[UPDATE 7:02 p.m.: Coroner Contacted] CPR in Progress; Motorcycle Off the Road on Briceland Thorn Road

medical helicopter, medivac

Image by Dottie Simmons

CPR is in progress on a patient after a motorcycle went over the edge of the Briceland Thorn Road near Huckleberry Hill at approximately 6 p.m. A medical helicopter has been ordered.

UPDATE 7:02 p.m.: The Humboldt County Coroner has been messaged, according to a report on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page



  • Prayers and blessings that they make it.

  • Helicopters don’t fly for patients undergoing CPR. So sorry for this individual.

    • Life time local

      Only some will fly during cpr but some do fly with patients with cpr in progress. Fingers crossed they are okay.

    • Life flights do fly to CPR in progress. We got a recovery during an hour long CPR. If life flights didn’t respond to CPR, that would be abandonment of a patient.
      They will return and not land if ALS on the ground declares the CPR patient deceased.

  • It doesn’t sound too hopeful that the Coroner was messaged!!! It usually means it’s too late for the Helo!!!

  • Oh no. So sorry to the family.

  • My deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones… may they be blessed with strength and comfort at this horrible time…

  • It’s a busy night on bricland road.

  • I saw two motorcyclist doing wheelies across Alderpoint bridge and thought their days were numbered .best wishes drive safe be safe live free die young,there is a limit.

  • dose anyone know what make or color the motorcycle was

  • Hope the bike rider is going to be OK. Prayers for him and his family.

  • Unfortunately the motorcycle rider did not survive. Telegraph Ridge & Briceland volunteer fire fighters, as well as CAL fire and Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue, responded. CPR was performed, but they were not able to save the rider.
    His name and details will be released after the next of kin are notified.
    Many thanks to the local volunteers for their efforts to save this man, and then staying with him
    until they recovered his body.
    It is always a sad situation when someone loses their life in a tragic accident.

    • Sad to hear that yet another one has passed so violently!!!

    • No such things as “accidents.” The driver’s fault or mechanical failure (poor maintenance or manufacturer error). You can avoid wildlife by not speeding and paying attention.

      • He also could have been ran off the road by some grow dozer…have you ever driven the back roads of Humboldt? They use up the whole road and speed erratically…and act like you’re some sort of asshole cause your only doing 60 on briceland road…

  • So so sorry to hear this. Blessings to the family and friends of the rider. Heartbreaking…

  • The way SOME folks ride on that road, it could be called suicide. I am not condemming all riders, but anyone who drives that road, knows EXACTLY what I mean.
    RIP rider. Condolences to loved ones.

  • Country was what he liked to be called. He was a good hearted guy. And a good friend. Tragic. Seems like he was just starting to enjoy his life. He will be missed.

  • “I see angels on Ariels comin’ down to carry [him] home.”
    RIP ride in peace

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