Family Searching for Man Missing Since March

Eddie KochThe family of Eddie Koch is worried. The last time anyone in the family saw this lifetime resident of Eureka, was March 8. A missing person’s report was filed the second week in May, says his sister, Machelle Bates.

“It is very out of character for him to be gone longer than a week without at least a call,” she said. “Through word of mouth, we heard he was looking for a trimming job in Hayfork or Garberville CA.”

Eddie will be 28 in November. He’s 5’10” and weights about 165 pounds.

If anyone has information, the family asks them to please call the Eureka Police at 707) 441-4044.Eddie Koch



  • Hoping he is found soon, alive & well!!!

  • 707.954.7363 can also be called if not comfortable with calling police. This is Eddie’s brothers #

  • Is this the same Eddie Koch who tried to rob a gas station 2 times in 2 days?

  • Not missing. “On the lam.” LOL

    • Then where is he stormy he needs to come home our grama died. This is a serious family matter

    • Doctor Gangrene Thumb

      Not on the lam… Next years nutes. The implication being made above is that he couldn’t have had a trim job lined up because no one would hire a criminal robber to their legit scene, so he must have been a robber who told people at home he was trimming ( cuz “hey babe I’m gonna go up in the hills and rob some growers” might not go over so well ) so when he came back with weed he had his bases covered with folks who know him, but in the end he came up short and now he is playing fertilizer in next years grow. As someone who grew up in those same hills 40 something years ago I have heard of that happening a time or two.

    • Sounds like somthing my grama brownie would hav said

  • SearchingforBobby

    I hope you find your loved one. I know what it’s like to wonder where a loved one is in that area. We never found our family member. Hope your family has a better outcome.

  • Searching for Bobby, I’m so sorry you never found your loved one. I also hope for better results for Eddie’s family.

    • SearchingforBobby

      Thank you. I hold hope that someday someone will tell us what really happened and where he was placed. 🙏

  • This is my lil brother people im sorry for wtf ever finacial anguish he might have caused for anyone whos money was insured but his life to me wasnt .. He is my lil bro who hasnt even met his second nephew from his only bro!!!! So fuck off

    • The hills have eyez

      I hope you find him. Ignore the trolls. Judgy people are usually the ones who have something to be judged. Family is number one, so keep looking. Sending love and light your way.

      • Apparently some think judging is only a good thing when they complain about other people’s opinions. They say that it is not ok to say that someone has done something wrong when they have actually done something wrong but it is perfectly fine to say that someone who has not done anything wrong must really be secretly just as wrong when they object to wrong being done.

        Believe or not, many people succeed just fine in not driving drunk, stealing or beating others up and aren’t hiding it. And even those who can’t seem to avoid that kind of behavior have a perfect right to object to it in others. Bad behavior is bad behavior and should not get a free pass because someone loves them anyway. Murders, child molesters, gangsters, etc all are likely to have family and friends who love them. There is no requirement that their crimes should never be mentioned because of that.

        • It’s called “karma” and he has amassed a lot of BAD karma. It’s not personal or judgmental, it’s the way the universe works.

      • Thank you very much

    • You got this! Screw the trolls. You will find your loved one!

  • Lames never siad anything that he has done was to be forgotten because our gram passed .. Want him to come outa the woods so that his fam knows he is ok .lol lames … And yes i believe what goes around comes around ….

    • Your grandparents were wonderful people. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope Eddie is able to make contact with you soon.

  • Gerald, I will pray for your Brother , you and your family.
    Remember all the good and sweet things about him. Don’t give up hope.

  • Gross. Who cares what he has done in his past. So people need to stop yourselves on here. Finding someone no matter who they are should always be a top priority to The Family and to The Law Enforcment. And find them fast!!! Honestly this family has every reason to worry and think the worst no matter what he was doing out in those parts and who knows how far out he went. It gets worse the farther you go anywhere in the mountains in all of Humboldt people if you don’t know the scene. Good luck to this man and hopefully he is found ASAP and alive. Sending positive thoughts your way young man and your Fam too.

  • On the lam !!!!! .. So crazy sounds like something my grama would have said

  • Familyiseverything

    Some people are wuick to judge and assuming the worst of people. Just cuz he made some mistakes doesnt make him any less of a person. Hes family and his family loves gim dearly n hope hes brought home safely. Last i heard about my cuz was he went to jail and was headed to rehab. He is a goood person n i know he would never just leave gramas side n not come back. Rest in paradise grama Koch ♡☆

    Please come home save cuz!

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