Mendocino Cannabis Job Fair

Press release from Mendocino Cannabis Resource:

Mendocino Cannabis Job Fair posterMendocino Cannabis Resource (MCR) is is excited to host a countywide cannabis job fair to help connect emerging cannabusinesses and prospective employees alike.

The Job Fair will be held in Willits at the Little Lake Grange, 291 School St. on

Saturday, July 28, 2018. Early Entry is from 11a-1p and costs $10. Free Entry between 1-4p. Resume Writing Information Packet to be provided for Job Seekers — Spruce up that resume and get Job Fair ready!

Last Sept. MCR held the first Mendocino Cannabis Job Fair (MCJF) – Fall 2017 with over 500 registered attendees!  One of MCR’s goals was to highlight to the county that cannabis jobs would strengthen our community and local economy. Over 70% of registered Job Seekers were from Mendocino County zip codes. And they want to work in the cannabis market!

Early Entry benefits include

– Two additional hours before the rush — Over 500 people attended last year!

– Better opportunity to connect one-on-one with potential employers

– Once paid & registered, send your resume to MCR. We will share them directly (in advance) with Exhibitors & Companies looking to hire.

There is also an opportunity to sign-up to be a Community Sponsor of the Job Fair. Not a cannabis or ancillary business, or just not looking to hire now, you can still participate in making the MCJF-Summer 2018 the best it can be by becoming a community sponsor. Your company logo will be printed in the MCJF–Summer 2018 program & listed as a supporting Community Sponsor.

MCJF – Summer 2018 Employer Exhibitors & sponsors include; the Emerald Law Group, Flow Kana, Emerald Cup Products, Mendocino County Growers Alliance, KB Cannabusiness Consulting & Staffing, Emerald City Distributions, Mendocino Management Group, Nurturing Seed & Mendocino Group.

If you’re a local professional looking for a career in the cannabis market, already in the cannabis market looking for something new, or a business owner that is looking to add talent to your team, the Mendocino Cannabis Job Fair is the place to be!

For more information, or to sign up to be an Employer Exhibitor or Community Sponsor, or if you are interested in a career in the rapidly developing legal cannabis market, visit MCR’s website at or call MCR @ 707-223-4367



  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Mendocino, where you have to PAY to go to a “Job Fair”…

    Mendo employers are pretty broken, in general, and salaries in Mendo are piss-poor!

    I think folks could do better, by finding another industry to seek employment within.

    If you have “face tats” or a criminal record, by all means, pay to attend the “fair”. Get there early, before all the “good jobs” are gone.

    In Mendo, the good jobs go to those who don’t show up obviously loaded, or wearing pajamas. Most employers need you to “come to work”, and not be high. If you can’t “come to work” while “not stoned”, you should probably keep your current position as a Cannabis Culture Specialist, or Tattoo Artist, or Yoga instructor, or as a Budtender, or as a “disability artist”, unemployment recepient, or as a welfare person…

    • Boy your bias! I know plenty lil clean church goer’s that burn the fatties!

      • Contemporary Satire 4 you!

        Whoops! But: I don’t go to church, not ever, and, I didn’t say a word about body size…

        As for working in Mendo, I do know a thing or two for sure…

        Kookie employers, church owned hospital, whole lotta “back to the land hippies” that act more like Barry Goldwater Republicans, too many Adventists and Mormons in Willits, too many tweakers and plain stone crazies in Willits, and, then, there’s FORT BRAGG, which is a whole different animal…

        Fort Bragg, well, just don’t get me started… Ukiah: Might as well be Bakersfield, can’t tell the difference, judging by the people who live there and the homeless crazies…

        I did meet some super nice folks out there, but, I met some horrible employers too!

        As for the Cannabis Industry, the employers want to pay a nickel for a quarter’s worth of work, and, they want to hire “Managers” that have PhD’s and Master’s degrees, but pay them $15/hr, but ONLY if the candidate has years of super-specific experience!! Good luck hiring experts for entry level wages…

        I can’t even get an interview in a Cannabis Operation, since I don’t smoke dope!

