16 Acre Johnson Fire Caused by Arson, Says Cal Fire

Johnson incident

Image of the Johnson Fire from the air. [Photo from Cal Fire]

Cal Fire says the Johnson Fire which started near Pecwan in northern Humboldt yesterday afternoon was the result of human action

“[T]he cause of the Johnson Fire in Pecwan was arson,” wrote Battalion Chief Paul Savona this morning in an email.

The fire originally had threatened structures, he said yesterday. However, he said this morning, “Crews from various agencies worked hard all night and contained the Johnson fire at 3:00 A.M.  The final acreage was 16 acres, and no structures were lost.”




  • unbridled philistine

    Fire bugs scare me. Wonder how many of those fires last fall were started by Arson? All those fire fighters were arrested the other day back east for starting their own fires! It was like 6 of them. No beuno..

  • This madness must stop! Where is the accountability?

  • Back up the boat

    It is pretty common knowledge that some natives start fires for the purpose of getting hired to work. I heard this from a Yurok tribe member.

    • As far as I ever heard, this was one man several years ago who was caught and tried. I don’t think it is more than this.

      • I would tend to agree most of the Native American population are NOT that damned desperate, at all!!! I find this accusation VERY hard to believe!!!

      • guest…. when a criminal is white, he or she is an individual. As soon as a criminal is from another group, that entire group stands indicted. That’s why the Trumpster can talk people into thinking it’s okay to rip a baby out of Mom’s arms (and take that baby, in the dead of night, to a “facility” without any sort of track and trace program for future reunification) with the justification that there is a Mexican gang somewhere that has done bad things. You and I might say ‘what’s that got to do with this 22 year old asylum-seeker and her toddler?’ She’s brown, they’re brown so she has it coming is the unreasonable response.

        • Same scenario, different president. Stop placing blame on just one.

        • Strange how that same idea of group condemnation is liberally applied by some to white people without regard to either white people or non white people being individuals. In fact even to go the extent of turning a blind eye to some pretty evil non white people so that the message of hate is not clouded by having to judge them with the same standards of hate as applied to all white people.

          • So basically, simple is as simple applies to some black and some white people. Lucky whites weren’t slaves or they might have a chip on their shoulders, too.

            • There are plenty of white people with chips on their shoulders. Carrying around hate is often more a matter of personality, not historical experience. Many seem to revel in it. To seek it out.

              You’d be surprised the number of white people carrying a grudge about the civil war to this date. Treating it as the North invaded the South yesterday. Recent immigrants, who didn’t feel such hate, will have children who imbibe it like a drug. There are whole hate based cultures in every continent, probably every country. It is a eondefully self fulfilling idea. Just hate enough and you will find it everywhere.

    • unbridled philistine

      Most arsonist are of white decent that said I see why one might suppose a native set said fire due to the remote location so close to natives peoples who do in fact make a living fighting fires..

  • What INDIVIDUALS choose to do has nothing to do with where their grandparents are from and I won’t sit quiet while the Native American population (or any other genetic group) is smeared collectively.
    BackUpTheBoat – you need to reconsider your life in terms of prejudice. Bigotry is no longer a socially acceptable habit… A HABIT, something you can change.
    YOU can choose to be a balanced person with a fair outlook or you can choose to condemn people for where their grandparents were from. One choice makes you a better person, the other has no effect on reality.

    • So white people aren’t the evil great grandchildren of manifest destiny and the queen of England? I feel so much better now!
      Bigotry IS socially ecceptable,, and is practiced in the heartlands of each cultural clique, wether is be Spokane, Hoopa or Oakland.
      Like al gore said, it’s an inconvenient truth, but hoping it away doesn’t make it go away.
      Entire cultures have based themselves on grudges.
      Doing so may not be accurate or solution oriented, but it’s what people do.
      It’s diversity in a nutshell, and that’s what makes America so fire resilient and best practices, right?

      • Making excuses that “everybody does it” doesn’t make it right or good.
        At this point in history, bigotry had best become social unacceptable even in your heart, Canyon Oak. It’s that or we all go down screaming that WE are the only “righteous ones”. Regardless of who WE might be.

        As for who any of us may have as ancestors? That is irrelevant. It’s up to each of us to choose the right thing to do each time it comes up.
        Every one of us has that power to choose how – or if – we judge another person.

        • Sorry, I’ve never taken acid, and I never went to Woodstock, so that Sunday morning ecstatic dance went way over my head..

    • Very well said!!!!

    • If the principle is that racism is not to be tolerated, then hateful speech against white people must be condemned with equal vigor as that against non white people. Otherwise there is no principle operating at all. It is simply gang warfare where the gangs are races. Me versus you- which is no honorable principle at all and shouldn’t be allowed to parade itself as one.

      • Agreed. But simple is as simple does explains how you think racism against whites is anywhere close to that against people of color.

        • That depends on where you live. I have lived in a culture where white people were in the serious minority and, yes, had to deal with the same issues. Including violent death because of bigotry. You think here is the only place of racism? It exists everywhere.

          The point is that racism can not be suppressed in the human by treating it other than as a firm principle to be upheld in every single case. If you turn it into a “them versus us” idea, then IT NEVER ENDS. There can not justice. Only winners and losers. And revenge, not justice. So yes, every one of us should expect that every other of us will be equally indignant over racism no matter who is involved.

  • arson down river nah never heard of it!

  • I have such a hard time grasping that somebody would strike a match and toss it into dry brush! That is a messed up mind that would do that.

  • Sad that people would try to hurt our sacred place and do this act during the ceremony. Some people have no respect and dont have respect for the land.

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