[UPDATE 3:02 p.m.] This Dog Needs Help Relocating to a Cat-Free Home

When Maria Olson brought this handsome dog home, she planned on having him forever. Unfortunately, he has been very aggressive towards her also aggressive cat. Olson is looking to find him a new home. She explained, “The shelter told me I could bring him back if it did not work out with the cat but it just breaks my heart. I am just torn [but] I don’t want my cat killed.”

She described the dog as “really loving.” She said, “I’ve only had him 3 days and he listens pretty good and follows you everywhere and loves to ride around in the car and he’s like a super cuddly 50 lb lap dog. He deserves a great home…”

Olson believes he is part Border Collie and part hound. “He is very nice looking,” she said. “He may be the sweetest dog I ever met…He’s Housebroken. Microchipped, Just got all his shots and neutered. Crates up nicely. Doesn’t jump up on anyone. Very good natured……except apparently with mean cats.”

Olson said she could get her $150 adoption refunded if she brought him back to the shelter but, she said she would rather “see him go to a nice home…This guy deserves a family.”

She asked, “Do you think it would be possible to see if anyone without cats would want to give him a forever home?”

If you would like this handsome dog, contact Maria at mariaptscs@aol.com.

UPDATE 3:02 p.m.: Maria wrote us, “A wonderful family came forward to take  him into their family. I can tell that he is going to be in a loving home like he deserves.”



  • CLAUDIA Johnson

    Very cute dog I have one 13 years old Wish I could get him My health and age won’t let me Please someone help him

  • Sounds like he’d be a great buddy for someone lonely.

  • Hi I tried to reach you but your aol address is not going through. I have a worth a try solution for you if you want to call me 777-3263

  • Maybe he is allergic to cats?
    I have a friend that is nasty around d cats because of allergies.

  • You do realize that cat is going to be insufferable from now on.

    • Things that make you go hmm

      Kind of like you? Do you ever have any positive comments to add? I am very happy to hear that he’s been taken in by a loving home and family ❤️ Thanks again Kym for your great service to our community 🙌

  • Perhaps,perhaps not

    It’s good to see someone stepped forward in a time of need. BTW does the dog have a name?

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