Swedish Man Restores Old Humboldt Area CHP Vehicle and Displays It at Car Shows

A Swedish man has restored a small bit of Humboldt’s history and our local California Patrol posted about his achievement on their Facebook page.



  • That must be a thing in Europe to restore old Highway patrol vehicles. When I was in Frankfurt Germany a few months ago this one came cruising by my table when I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe. I was amazed when I spotted it slothing around all the tiny little European cars.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    I wonder if he has HumCo type of stuff in the trunk on display at shows

  • I liked it a lot better when highway patrolmen wore peaked caps, carried a .357 revolver and drove Dodge Polaras. Times were better then. Men were men and while you didn`t start a D-8 with a hand crank, there were still men who knew how to do so.

    • Contemporary Satire 4 you!

      I am down, dude.

      CHP officers used to have to be physically fit, too…

      The big guys recruited for LEO’s these days may be able to write speeding tickets, but they don’t seem to contain the same spirit, when I see them cooping in their vehicles or poking their phones by the side of the road… CHP officers once had great pride in serving the public, but now they are assigned to control traffic around Caltrans, and do other tasks requiring the “presence of authority”… While I do appreciate the “last line of law enforcement”, I would rather the CHP did it’s main job well, which is ensuring the public’s safety by attempting to control the terrible habits of the modern driver.

      Nothing like the roar of a ’68 440 Polara with dual quads, though… Several generations of entitled kids have never heard this sound!

    • Would rather drive that “cruiser” than the new ford car/suv thingie. Those look embarrassing. Now the new dodge interceptors…. oh hell yeah! In Hawaii as LE you drive anything you want on patrol. In Texas you can pack any gun you want on patrol. That’s bad ass and all American. California sucks eggs

  • Probably had that thing pull me over a time or two lol

  • Caprice Classics were indestructible. Run for 300,000 miles before the bumpers fell off. I wonder if they have to remove the lightbar when they travel on public roads.

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