[UPDATE: Found Owner] Aria’s Singing Solo…She’s Hoping to Find Her Family

lack dog with white on chain“We have a sweet, scared, little black shorthaired female with white feet here on our porch on Elk Ridge,” reports a reader.  The puppy showed up about 11 p.m. yesterday in the area near Briceland wearing a pink leather collar with metal studs.

“Her collar says [her] name is Aria,” the woman who found her wrote. The collar has two phone numbers. “One doesn’t answer and the other is a nice man who has had that number for 30 years and doesn’t know the dog.”

If you have any information, please call Karen at (707) 923-2618 or (707) 267-4216.

UPDATE: The owner has been found.



  • I hope she finds her people! That one number has got to work. Having her image and name out here’s got to help.

  • Thanks Kym and crew! I appreciate everything you do for the people and critters around here.

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