[UPDATE 7:27 p.m.] Lightning Last Night; Fire Today

Location of the Hetten FIre

Location of the Hetten Fire per Six Rivers Forest Service information.

Lightning struck several times in Humboldt and Trinity Counties yesterday. According to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Laura Coleman, the one strike in Humboldt’s region did not have any smoke when a plane checked out the remote area.

Coleman said there were several strikes in the Six Rivers Forest area of responsibility. We weren’t able to contact anyone at Six Rivers but online records show there is a fire southwest of Ruth Lake west of Hetten Rock in Trinity County.

The fire is roughly in the area of the marker saying “Forest Route 2S17” on the map above. Zoom in and out using the + and – symbols. We don’t know the cause but it is in the area where lightning strikes were noted last night. There is at least one engine at the scene dealing with the fire.

Coleman urged residents to “be very cognizant of the No Burn in effect so we know if we have an actual fire [if we get a report].” She added, “If you light off a fire, we’re coming with planes and engines and all the equipment…It’s that time of year.”

Note: Mendocino Voice is also reporting on a fire burning west of Willits. At this time the cause is unknown.

UPDATE 7:27 p.m.: The fire west of Hetten Rock appears to be out. We still have had no contact with the USFS. However, there are no engines currently listed as attached to the Hetten Fire.



  • Good looking out, There were some big strikes last night surprised there aren’t more fires.

    • I for one am grateful there weren’t!!! It’s way too early in the season yet for these fires everywhere!!! :-[[

  • Thanks for the report. Folks in the area saw several lightning strikes during yesterday’s storm ☹️ And although there was rain reported as well, we all know how dry it is overall.

  • CLAUDIA Johnson

    Glad are getting them early FIreflights be safe

  • Why are you asking Calfire, a State agency, about a fire on Federal protected lands? The US Forest Service has more than one phone number, you know? Call the Mad River Ranger District office. Often they have people there when they have an active fire, even on weekends or after hours. 707-574-6233. Ruth Station is 707- 574-6344 and Zenia Station is 707-924-9669.

    • You’ll see in the report she was unable to raise anyone at USFS. CalFire is often information central even for public incidents in the early stages.

    • I think CALFIRE tracks and updates information on all fires in rural areas of California. And all of these agencies have mutual aid agreements.

    • Why ask rhetorical questions online?
      Can those numbers yourself. Kym and the rest of the staff are doing a great job.

    • I just tried the Ruth and Zenia numbers. They do not seem to be working. Has anyone heard an update on this fire??

    • If there is a fire in that area, chances are those stations will be on the fire and not sitting at the station to answer the phone. Cal Fire manages much of the fire PIO info through the ECC Chief. Laura does a great job. The Forest Service mostly uses the Public Affairs Staff on the forest. They are typically 8-5 weekdays until a fire starts. The bulk of their work is legislative affairs and correspondence with local government, state and federal legislators and cooperators as well as public notices. Fire is not their primary job until a fire starts, so there is typically a lag on new starts, especially in the more rural areas. Many Federal ECC Chiefs will help with info until a PIO gets caught up.

      Kim, perhaps Laura can introduce you to Walt.

  • Kim, perhaps Laura can introduce you to Walt.

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