Two Protestors Arrested at Rainbow Ridge Logging Blockade

Tripod on the Rainbow Ridge

Tripod on the Rainbow Ridge. [Photo from Activist]

Mention Redwood Summer and the division lines that cut through the fabric of the North Coast widen. Sunday morning, two arrests marked the beginning of what may be another such divisive landmark. According to Jane Lapiner of the Lost Coast League, members of Lear Asset Management including its president Paul Trouette, detained two activists trying to stop logging of an ancient stand of Douglas Fir in the Rainbow Ridge area, 1800 acres at the headwaters of the Mattole River. The two activists were later arrested by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and booked at the Correctional Facility. They were later released.

Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) owns the property and has received approval to log it.

For about a month this year and for a time last year, a tripod with a small platform has been anchored to trees near one of the entrances to the Rainbow Ridge area. According to one of the activists who wishes to remain anonymous,

It has been up about a month this year but it has been blocked season after season for many years…At the moment, there is a blockade blocking the only entrance to several logging units that HRC wants to log. The Tripod is set up on the roadway to make it inaccessible to large machinery. In the top, is a platform that someone is sitting in. The tripod is anchored to several trees.

The activist explained that those wishing to get through can only do so by toppling the tripod. “If the company wants to pass the road they basically want to kill someone or seriously injure them,” he explained.

According to him, the arrests were made in order to keep supplies from the sitter in the Tripod. “[HRC is]waiting for the person who is in the trees to run out of supplies and have to come down,” he said.

The activist explained, “This morning about 5 a.m., five of the private security contractors that are working on behalf of HRC wanted to remove the blockade–presumably to get heavy machinery through…They had tasers and were threatening to use their tasers.”

According to the activist, they didn’t give those at the Tripod a chance to leave. “They were really aggressive and not wanting to talk,” he said. “They had their tasers drawn. These were projectile tasers.”

The activist said that two protesters were detained. One of the security personnel allegedly told those arrested that he was Paul Trouette.

Lapiner explained that HRC is usually known for being one of the more environmentally sound logging companies. She explained, “Humboldt Redwood Company is priding themselves on doing sustainable logging and making money. However, [Rainbow Ridge] needs to be kept intact. It is home to rare fungus and endangered species.”

In February, UC Berkeley’s Cal Alumni magazine said Rainbow Ridge was “perhaps the hottest spot” in the “simmering insurgency” of today’s timber conflicts.

According to the UC Berkeley Alumni magazine,

A group of Mattole Valley residents maintain Rainbow Ridge is a nonpareil, a property so unique, supporting forest ecosystems so rare, that it should never be logged. Given the impacts of climate change, they claim, its higher value is as a research center to study the potential of old-growth forests for carbon sequestration and water retention. Accordingly, the group wants the property transferred to the UC Natural Reserve system, an ambition that is garnering support at the university.

The magazine quotes Trevor Keenan,

a scientist in the climate and ecosystem sciences division of Berkeley Lab [as saying] “Rainbow Ridge has the largest intact old-growth Douglas fir forest in California. What makes it particularly valuable is the various states of old-growth stands. Some are more than 300 years old, some 150 to 300 years old, and some 100 to 150 years old. That provides a fantastic chance to obtain not just old-growth data, but data from old-growth forests in different stages.”

The protestors are concerned that attempts to log may happen soon. An action is planned for tomorrow. “We are kinda worried about the blockade,” explained the activist. “Right now there is only one person up in the blockade. We’ve had contact with them throughout the day.”

The activist said,

Tomorrow at seven, there is going to be a gathering of people at the Monument Gate [up Monument Road out of Rio Dell]. We would like a rally to show support for the person who is in the woods and show them they are not alone. There is a huge base of support for the ancient Douglas Fir forests.

According to Jane Lapiner of the Lost Coast League, HRC may not attempt to move into the Rainbow Ridge tomorrow or even the next day but she thinks that it is possible.

We’ll update when more information comes in.

UPDATE 11:37 p.m.:

Five employees of Lear Asset Management, including CEO Paul Trouette (707/489-9663), security contractor for Humboldt Redwood Co. (HRC), swept down on protesters camped near a logging road on Rainbow Ridge in the Mattole River watershed at about 5 a.m. today. With tasers drawn the guards forcibly restrained two non-resisting protesters who had refused a request to leave, placing them under citizens arrest and confiscating personal equipment including solar panels and a camera.
The guards contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept., which arrived on the scene about 8 a.m. and took custody of the arrestees, who were later booked and released with pending court dates. At this writing the road blockade remains in place.

Location of the blockade is here:

“This shows the blockade has been really effective,” said one of the arrested protesters, who declined to provide his/her name. “During the time (HRC) was not doing anything about the blockade it shows the cost-benefit calculation of doing arrests didn’t make sense for them.” The timing of these arrests thus demonstrates that logging may be imminent, the protester said.

At issue is about 1100 acres of primary, or ancient, forest consisting of Douglas-fir and diverse hardwoods, as well as natural coastal prairies. The area is vital habitat for listed species including but not limited to the Pacific fisher, pine marten, Northern spotted owl, Northern Goshawk, Golden Eagle, coho salmon, Sonoma tree vole, and the rare fungus agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis).

Logging of these forests along Rainbow Ridge could take place under two currently approved Timber Harvesting Plans. Opponents of the plans have raised objections about the validity of at least one of these plans, as well as calling into question the “green” certification accorded to HRC by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Not only is HRC logging virgin forest on its lands, but also is poisoning hardwoods through the use of a highly controversial practice known as “hack and squirt.” Such practices should disqualify any timber company from FSC certification, critics say.

Rainbow Ridge is run by San Francisco’s Sansome Partners, of which the Fisher family (best known for its GAP clothing) are major investors.

