Fire in Willow Creek Got a Little Too Close for Comfort

Flames race towards motorhomes

Flames race towards motorhomes at yesterday’s fire in Willow Creek. [Photo by Terri Branstetter]

A fire started yesterday around 8 p.m. in vegetation near the Bigfoot Willow Creek Motel.

“It was big,” said Tim La Londe, Assistant Fire Chief for the Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Department. “We had some good 30 or 40-foot flames.”

He said, “Flames were tickling the tires of some vehicles when we got there.”

“It spread into the vegetation between the hotel and the river,” he said.

A tire on a horse trailer exploded. And the fire began moving towards the more populated areas.

“The evening winds pushed the fire towards downtown Willow Creek,” said La Londe. Fortunately, a number of agencies responded to fight the flames. Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Cal Fire, Salyer Volunteer Fire Department, and the US Forest Service were all on the scene.

“We probably got it under control an hour after it started,” La Londe said.

At this point, the cause of the fire is undetermined.



  • God Bless Each & Every One Of You Fire Fighters Men & Women Alike We Cannot Thank You Enough !! Oh Lord God Bless You All & Keep You All Safe & Sound Thank You All So So Much !!!…,We Wish We Could Do More To Show You How Much Your all Appricated Thanks A Million Untill Your Better Paid God Bless You All Amen..,xoxo-oxox..,We Are So Lucky To Have You All Thank You Again So Very Very Much ..,

  • Holy shit-take mushrooms that’s way too close for comfort!!! Endless Blessings for the Firefighters & other first responders as well!!!!

  • I like stars too!

    Great photos!!

    Willow Creek escapes by the skin of it’s teeth!

    Watch those tweakers and crazies in the bushes, guys! Life is interesting in that part of Humboldt!

  • I once was trapped by a fire that was between us and the only exit at a camp ground. That about 30 vehicles were saved by the CCC , local volunteers and National Park service, as the people and animals took refuge on the river bar,left a lifetime of gratitude.

    Indeed firefighters are treasures.

  • Any word on all the lightning strikes up north this morning? That was a bad one!

  • Probably a cig butt from the tweakers that squat in that area. Too bad it didn’t clear out a little more brush down there then they wouldn’t have a place to hide. It used to be a nice private swimming hole.

  • We are so lucky with our amazing volunteer fire dept. This was behind the willow creek motel not the Bigfoot motel.

  • Our Firefighters in N. California Rock! Thank you everyone of you!

  • Our volunteer Fire Department in Willow Creek is magnificent and thank you also to the other Fire Departments from Salyer and surrounding Forest areas for the quick response and 100% containment of a potential dangerous situation in our beautiful town of Willow Creek. Thank you so much for saving our town.

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