18-Year-Old Shot Multiple Times in Ukiah Last Night

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department:

mendocino sheriff's cloth badgeOn 7/17/2018 around 11:15 PM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a shooting in the 3000 Block of Sol  Lane, just off of Lake Mendocino Drive, in Ukiah CA.  Deputies responded to the area and found an 18 year old adult male who suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to an out of county hospital for treatment.  At this time his condition is not know.

Deputies were advised there may have been a suspect seen fleeing the area on foot.  The suspect(s) identity is/are unknown at this time.  The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance in this case.  If anyone has information related to this case, or if anyone saw any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area before or after the incident they are encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Communication Center at 707-463-4083 or the Sheriff’s Tip Line at 707-234-2100.



  • Odds are illegal possession of firearm.

  • School’s out.
    Now they’re playing in the streets.

  • Gang stuff? No mention of it. Seems logical

  • Prayers the person shot is doing ok, hopefully they will be able to give information to law enforcement if they knew the shooter, whether it be drug related or a random act of violence it’s pretty damn sad that stuff like this happens..

    • Could be drug-related, I think there’s a cannabis club in that area. Almost certainly gang-related.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Wtf? /\

      • There’s a cannabis club in every area now.

      • Humboldt Hillsman

        A cannabis club, which is not even what they are called any more, would certainly not have anything to do with a shooting. Nobody shoots someone over 100$ of legal weed.

        • Exactly.
          Could be the usual culprits heroin meth or coke dealings and lets not forget the thousands of teens addicted to xanax right now. Its a major issue in our county thats not being addressed. You cant just stop cold turkey but many of them dont know that and end up having grand maul seizures or strokes. Its a problem in europe too. A few xanax mixed with a few cocktails and most of them black out for 24-48 hours and as one teen said, you wake up in jail or the hospital.

        • You have never been to Detroit obviously

  • Dang reefer addicts!

  • Rough over in Ukiah. Not far from here some kid shot 3 people a few months ago which I believe was gang related. He didn`t do a very good job since they didn`t stay shot. A few years ago some bad Indians beat to death a water district employee a short distance E of here by the dam. I went for a walk by the dam a few months ago early one morning while waiting for someone. There must be a lot of diabetics in that neighborhood since there were lots of syringes & needles lying about. The only think I could think of is they go out there for a walk or run & take their insulin before they start out. Oh, a couple of years ago in Ukiah one Mexican shot another and made good his getaway to S of the border. I think this fellow didn`t stay shot either and survived.

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