On the other side of the fight are citizens groups including the Lost Coast League (LCL), which has undertaken conservation projects in the area since the 1970s. LCL has sought from HRC to permanently protect Rainbow Ridge, outright purchase being one option, but thus far the company has refused.

Rainbow Ridge is bordered to the east by Humboldt Redwoods State Park, home of the Rockefeller Grove, at 9000 acres the largest contiguous virgin redwood forest remaining in the world. To the west lies the King Range National Conservation Area.
Preservation of Rainbow Ridge would thus safeguard a corridor between the two neighboring areas, providing enormous conservation values in an age of species decline and global warming.

Opponents of the logging of Rainbow Ridge will hold a rally tomorrow (July 23) at 7 a.m. at the Monument Gate, located on Monument Road about five miles west of Rio Dell, Calif.



  • Personally can attest to the wonders of rainbow ridge, its one of the most amazing old growth ecosystems left in the county. Lots of plants and animals that you wont find anywhere else. I highly recommend taking a hike out there!!! Call HRC and tell them you want it preserved!!!
    Not to mention the importance of preserving the headwaters of the mattole. Doesnt fish and game get some say seeing as theres been lots of restoration moneys going into helping the mattole river.
    Where’s epic?????? I guess they dont file lawsuits to stop cuts until the plans can be looked over. CDF is a JOKE theyre so in the pocket of the timber companies and do not enforce their own rules. My neighbors have done 3 acre conversions for timber that even i can see violations of cdf rules that i read online, cdf told me those breaking the rules get warnings. But the damage is done by then.
    And that’s how big corporate timber companies get away with this, they just pay the fines for breaking the rules.
    Most of the old timers who logged their whole lives hate the corporate companies too, their practices are not sustainable.

    Hey wouldn’t it be great if there was something that absorbed carbon and emitted oxygen?
    Oh wait there is, theyre called trees…..

    • Lotta Wordsworth

      DFW is part of the ca natural resource agency, so it’s made toothless against logging because calFire is actually the Board of Forestry.

  • What a joke. Teenagers should get a job.

    • U.C. Berkley activists don’t pay enough?? The liberal left communist extremists have lots of money and employees. Why else do we have so many crazy things happening right now?

      • Why are those with views on the right referring to those they disagree with as, communists. It would be laughable except for the history of violence associated with that label. Will J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI or the House Un-American Activities Committee now investigate?

        • Because communism has a history of violence and aggression, both internal and external. It also has a theoretical foundation opposing capitalism. So people tend to believe those who ownership rights, such as these protestors, are communist. Especially if they do so in an aggressive fashion.

          It’s not always true of course but then those who condemn “the right” as having a history of violence, subscribe to the same fallacy in thinking. You’d think seeing the issues in their opponents would enlighten them as to their own defects. Doesn’t seem to.

          • Funny, I thought it was capitalism, which gave us slavery, colonialism, well all of those wonderful things, was violent and aggressive. Thanks for the education! Not!

      • You don’t understand. The Republicans were bought by the communists. That’s why the Republicans are in office now. The commies don’t like liberals anymore. You will have to find a new group to blame.

        • The following claim political status as a voting democrat (whether they filed unsigned Oaths or not)

          Kamala Harris
          Dianne Feinstein
          Jared Huffman
          Gavin Newsom
          Alex Padilla
          Jim Wood
          Mike McGuire

    • A Job and A Haircut

      And a Haircut, In and Out Burger pays 14.00 hr in Ukiah.and the new Walmart starts at 15.00 per hour. Great wages…. Or are they, But if you get paid for 2 extra weeks of vacation (at your regular hourly rate), or you actually work for those 2 extra weeks, then your total year now consists of 52 weeks. Assuming 40 hours a week, that equals 2,080 hours in a year. Your hourly wage of 15 dollars would end up being about $31,200 per year in salary, subtract $2000 a month for Rent and Electric and you couod live off beans and rice…..

    • No they should be doing what there doing. I was doing the same thing then. I think I will go talk to these kids today and pass along some of my redwood summer skills I picked up then. Hell I am an army ranger I bet I can get supplies to that lone sitter and back out unseen. I can tell your new here. You don’t want to start this again. We won last time and can win again

      • They’re adults.

      • I agree JP those youngsters are simply thinking about their future, what the present generation is leaving them and the rest of life on this earth….

      • @JP Did we win? There was too much cut and lost. I never got the feeling that we won.

      • [edit] ya good luck with thinking that because you’re an old ass army ranger that you can sneak in underneath these guys. It would be totally funny if you tried it and they jacked you. Those lear guys aren’t just some random security guards they are like private spec ops. I heard most of their dudes are like ex navy seals and rangers and basically there private police experts in everything. Betta watch your farms from these private popo if you a fool and trespass they will get you..they aint getting mine cuz I aint a fool lol

    • That’s not going to happen.

      • Well certainly not with that attitude.

        Power to the People (California republic state. Authentic)
        Power to the State (STATE OF CALIFORNIA, INC. Artificial)


  • Pot Thieves Suck

    Sounds like Five employees of Lear Asset Management, including CEO Paul Trouette (707/489-9663) Robbed these trespassers while placing them under “forcible citizens arrest”, I wonder if one of the men was Adam Lawrence the infamous “African Leopard Poacher” from Willits who was also employed by Paul Trouett’s LEAR ASSET MANAGEMENT, The Local Black Water style Vigilante Private Security Group of poachers and helicopter hunters…..

  • 1800 acres of ancient old growth fir….? Fine to log it… Mom and pop trying to sell produce from 99 plants? Environmental terrorists, 10K per day fines… Kali = 4eva korrupt

    • Pot people already logged off. It’s now up to 3/4th of the acreage in my area. I can hear the reverse alarms on the heavy equipment right now. All for pot in a hundred 3 acre exemption bites.

      The State can preserve these woods if it wants. I’m sure that the owners would sell for a fair price.

