’re driving back around on back roads until the bridge is in place, and we observed this while we were there. Activity yesterday all appeared to be within bounds of permits as issued.

          Thank you,

          Jennifer Olson
          Environmental Scientist – Coastal Conservation Planning
          California Department of Fish and Wildlife
          619 2nd Street
          Eureka, CA 95501


        • Bill, maybe you can answer a question for me? You said, in part:

          “after the large article and public outcry over this continued degradation of the Eel during the most critical time of the year!!”

          Maybe you have seen or heard more than I have. However, I have not seen or heard anything close to an “public outcry” concerning the direct adverse affects ROTR has on water quality in the South Fork Eel River and degrading affects on threatened and endangered aquatic species and wildlife habitat. Or the degradation on a listed state and federal Wild & Scenic River!

          Can you please let me know where you have seen or heard this “public outcry” concerning ROTR?

          • Ed, I was referring to the posting on Redheaded Blackbelt back a couple months ago (maybe June) when the majority of the commenters were against what the MCC was doing with respect to ROTR. In addition, there were some very well informed points made with respect to the permitting that is required under CEQA, the CESA as well as implications to Federally listed species. Permitting agencies that you have mentioned above on the State level (CDF&W, RWQCB, and local Planning Department) all have requirements. In addition, with respect to Federal agencies (Federally listed species) there are local agencies involved in permitting, mostly on a consultation basis, those are the NMFS and FWS (Arcata offices).

            Finally, the Army Corps of Engineers (out of SF) would need to issue a permit for the placement of a bridge.

            Long story short…..you are spot on, there is no way in all my years of being involved with environmental regulatory permitting locally (20 +) that I have seen a public comment period start and stop so quickly, smoothly. I believe from the original article posting on Redheaded Blackbelt that the RWQCB contact had mentioned that the processing of the 401 permit required at a minimum a 60 or 90 day processing timeline???

            Thanks Ed.

  • Contemporary Satire 4 you!

    Don’t worry about the cost, they will also confiscate your treasure chest, you pirates!

    Your Krugerrand stash will finance busts for weeks!

    • inn cog neat oh

      The confiscated cash will not be used to finance busts. It will go to the Corvette dealer and Orthodontist.

  • …”a joint operation”…sounds like leo’s are enjoying their job, passing a doobie around before going to work.
    Gives a new twist to the name’smokie’…

  • yeah they should give all of these “troops” an axe, a chainsaw, and hoses that can plug directly into grower water tanks to stop the coming fires this season. All of that “tree removal” the coppers talk about is actually the only thing standing between the townfolk and certain firey destruction thanks to global warming… The real nvironmental terrorists receive tax breaks, and just got their income taxes reduced to 21%

    Growers: an easy group to blame and have no lobby like big oil and big timber (who cops and red nex love)

    • eradication is a joke

      The Sheriffs are uneducated rednecks, they do not care about the environment, the environmental concerns are just a lie and ruse to garner support for their war on pot. Everyone knows this

  • The convoy and chipper went out China Creek

  • frog relocation? That won’t do a damn bit of good to the tadpoles still in the water. CDFW should not have allowed that.

    • How do the tadpoles get affected by the bridges? How are they still there after thirty years of seasonal reggae bridges? It seems like any one who ever hated reggae is grasping at this bridge thing. the only difference this year, is they were late getting the permit for something that has happened every year without negative consequences.
      Don’t even bring up the yellow legged frog! CDFW has regulated absolutely every action that has any effect on the frog. Unfortunately none of those activities are what the original problem was! Amphibians are dying off from that fungus spread from toads used for pregnancy tests in the ’50’s, and ’60’s. Pesticide, and herbicides are probably the second biggest factor in amphibian extirpation. Be realistic in your criticisms of reggae or you will be disregarded.

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