        Working in Mendo? No Thanks! Work for Mendo County? I would sooner starve. Or move to Yuba City.

  • Worrrd and I’m one of them ☝️🤙💯

  • I want to be a Budtender.

  • Alt Right For Life

    I’m guessing that starting a business selling open pits of raw sewage and piles of trash to marijuana growers would do very well.

  • Mendo cultivator

    Thank you for posting this, kym. Mendo employees need to connect better with employers.
    Side note: never thought people trying to employment would bring on so much negativity in the comment section. But this ia america i suppose

    • The prejudice against cannabis growers is deep.

      • The really weird idea is that anyone would expect that people hugely profiting from illegal drugs for decades would be considered as other than a negative by that part of society who paid by far the lion’s share of the taxes needed to clean up the messes- land and human- created by said industry. That growers trot out paying property or sales tax as evidence of their good standing as citizens just showed how bent their understanding really was. They really believed their own propaganda. The cries of pain when the taxman and regulator cometh has shown they never understood what the rest of the country was doing all along.

        Maybe if enough law abiding growers pursue a responsible course for the next decade, the justified distrust of the rest by society will be reconsidered. But I suspect that will be too hard a course for most of those used to doing only what they think profits themselves and they will continue their outlaw life as long as they can make money at it.

  • I like stars too!

    Hey, good luck! If you want a low paid job in the “industry” prepare to suck down poor salary, strange working conditions, employers who are mostly from other areas and who don’t understand the “North Coast Work Environment”…

    Also, if you need accommodations in Mendo: housing is super tight and expensive, Willits, Redwood Valley, Ukiah and Fort Bragg are full up with folks who are accustomed to the area, or who have already been working there!

    The employers in Mendo act like you are out to steal them blind, and, Mendo is just a strange place to live and work, not at all like Humboldt! Which is also very “special”.

    On the other hand, the “Cafe and Coffee House Scene” in Ukiah, pretty nice…

    If you have been growing pot for 20 years, out in the forest, there is no way you could be prepared for a life working in Mendo, but, enjoy and learn.

    Life is about changes! It will be good for you! If you can’t handle Mendo, there’s always Lake County, or Yuba City!

    • The Entropic Empath

      And, in a developing industry, the future is in flux. It may turn out bright, but I predict a lonnnnng period of adjustment for everyone involved…

      As for your children, I would advise a degree in Chemistry, with a focus in Mass Spectroscopy and Liquid Chromatography.

      At present, a lot of this work will be performed by persons paid low salary, and trained on the job. Most of them will probably have been born in some other country.

      You chronic Pot Farmers, I don’t know how to save. As a group, you have destroyed a world-class beautiful area, polluted your environment beyond belief, raped and run to make money with a toxic product. The amount of concentrated energy it took to do this, it could have been focused on developing a positive future, but you, you had to be rich… Thus, the source of the bias you perceive! Well deserved, in my opinion.

      The Cannabis Industry is the same. Opportunistic and focused, smart people, want to make money by developing widely marketed products for consumers. The trouble is, nobody really needs Cannabis. Smoking Dope gets you nowhere, and it wastes your life. The most accurate thing we can say, is, drugs are bad. Period. But humans, they love being intoxicated!

      I predict that Cannabis will enjoy some popularity, but, in the end, it will be recognized as the single greatest waste of human energy in history.

      And, a large army of folks will need decades to repair the damage caused by North Coast Pot Farmers. I also predict that Humboldt will be overrun by Hispanic and Hmong drug gangs, looking for new territory and a place to hide, like their pot-growing predecessors. I am kinda glad I met Humboldt, but if you come back there in 25 years, I hope it’s not an uninhabitable wasteland…

      Humans specialize in manufacturing devastated areas, after all…

      Best of luck, in your future endeavors…

  • In and Out Burger in Ukiah start out at $18 an hour and maybe some benefits. Good luck finding that as an entry cannabis worker.

    • Well, no income taxes come out of it. No SDI, FICA. And then there’s the glamour of it all, the outlaw image…

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