      • I hear ya Im so sick of the 3 acre conversions that cdf is really failing to inspect and levee fines on.
        But i have to say in my neighborhood there have been 7- 3 acre conversions within a mile radius and not one was done for growing pot.
        They were done for timber namely redwood as its at a high price since this is the last of it. Havent you noticed the full logging decks and multitudes of full logging trucks? It looks like the 90’s.
        If they want to do all this enforcement on grows they need to apply the same rules to any business involving land use, timber and cattle the big ones here. Lets not forget it takes around 1800 gallons of water to make one pound of beef not to mention the nitrogen runoff into waterways creating toxic algae.
        Am not saying dont regulate pot grows, but its not right to hold one land use industry to standards that all other land use industries do not have. Thats why big ag is trying to get the strict pest/herbicide rules for pot taken out of the law as theres talk of applying those standards to food farms which would mean no more food growing in central valley as its toxified.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Hippies can’t reinvent themselves after the fall of weed?

    These people have done enough damage already and it’s long been time for haircuts and jobs with drug testing.

    Just say no to hippies.

    • “These people have done enough damage already” … I think you’re talking about the loggers.. the environmentalists are preserving, not damaging.. destroying an irreplaceable
      ancient stand of trees is immoral and unnecessary. the activists have my support!

      • It destroyed a livelihood for thousands along with the future for their children in this area. Only those who don’t care would miss noticing that. Or people whose income is taken from places where the environment has aleady been exploited and thus they don’t worry about such stuff.

        The government said it would replace lost tax base but that soon evaporated. It typically gathered all the wealth to itself in cities where the votes are, leaving only welfare as crumbs to honor their pledges.

        These are not so one sided as you say.

        • Ending slavery also destored the economic lives of many, but it was the right choice.

          • Typical hyperbole of hate. False similies as is typical. Apparently it is more important to shout down reason in others than maintain reason one’s self.

            • Over cutting .for the log export market killed the industry. The liquidation of 90+% of old growth killed the industry. The “labor peace” bought by making every factory and every job exportable killed the industry. Pacific lumber had a 100 year or better rotation planned. So did half of the mills that owned land from Mendocino north through Oregon and Washington. My grandfather spent his last years, as dementia slowly left him with only one thought about his life, muttering “so sorry… I thought the woods went on forever.”

              I watched the “prosperity” of the Reagan years when accelerated depreciation rules encouraged massive log exports result in fewer and fewer jobs with more and more destruction. I participated, in a log export yard, saw the grubs inside of old growth butts larger than my forearm– they must have been decades if not centuries old. I wasn’t fooled; my grandfather and several other honest old men in their eighties and nineties told me what it had been like.
              The Japanese kept what is left of their forests- sacred trees. We sold ours, sacred dollars. There are still rafts of logs (forest carcasses) sunk in saltwater in bays off of Japan, slowly being used for “fine woodworking”. It would have been nice to preserve them as forests and to have begun then to regrow sustained yield forests.

          • We didnt end slavery. Look at the prisons. You know who washes county vehicles? Prisoners, for no pay. It costs the county 3$ a vehicle to clean because thats the cost of the soap(which is tremendously high for per vehicle). Just because we call it something else doesnt mean it isnt slavery.

            • Exactly right. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free .” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

              25 million are warehoused tonight.

        • The real culprit

          Sorry but it was MAXXAM who destroyed our timber industry with an illegal hostile takeover. Meaning the ceo Hurwitz got his buddies to buy stock in PALCO and then illegally sell their stock to him privately thus giving him over 50% of stock in company. He did this all up and down the pacific northwest, the steel workers in washington whose businesses were run into the groundby hurwitz actually came to Humboldt to warn the timber workers. These guys were not hippies. The day they went to the mills to talk to workers the mill bosses locked the workers in until the steelworkers left. Nope not in the 1930’s, this was the late 90’s.
          I vividly recall the posters up around Scotia that had a picture of hurwitz through a gun scope. Thats why they had to blow up judi bari, she was bringing woodworkers&enviros together to see all wanted the same thing. The family owned PL didnt do clearcutting of huge swaths of land as they wanted jobs for their grandkids.
          The old timers saw right through hurwitz but with enough propogsnda they convinced workers the environmentalists wanted to starve and kill their children. That was told to me by a few loggers. I watched them threaten activists with loaded guns while the sheriffs laughed about it. Theyd just deputize loggers in the woods.

    • Wow. Please look up the definition of ‘hippie’ sir. And ‘damage’? Seriously? I do wish you could have seen the gallons of poisons dumped on clear cuts by Palco back in the day. One wonders where your ‘moral outrage’ was then?

    • The Middle Path

      Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) Alt Right For Life,
      It is no longer about right or left. It is now completely about top and bottom. By the fact that you are writing here I will assume that you are just like all of us, in the bottom financial 90% of humanity… welcome to humanity and the struggle to preserve resources for future generations… Keep in mind that the top 10% do not care about you or the environment, they don’t even care if you have long or short hair, but rest assured, they may as well be having our grandchildren for desert.

  • Is this the area Mem tied herself to a tree back in 1977, 78? Is this the area of Big Red? The headwaters of the Mattole has seen protesters before.

    I just looked at the map. This is a protest at the headwaters of the North Fork of the Mattole River. I was referring to the headwaters of Main Mattole.

  • shaggy bumblebee

    Oh what a surprise.. HRC is lying out their ass..when they took over didn’t they make a big deal about how they were so much better than hurwitz.. no clearcuts or old growth logging?? now they want to ruin/destroy one of the most pristine areas left? FUCK THEM!!
    we don’t need to sacrifice an irreplaceable rare habitat just so some out of county corporation can make a larger profit.
    it’s so insane and truly small-minded to think this is acceptable. these activists are not (just) teenagers, hippies, pot growers.. they are people who care about the earth, trees, plants and animals.. not just about themselves like all the selfish idiots complaining about them. they have my full support..

