Two Convicted in Case Where 62-year Woman Was Pistol-Whipped So She Would Tell Where Money and Marijuana Might Be

This is a press release from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office:

The final two of three would-be robbers who attempted a marijuana and money rip-off in Laytonville just before Thanksgiving of last year were sentenced Thursday to state prison.

D’wan Porter-Walker

D’wan Porter-Walker

Dwan Raysean Porter-Walker, age 21, of Oakland, was sentenced to 15 years, 10 months. Porter-Walker stands convicted by plea of attempted robbery in the first degree in concert with others, residential burglary of an occupied home, and having personally used a firearm in the commission of the attempted robbery and burglary.

Porter-Walker was identified as the gunman who pistol-whipped the then 62-year victim to get her to disclose where any money and marijuana might be found. Despite the onslaught against her, the victim fought back and was able to summons help from a nearby home which caused the robbery to be thwarted when the thieves gave failed chase to the neighbors and then fled the scene.

At the time of the Laytonville crimes, defendant Porter-Walker was on felony probation out of the Alameda County Superior Court for grand theft – person, a felony that had been reduced from an original robbery charge.

Johnny Walker III

Johnny Walker III

Co-defendant Johnny Lee, age 40, of Oakland, was sentenced to 15 months, 4 months in state prison. Walker stands convicted by plea of attempted robbery in the first degree in concert with others and residential burglary of an occupied home. He also admitted having been convicted of a prior Strike offense, as well as having suffered a prior violent felony conviction.

Walker was identified as the person who picked up and drove the other two to the victim’s home. He then served as the look-out and get-away driver. Walker has at least three prior robbery convictions – one in federal court and two in California state courts.

Because the crimes for which each defendant stands convicted are deemed violent crimes, sentencing credits each defendant may attempt to earn in state prison are limited to no more than 15% of their respective overall sentence.

Both defendants had earlier accepted the DA’s final settlement offer at the last possible moment by entering the guilty pleas and admissions on March 26 as outlined above. Jury selection was scheduled to begin that morning. After the prosecutor announced his witnesses were present and he was ready to begin the trial, each defendant experienced cold feet, choosing to avoid trial by pleading guilty to avoid additional convictions by jury that likely would have led to significantly more time in prison.

Thereafter, further experiencing separate cases of “buyer’s remorse,” both have spent the last three months claiming to want to withdraw their guilty pleas and go back to having a jury trial. New attorneys were appointed for each defendant to objectively evaluate and discuss with each the merits of a motion to withdraw. Each of the new attorneys announced Thursday morning that such a motion was not in the long-term best interests of his client. With that hurdle out of the way, the court proceeded to impose the state prison sentences as were previously agreed to by the parties in March.



  • Good riddance to BAD Rubbish!!!

  • The 2nd guy has good posture.

  • A plea bargain down to 15 years on a crime without a death. This is a perfect example of the unfairness in our system, if these two were wealthy, they would not have spent nearly that much time. Dont get me wrong, these two animals belong in prison, it is just unfair that a wealthy person could have bought his way out of prison.

    • This is the second violent offense for both of them. Not tough to see where it’s going. Bye bye


    • Frumboldt Lives Matter the most

      Lemme guess, theydidndonuffin…
      What are you basing this guess that a wealthy person could have purchased their way out of that? Show me an example where multiple people committed a crime where they are easily identified and placed at the scene and nothing happened? Where those people had STRIKES! [edit] You should have taken the harder to argue against stance that they did the crime but only because of the poverty. See still not their fault, still the fault of white privilege, but now you don’t try to make it seem like they could not be guilty somehow if only for money.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Wtf? What wealthy people go around doing home invasions and pistol whipping elderly?[edit]

  • Just more fruit of the poisoned tree called cannabis prohibition! Exactly the same type of crimes that were seen during alcohol prohibition regarding Booze and booze production. Legalized cannabis and all of this BS goes away in favor of Regulation and Taxation

    • Really? Turf war maybe but robbery of one bootlegger by another? You’ll have to give a reference for that one. Criminals always have preyed on each other. Nothing special about pot.

  • Kim I think you meant 15 years not 15 months on the second guy

  • Johnny walker is dudes name lmao 😂

    • I knew that but figured it wouldn’t get thru.

      • Anti troll league

        Like many things in life it’s not getting there but staying there that’s the problem. Kym doesn’t check each post from posters with a history but she does delete them when the come to her attention.

  • in oakland the police don’t want to profile blacks, should have caught them down there before they came up and pistol whipped that poor lady.

  • Wow, more time than the woman who killed her baby and Kitchen is still free but no racist rants on that one.

  • Wow, more time than the woman who killed her baby in the car and Kitchen’s still free… no racial slurs with the many whites so often in the crime section. You’re permitted to make racist bigoted derogatory comments about blacks & black children in this forum.

    • That comment by ‘Taxpayer’? He’s a racist Republican tRumpian troll oozed over here from LoCO.
      Don’t understand why Kym didn’t edit/delete that statement myself. Came across as racist to me, too.

    • Rob Ed Lee - original southsider

      Thank god above you are an America and you are permitted to make any comment you so desire, free from threat of violence or harm. Even ones that you don’t like.

      • Tell that to the MeToo movement or all the people getting fired and consequences to their behavior and words. Hate speech is hate speech. Nothing American about that, only accepted and supported.

    • Sometimes, I think it is more effective to respond than to delete.

  • Cok meat sandwiches

    In humboldt they would have got booked and released. Guaranteed.
    State prison is gonna be rough.
    Its where people get raped and beat.

    • These are just the kind of “people” who do the raping and beating. They`ll have a grand ol’ time in the big house.

  • 4 years is a slap on the hand, or a slap in the face to the victim. Lock these criminals up and lose the key. Home invasions should have 10 year minimums….. Set an example!!😉

  • These two are fortunate they didn’t end up in the morgue, laying next to one another like boyfriend and girlfriend….Their chosen profession is quite dangerous. How many “individuals” from Oakland come up here to rob us all each year?

    • Almost certainly many more than are reported. A few years ago near Fort Bragg several Dindu`s scorched someone`s scrotum with a propane torch to encourage him to give up the location of the goodies and cash. A couple of weeks later pretty much the same thing happened; this time they pistol-whipped the hapless cultivator and left him sort of retarded for a while. I`m pretty sure whoever was responsible were never caught. Somehow, I think a blowtorch to the balls would be a powerful motivator to give up the location of whatever was around. Oh, I had on good authority that the burns were superficial.

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