Hash Lab Explosion Sends One to Hospital

The person injured in the explosion was able to walk to the stretcher.

The person injured in the explosion was able to walk to the stretcher. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Around 8 p.m., an explosion in the 2200 block of Union Street in Eureka sent one person to the hospital. According to a Eureka Police Officer at the scene, “It appears there was a hash lab explosion through the use of butane.”

The officer said that the lab “was being conducted inside the residence.”

The injured man was able to walk to the stretcher before being taken to the hospital. According to the officer, the man had minor burn injuries.

Officers went to the hospital to conduct an interview with the injured man.

This is an ongoing investigation.

The injured man being loaded into the ambulance

The injured man being loaded into the ambulance. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • I swear some of my family adopted or not never learn the guy in the photo is John Stufflebean

  • Loooks like jail did him alot of good

  • He is a very ignorant person. Anyone who knows anything about making hash knows not to light up a cigarette. Wow what an idiot.🐒

  • This house is on my old mail route.. I’m not a bit surprised that something like this happened; it was just a question of ‘when.’

  • CannibisIsLegal

    • So what you point?
      Regular Smoking Tobacco is legal too but it’s not legal to grow beyond a certain amount or extract for eliquid purposes either, unless licensee to do so.
      And you point is? You sure sound silly.

      • A point about the people who live by circumventing the law not acknowledging the boundaries created the law?

    • Blowing up your rented house is not legal, though.
      I notice there are two electric meters. Were the other residents home at the time?

  • Should have just walked the POS to jail. Then let him take care of his own hospital bill when they boot him out 3 hrs. later!

  • Ah John Stufflebean up to no good again. Prop 47 has been good to him in allowing him to repeatedly commit crime with little to no punishment. Shame he didn’t blow himself up entirely.

  • They would have to waste an ambulance trip and ER for this illegal chemist

  • The city needs to designate an area (behind closed doors in back room dealings of course) where hash extraction is legal. Then out-of-towners can buy the property for 4 times the value, kick out the long time tenent business owners, then burn it down ’cause code violation repairs are to costly to fix, and rebuild. Oh, wait, already happened. On West 4th St. in Eureka so every summer tourist passing through can see either a working lab that could blow up as they drive by or a vacant lot until the new owner decides he’s got enough from insurance to rebuild or sell. In this case, the latter.

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