    • Amen

    • unbridled philistine

      Who the hell are any of you people? To tell anyone what to do with their private property? You got a problem with what they are doing? Tuff shit! This is still America for awhile longer anyway..

      • How can you agree with the BS county permit system if you think everyone should be able to do what they want with their private property?????
        Cant have it both ways!!
        How about i buy the housr next to you and fill the yard with trash and old cars etc, would you still think the same way???
        We already know we are altering our planets ecosystems, & this area represents one of the few old growth doug fir stands in existence.
        The trees help all of us breathe&provide shade/coolness as our area warms.
        That should be enough.

        • unbridled philistine

          They are not doing any of what you speak of.. They have a legal permit approved for logging on their private property! Who are you to tell anybody what they cannot do? You have a problem with whats going on? Tuff their ducks are all in a row.. Not saying it does not suck tho.

      • Really we can do what we want with private land. The trinity runs thru my land maybe I should pipe disel 8 to it. It’s my land. Lol stfu.

        • unbridled philistine

          Ok long as you have permit and obey laws Who to tell you no? Stfu jp. Im going to pipe diesel to my property! What a tool. Apples and you know..

          • So, unbridled.. whatever you want to do is ok if the government says so? As long as your government gives you a permit it’s all good? No one should be allowed to have a different say in the matter? [edit] This country has a long history of dissent and people taking matters into their own hands to make things happen, and correct the wrongs of our government. That’s America baby

    • so sad.
      the forest here in on our parcel in south eastern Humboldt was last logged in the latest 60’s. the Douglas fir stumps measure up to nine feet in diameter.

  • I want to take everyone who objects to logging, but lives in a timber-framed house, and [edit]. The level of hypocrisy among logging protesters is quite absurd…

    • shaggy bumblebee

      [edit].. try to understand if you can.. lumber comes from trees but not just old growth.. these activists are trying to save rare old growth with it’s unique habitat that once destroyed can never be reattained.. they aren’t against all logging.. why do they have to cut THESE trees?? there are plenty of non old growth trees to cut to get lumber from.. can you not see/understand this?? there should be zero old growth logging and zero clearcuts!

    • They are waiting until there is a fire here and then they can claim more should have been done to protect this area, like thinning it out. Why are these people not protesting the pot growers? Go back to Berkley!

      • These incredible activists who have fearlessly and peacefully held this post for years do not protest Cannabis farms bc no one clear cuts 1800 acres of old growth to grow Cannabis duh! Most people who grow medicine do so permaculturally, they live off grid and sustainably, and often clean up logging legacies in the process. That is why this redwood company actions sanctioned by county, coupled with the county simultaneously painting small Organic farmers as environmental terrorists is so beyond unacceptable and hypocritical. Small farmers/ environmentalists are coming for you and all your sanctioned environmental degradation Humboldt County (and redwood company). You will never kill this ecosystem, people are willing to put their lives on the line literally to protect it. All you ‘hippie’ (aka conscious human) haters need to relocate somewhere with no trees left like- everywhere, USA and Leave this sacred land to those who get it.
        Kym please let us all know about future actions in advance, so we can be there-thanks

        • great comment.. we agree with you 100%!!

        • By using words such as “sacred” and “medicine”, it’s clear that you’re not interested in logical thought.

          As to hippie-hating… I’m a bit of a hippie myself. Solar power, minimal waste, veggies out front, reusing everything I can reuse,… but, I’m not a pothead, and I’m capable of understanding that if I want to live in a wooden house, that wood needs to come from somewhere.

          • And I’m sure there are trees that u admire on your property.

            I would imagine that you have a wood stove.

            So you understand that leaving some trees and taking some trees is a balance. Otherwise your out of trees.

            To make up for poor logging practices of past, you should aim for smaller to mid-growth trees. Thin out the stands.

            Leave the biggest trees to help produce a healthier ecology.

            Thus, making your trees more healthy and property less prone to canopy fires.

            • Hey.. that’s awfully logical of you. Those kind of comments have no place here! It’s hippy vs logger, pick a side! 😉

              • That is why clear cutting is done in patches these days. People who maintain a wood lot try to take trees before they die, not maintain an ancient forest where wood falls and rots, so actually the analogy is pretty illogical. But there you are. As you said logic is not important.

                • shaggy bumblebee

                  “as you said logic is not important” .. who said? i think you are putting words into peoples mouths and you are the illogical one.. how many people are cutting ancient trees in their woodlot? Brian is totally right.. as Emily logically pointed out

            • actually thinning practices damages more of the habitat because you are injuring smaller trees, shrubs, cover, food sources for wildlife, etc. and then they turn around in 10 or less years and do it again just about the time the land starts to heal. Doing a patchwork clear cut where there is enough cover and eco alleyways through the harvest area is preferred method by many because once that acreage is done, it can be replanted/ left to heal without ripping it up again in a relatively short period of time. Doing the patchwork style also opens up areas for grazing meadow and smaller plants that make cover for seedling trees later in the various plant succession as the land recovers. There is also less wind throw in the patchwork cutting than a total clear cut/ offers more wind protection/stability for younger trees in the block … something to think about.

          • Agreed the wood has to come from somewhere but WHY these ANCIENT Trees??? What is it going to harm, if they don’t cut the ANCIENT trees & cut some younger new growth instead NO ONE is protesting that!!!!

        • I have to know about the actions in order to post about them. But if I do, I will.

        • Growers are killing our rivers there is no difference .water with fish floating in it is no good not good to use for anything

    • Standforwhatyourstndingon

      The last house i built was from recycled wood. Your violence will only be rewarded by prison time.

  • “The unnecessary felling of a tree, perhaps the growth of centuries, seems to me a crime little short of murder.” Thomas Jefferson.

    Farming10,000 acres of hemp will provide as much paper, building materials and pulp as 4,100 acres of forest.

    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”. Henry Ford, circa 1925

    “The Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate.” – Eustace Mullins, author of Secrets of the Federal Reserve, 1991

    ‘Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.’ George Orwell

    • Paper is made from pulp but you obviously don’t know that and I’m not sure what building materials could be made from hemp but I assume it would be as worthless as particle board. Lumber is essential to everyone’s lively hood, from houses they live in to buildings that you work in to provide a living for your family, and you cant forget the jobs it creates. HRC and many other lumber companies know that there is no future in timber and lumber if sustainable logging is not used, as they all have realized so everyone’s thought of ‘evil logging’ is no longer evil despite what misinformation you hear. There is a special place for real old growth redwood not second growth like you all are fighting over, go there to see them.

      • “paper is made from pulp.” Why thank you John.

        Your ‘assumptions’ reveal that you fail in having the slightest curiosity to research for yourself, or you wouldn’t post from such a weak stance.

        “Lumber is essential to everyone’s livelihood.” True or false? I’d say false. But then, I’ve been wrong once before. ( It’s a pun -don’t get unraveled.)

        ‘Misinformation i hear’ in here today, seems to be stemming from your reply John.

        Take a tour east from 101 on 36 and just before you go up the hill to Hydesville, on the right, you should see that your statement about ‘evil logging days is no longer evil,’ is drivel.

    • Conscious Evolution

      HumCo – You are a conscious member of our society – please continue sharing the truth.
      Most history books were written to exclude the truth about the origin of the Federal Reserve but the following brief videos provide what actually happened and why…

      Note: The most common misunderstanding regarding the Federal Reserve is that it is a Public or Government agency while all along it has been a private institution created by a handful of the wealthiest men of 1910 during a secret meeting held on Jekyll Island.

      The brief, true, and untold history of the Federal Reserve:

      Another brief description on how the Federal Reserve operates and controls Americans.

  • Why doesn’t Mattole Restoration Council step in? Oh that’s right they’re the one who made the sale to HRC happen that’s right…..

    • Saving redwoods, now firs? What do they supposed to log?

      • it’s about the size and age of the tree and the habitat it provides, not the species.. duh

        • I watched protesters “occupy” redwood trees once. Ones conveniently near the road for easy access by reporters. Of course these reporters apparently could not tell an old growth from a 3 times logged off area nor notice that the “occupied” tree was the only old growth in miles because it was totally hollowed out and hadn’t been cut for that reason in the last 100 years. They also did not mention the protectors going in to destroy what equipment they could either. Eventually they got bored- both reporters and tree sitters- and went away.

          That was an education for sure. These protesters may have a real cause or could be just as manipulative as the group I watched stop traffic for 3 months over their protests.

          • Way back when I got to Humboldt it was the Earth firster putting sugar in the fuel tanks and spikes in trees.

            • YES, they did for a while, but then they renounced those tactics while the Logging Companies accelerated the violence toward protestors!!!

      • How about some of the ABUNDANT New Growth???!!!!

  • Graze it… log it… or watch it burn. Take your pick.

    • Wrong.. fires are way more intense and dangerous in logged over parcels, where trees are all the same size, grown in tight and make perfect ladder fuels. Get a clue.

    • log it and it will burn. the only forest fire in the redwood belt has followed logging. all of the massive stumps on my property are charred.

      • Companies used to burn slash deliberately in areas they deemed safe to do it. That accounts for charred stumps. It must be more than 10 years since I’ve seen that nearby.

        • GD burns slash using a fan to do it rapidly. i’m not referring to that. you need to dig into history a little deeper.

          • Green Diamond did not exist when the old charred stumps you said were proof that logged areas burned easily were cut. Insulting is not the same knowing what you are talking about

            “Forests that were logged 75-150 years ago were often burned repeatedly after the trees were felled to reduce the tremendous volume of bark, limbs and foliage that logging produced. Slash fires were often far hotter than prior fires not only because of extra fuels, but because surface fuel moistures, temperatures and wind speeds increased with the loss of the shading canopy. On some sites, this history of post-logging fire may have increased early stand diversity beyond what is typical of more recent post-logging management.

            Repeated fires burned through the 19th and early 20th centuries on many early-logged sites because residents and property owners were concerned about the risk of wildfire. But during the 1920s and 1930s, early foresters became concerned that residents’ promiscuous use of fire delayed or even impeded forest recovery. Apart from causing seedling mortality, fire easily scars redwood and pockets of decay form easily (left). This can reduce wood quality, but that is not an objective when restoring forest complexity in Parks.”


            Beside, unlike your name suggests is the source of your ideas, I have actually watched slash burning frequently. Try to maintain some civility.

            • like I said, I was not referring to that. I have a layer of ash approximately 3/4 of an inch thick in the creek sediment that is 2-3 feet below the mud surface. the above photo link is from ~ 1900 and that is when my property burned also. the little river fire is something you can research for yourself and it was not started by man.

            • I was referring to this one. and there are some amazing B&W photos of the damage.

              “A forest fire in 1945 destroyed many bridges and rolling stock of Hammond’s woods logging railroads. They retooled with very large off-highway trucks and hauled the logs to Crannell over private roads partly built on old rail lines. They kept their railroad to Samoa and reloaded from the trucks to rail at Crannell.”

  • What year is this?

  • A “rare fungus”
    So absurd… lefty liberal [edit]

    • Hey, you never know…its a rare fungus that makes ALL the high fructose corn syrup, there by providing jobs to millions, directly with corn farming, and processing, all the way to fast food workers, and then diabetes doctors!

    • The fungus, Fomitopsis officianales, is only found in old growth conifer forests in the northern hemisphere. It has been in decline for centuries, as these forests have been logged and converted to agriculture. It is not a lefty liberal plot, though I understand that facts are irrelevant to right wing ideologues.

  • So why don’t we have any of these protesters at Megagrow sites that are cutting trees and polluting our rivers killing fish? Little hypocritical aren’t we?

    • [edit] i can't believe it

      I don’t know any growers who fell huge areas of old growth.. could you tell me where this has happened??.. I didn’t think so. A LOT of growers are having to fix the destruction left from previous logging… so who are the true earthrapers??



    • According to Lilithx, above, growers don’t clearcut. All of the photos we have seen must be fake.

      • You need your house to be built of old growth?? you still don’t comprehend the issue.. the small amount of old growth left should remain standing.. you can get your lumber from non- old growth trees.. why is this so difficult to understand bushytails?

        • Maybe they’re old and grumpy.

          • Or been insulted too many times by the young and never worked who don’t see that they are supported by those who do?

            • Nah, old and grumpy.

              I’m middle aged and grumpy so I get it.

              There are millions of acres of smaller to midsize trees across the state that need to be thinned out and logged.

              It would make a healthier Forrest that is more able to stand against devastating canopy fires.

              It’s half a brain logic and some saws and machinery.

              Killing old growths at this point of our human timeline is ridiculous and ignorant.

        • Don’t you understand the damage done by hundreds of pot growers is bad? Or is it just that pot is so important to you that it doesn’t matter? That land is unlikely to ever be allowed to return to forest again. Ever. This matters too.

          • shaggy bumblebee

            why do you keep bringing growing into it?? we are talking about rare old growth trees, not ganja trees. you are just trying to distract from the real issue..
            would it make you feel better to know most activists are against old growth logging AND large destructive grows??
            this tract should be preserved.. get your wood from smaller trees.. its as simple as that.
            don’t you enjoy visiting our beautiful state and natl parks? what if they hadn’t been set aside? there are very few places in the whole world that have what we have.. we should preserve all we can.. once it’s gone there is no way to replace it.. ever

          • Yes it does matter, but this is not what this thread is about. Also, any grow I’ve seen is done on ex-timber land that is already been clear cut at least once. So not much old growth, which is what we’re talking about here. But I see your point, about permanent dwellings being made all over the place. It’s just not the topic here.

        • Why don’t you buy it from HRC chickadee and then you can do what you want with it.

          • i believe it says in the article that they refuse to sell it.. i would definitely contribute to a fund to help purchase it to turn it into a state park as would many others i’m sure

      • you so dumb i can't believe it

        show me where acres of old growth were cut down to grow weed.. I’m waiting mariahgirl.. show me!

        • How does anyone know what is cut down by growers? The sites by us were done on the weekends and the trees hauled out on the weekends before the permitting process began.

    • Just a wild guess, but it might be that the planning analysis, maps, environmental review, public comments, etc, for Megagrow sites are not recorded and made publicly available, which is the case for timber harvests.

      • Rock and gravel mining the rivers is also hush hush. The people in The County Planning Dept. will put on a good run-around show, but you will leave without copies of what you went for.

    • legal mega-grows, maybe… protest that

  • Once its cut, It’s Gone period!

    • No it’s not…… you just have to wait another 400 years. Mother Nature will take care of itself. Has in the past…. will in the future. Remember that asteroid that destroyed 90% of all life on earth….? Well you have old growth fir right? We are all to blam including that hippy with his poop bucket and upside down cross in the photo

  • Good job kids, but yawn..
    But Yeah, maybe it makes more sense to protest grower McMansions in progressive-villes like so-hum.
    Conservation is the smart and considerate thing to do, but barring an end to humanity, these trees will be taken at some point anyways, by our culture, or the next, or the next, or the next…
    Celebrate mandatory diversity!

    • why repeat past stupidity?

      not necessarily.. they survived that cocksucker hurwitz.. they could be preserved if HRC would sell..

  • I wonder if they get extra credit at HSU for getting arrested?

  • So they are protesting logging operations because they want to save the trees. But yet they build a big road block that they build out of trees isn’t that what they are protesting about save the forest and preserve the forest . Now by there stupid philosophy. If you move a dead tree from the ground it disturbs the insects living in or under the tree. So by the looks of these morons have went against there own morals. All to stop something they don’t seem to have any actual evidence is going to happen other then hear say. The under educated moron in the nest probably has toilet paper. Made from trees. Along with his crap bucket he has hanging on his nest that he pprobably going to dump on the ground. I say let them thin it out before the whole stupid state burns to the ground and the tax payers have to fund there stupid mistake

  • Just rename the ridge Trump Meadow and they’ll be gone faster than a hippy running from a job interview.


    Thanks for the Tripod photo and detail. That’s pretty clever. I didn’t know.

  • Terrible Timothee

    Someone should get a heavy duty drone and fly in the person squatting some supplies, the operator could be hiding from sight and before the loggers realize what’s up and try to take it out of the sky, I bet at least one delivery would be possible.

  • Some down time to go protest logging while their crop matures. Where’s Earth First on the millions of gallons of fertilizer being dumped into the ground then running off into the rivers??
    Old Fir rots from the middle. Completely different from a Redwood tree. They may be old but nothing as old as Old Growth Redwood.

  • Does anyone know the THP number involved? The most recent THP I found on CalFire’ Watershed Mapper is 1-14-034-HUM. All of the THP documents for a THP, including maps of the actual cutting units, the cutting prescription, and the environmental analysis can be found on CalFire’s THP library, which is indexed by THP number. Sometimes it’s good to be informed.

    • The Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters posted a request for comments on THP 1-12-026-HUM. I’ll check the THP library and see if any intact old growth forest is scheduled for harvest.

      • According to the THP documents, the areas within the mapped cutting unit boundaries were high graded for peeler logs during the 1950s. This means that, in general, the area is not intact old growth. However, given the patchy distribution of trees of high enough quality to be considered peelers, I suspect there are fairly large areas within the mapped THP boundaries that have never been logged. They are not cutting trees that meet their definition of old growth, which is basically trees that were alive in 1800 or show old growth characteristics. They are cutting “mature” trees that don’t meet their definition of old growth. I suspect a lot of those trees meet other definitions of old growth.
        My personal opinion is that these areas are probably pristine enough that, given the very low amount of intact old growth in the Douglas fir Mixed Evergreen forest, they should not be logged. Over time the scars from the 1950s would fade and the entire area become functionally equivalent to old growth. I think HRC is exercising bad judgement here; valuing the logs more than the forest.

  • Just crazy people build stuff like that to block roads and stop progress. What kind of salary do protester’s make? I agree with Native 100%. A bulldozer will solve that problem quickly. Come down, or go down with your platform!

  • Growers can bulldoze and log off every ridgetop in Humboldt but a company that actually has a scientific plan can’t log some of theirs? Hypocrisy. Fly over Humboldt, look at who has made more openings in the canopy in the last 10 years, loggers or growers??

    • its somewhere around 50 to 1, if you add the entire northern CA to the survey, especially the foothills for the ponderosa and include those grows also and there are many, its somewhere around 100 to 1. right now the entire ridge of MCK is being logged right before GD sells it to the County. that ridge alone is an area greater than all the grows in NoHum. I recommend a little research before you spew propaganda.

      • And will be logged again.

        While pot land is a blight forever. Too bad that thinking only in acreage can’t take into account the quality of damage too. If only the ones who have clear cut here were logging companies. They would cut and be gone. As it is with the pot growers, they cut, create bare ground, cover that with plastic hoop houses, bring in soil and fertilizers, run lights and water so that there is no chance for land, that is inherently unsuitable agriculture, can be forced to produce.

        • so how is you think a 50 acre clear cut will revegetate and a 3 acre conversion won’t. if you look at historical logging photos you can clearly see that even the most damaged land eventually revegetates. I use to fish Antelope, Mill and Deer creek and enjoy Ponderosa Way, not anymore, its a disaster out there from the last five years of hard logging. the trucks alone have destroyed the public road.

          • It will if it abandoned but have it near a house and put a water system on it and it simply will not be allowed to. The logging trucks here too have trashed the roads but they are all logging trucks from a myriad of small parcels. It’s death by a thousand cuts. Literally. No pileated woodpeckers this year. No banded pigeons. And probably never again as crows have moved in.

            How do you object to the one and not the other destruction?

            • what makes you think environmentalists are against logging but pro-megagrow?? its not one or the other.. we are against BOTH!! the only ones bringing growing into it are the pro old growth logging advocates trying to distract from the real subject, taking it off on an anti grow tangent like always.. the activists are just pointing out the ignorance of their argument.
              don’t you remember it was the environmentalists trying to keep humboldts ordinance in check.. fighting megagrows and protecting the water?

              • Megagrows? If that is the standard for protest, that is why the land has already become a sea of hoop houses. It will be noticed when the first few heavy rain seasons wash the ridges down to the valleys because well over half the parcels along the road have been clear cut already. Enough of those already came into being last year and this.

                It is quite apparent that people want their pot and the woods but they can’t have both. And shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

                • when will the first few heavy rains come? last year, year before last, next year, in ten years? your comments remind me of most of the homeless in Old Town, yelling at something with no clue what their yelling at.

        • I get your point. But consider that the weed boom is almost over, and most people aren’t going to want to live in these far flung spots. Yes they will require a bit of cleanup but it’ll be back to timber in a few decades- most grows anyways. I’ve seen old guerilla grows from the 80’s on my property, and you can barely make out the blight anymore. Just a few water lines and chicken wire!

          • I hope but too late for my lifetime. What I fear is that once a deck has been cut in, the environmental rules will never protect it again and it will be put to some other use. And not a good one. Down the road from me is a house that is abandoned. The trees are choked with ivy in the woods, scotch broom along the margins and has patches of St. John’s Wort. They spread constantly to my place. Meanwhile the house decays, is occupied with transients on occasion (thank goodness rarely as it’s a lot of hill climbing to access), spreads lead paint and maybe other crap into the water. Eventually it will be a pile of toxic rubble with the cement parts standing. I’ve seen such sites in parks that have taken over old homesteads. They are still visible many decades later.

      • Too much to hope for, sadly!!!

    • I did fly over with several others, and I’m not excusing growers, but logging appeared to have opened vastly more canopy than had grow operations.

      • There’s good and bad in every profession.

        The growers i refer to when i think ‘growers,’ don’t require permission as a crop of tax farmers, and with all due respect, to be excused either. Perhaps you are referring to the greedy greenhouse Gods with their pesticides and enlarging mounts of used foreign soil leaching contaminates into the land and rivers. And, just flat-out, those with no respect or regard whatsoever for the land, trees, rivers, or neighbors etc.

        HALE v. HENKEL 201 U.S. 43 at 89 (1906) Hale v. Henkel was decided by the united States Supreme Court in 1906. The opinion of the court states: “The “individual” may stand upon “his Constitutional Rights” as a CITIZEN. He is entitled to carry on his “private” business in his own way. “His power to contract is unlimited.” He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no duty to the State, since he receives nothing there from, beyond the protection of his life and property. “His rights” are such as “existed” by the Law of the Land (Common Law) “long antecedent” to the organization of the State”, and can only be taken from him by “due process of law”, and “in accordance with the Constitution.” “He owes nothing” to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights.”

        • How can you agree with the BS county permit system if you think everyone should be able to do what they want with their private property?????
          Cant have it both ways!!
          How about i buy the housr next to you and fill the yard with trash and old cars etc, would you still think the same way???
          We already know we are altering our planets ecosystems, & this area represents one of the few old growth doug fir stands in existence.
          The trees help all of us breathe&provide shade/coolness as our area warms.
          That should be enough.

        • Hey central why dont you go do a flyover and show us all these huge ckearcuts of old growth that growers did.
          You wont be able to.
          And if you think all growers fall under your definition then i respectfully as you to move away as you are completely out of touch. There are lots of growers who have been responsible from the get-go and many of them started working in forest and salmonid restoration. Ranchers and homesteaders alike.
          Maybe you dont get that under maxxam they just broke the laws and paid the fines, thats how big biz does its business these days. I have yet to see a 20 year old grow site still pouring silt into the eel like i do the many illegal clearcuts done by maxxam.

          • Huh?

            Uh ok –can give me a hint, where i stated I “agree with the county BS system.”

            Wow – Did i say “all growers fall under my definition?”

            I don’t see what it is either of you two (?) are making a feeble attempt of attack -And defense- about. Was it the greedy greenhouse Gods part? Or, you don’t like the Supreme Court ruling?

            You both lost me on this one.

  • Hello all,
    Just fyi…I just called Paul Trouette of the security company, Lear Asset Management… He says they never confiscate personal property (as mentioned above) and he said it was the sheriff’s office that did that…. just wondering… When I started asking him details at first he said if I wanted to talk about logging I should call someone else…but then he said he was willing to talk to anyone who wanted to talk about facts and his company….

    Anyway, I totally support any and all who want to preserve our old growth forests, and thank them all for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to a sustainable Earth to live on!

    Won’t even comment on many crazy comments above.

  • you got a permit for that contraption? (Made out of wood) Where’s code enforcement?

  • Stay strong activists. Saving what is left of the natural world is the only hope for any kind of future.

    • the mindset of locals in charge of our future is “squeeze it dry, sell it for more than its worth, and move to Bend”.

      • As opposed to pot growers from all over who don’t care what they leave behind as long as they get their money before they leave. And create crimes in passing.

        Such thinking as constant accusing and blaming locals but idealizing themselves for simply having done their ripping off of the land elsewhere has created a desert with no future except for those able to buy the land after they made it unproductive except for criminals.

  • Seriously, when did a 300 yr old tree start to be considerd Old Growth? Seems it should be called Residual Growth.

    • HRC’s definition of old growth is basically, a tree that was alive in 1800 or exhibits certain characteristics of old growth– flat tops, big limbs, deeply furrowed bark, etc. Other folks define old growth as trees older than 150 years.

  • Why can’t Hemp be used for building?

  • Where are the protests for the watershed dewatering vineyards and dope grows? Decimating salmonid habitat is just not so important or visible as grandstanding in a tree stand.

  • All politics aside ANYthing that poses no danger to one and is over 200 years old should be allowed to live as long as it can.There is plenty of other timber I fail to see the need to cut down 300 year old trees. What are the actual laws and such? I mean can’t they just cut around any trees apparently older than 150 years? Seriously no snark one of you logging industry suppoprter types please explain why is it so profitable and essential to log old growth? There really isn’t much left and there are plenty of other trees. Please someone educate me.And yes starry eyed hippies can be every bit as annoying as right wing reactionaries.Pox on both your houses!

  • November 14, 2017
    There were 300 acres in Indiana of Yellowood forest the State sold to loggers (Sullivan Co.) for $108,785. $150,000 was offered to preserve it for 100 years. The people, 228 scientists from across Indiana and the Brown County Convention & Visitors Bureau begged Gov. Eric Holcolmb to stop the sale. He did not.

  • Wrong.. fires are way more intense and dangerous in logged over parcels, where trees are all the same size, grown in tight and make perfect ladder fuels. Get a clue.”

    Sure… take a drive on FH1.

  • According to the activist, they didn’t give those at the Tripod a chance to leave. “They were really aggressive and not wanting to talk,” he said. “They had their tasers drawn. These were projectile tasers.”

    Don’t trespass and this won’t happen.

  • HRC is as bad as Maxaam. Rude, mean and greedy.

  • 95 percent of old growth trees were logged. That alone is enough reason to preserve what is left.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Under The Pacific Lumber Company of Scotia and whom I worked for over 42 years and was in charge of the log accounting for the Company, Palco logged the Rainbow area for years in the 60’s on up into the 80’s or so. I personally hunted Rainbow Ridge and Devils Hole for many years also. Nothing really out there anymore (unless someone went out and planted new tree’s, which would not be Old Growth) but a lot of scrub brush, 2nd Growth timber and maybe some Redwood, but, most of the Old Growth was pretty well logged over back in the earlier years and I still have a lot of old records that I did as part of my job to pretty well back up my comments, but, you are not going to convince the “hippies” or the rest of their worthless kind. We had all kinds of these protests through the years both in the Eel River Drainage and the Yager/Freshwater Drainage and they pretty well cost the Company and the workers thousands of dollars in wages and profit over those years. I hate these people with a passion and could care less if they get chewed up by a Cat’s tracks when the Company is trying to do their job. My opinion, a Retired Palco Employee.

    • It’s generally not good to ‘hate’ anybody. It eats you up inside. They were doing what they thought was right, and you were doing your job. They believed you were committing a great sin, and they may be right. Even if you were ‘just doing your job’. Maybe it’s not a big deal and the trees will all just grow back. A lot of people agree though, that it’s not right to kill something that’s been around for thousands of years just to make a greasy buck. That’s my opinion.

  • just an fyi, the way things are going its all gonna burn anyway. Pray for the forest and for the homesteaders

  • Rock on, Jane Lapiner. It never really ends, does it?

  • HELL cut them all down then that way ther not a thing to bitch about i mean people 100 years ago was not thinking about us they cut all them trees down they we’re just thinking money money money greed greed greed hell with are grandkids thar going to be all spun out on drugs anyway

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