No Permit=No Plants, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s DEU in Splashy New Video

In today’s Instagram/Facebook posts, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit pairs slick video and action movie music to send the message that law enforcement is going to enforce the rule that cannabis growers without permits will soon be cannabis growers without plants. (Give the embedded video a bit to load)

Earlier ChapterThree Search Warrants Served: Over 13,000 Plants Eradicated, etc.



  • Lol okay

  • Back to the way our parents did it.

    • While they set up fields in the valley

    • Back to the way parents and grandparents did it. You run a bush line along the woods, satellites cannot see them. Also there are google jammers, at, which block google from seeing you, your pot, or your house. Been here since 1981, gone through helicopters, all the stuff. Best way now to grow is gorilla, leave no trails, plant a lot, so even though they don’t get as much sun, and grow as big, you plant a lot more to make up the difference. Even shade for 4 hours a day can get you 1#s, chances of getting caught very low.
      Then you go south, find some middle school honor roll students, and turn them into business people who buy your stuff, and sell it at a profit. Simple really.

  • Your parents were also getting 3000 to 4000 per lb. Won’t quite be the same but I catch ur drift.

  • Lotta Wordsworth

    I can still have six. And furthermore my doctor says I can have fifty for my prescription. This isn’t legalization. It’s not better. Not for me. Not for the Environment. And not for the community. Fuck the duck….

  • Ok so here we again. Are they directing that video at cartel and trespass grows or taxpaying county residents? Numbers don’t lie. How long does it take those guys to mulch 13,000 plants? They killed that many after hitting 3 parcels in one operation. Let’s say they are really moving and do that 3 times per week, eradicating about 468 large scale grows per year. We all know they don’t get that many, usually less than 100. The county claims there are 8-10 thousand large scale grows, giving growers 1:20 – 1:90 odds of getting chopped. They have been using this same enforcement tactic for years, and it isn’t fixing the problem. What are they going to do differently this year that will make their efforts worth while for the taxpayers and residents of the county? At what point does using county funds to finance operations that don’t fix the problem become misappropriation, squandering, or cronyism?

    • That’s a question for honeydew bridge chump. Offshore nuclear navel batteries? Midnight stealth bombing raids? Marine infantry battleing growdozers n pit bulls?

    • Great observations. These questions, and others like them, need to be asked often, and loudly.

    • What happens when there is no consequence for not getting permits or paying fines? Answer: No one gets permits or pays fines.

      So, unless you are suggesting that anyone be allowed to take whatever water or create whatever environmental destruction they want, what better options do you see? For the government of course, not for the grower.

      • Those abatement letters will shut u down. They don’t need anyone but a few people sitting at desk with computers for that. Welcome to the new Humboldt, it will be a ghost town. No money to spend at local stores. Only hard core locals will remain.

      • I’m not suggesting there be no consequences for breaking the law. I’m saying that the county needs to come up with some new and better ideas. After living here for over a decade I’ve watched the production increase as the county has done the same thing year after year, failing to solve the problem. I’m not suggesting any new ideas because im not a public official or policy maker. The education I’ve sought in my lifetime is geared toward mechanical engineering and biology, not public ploicy or politics. But In my opinion, the county enforcement is so focused on their paychecks, the adrenaline rush of chopping plants and meglomania, they aren’t able to come up with creative ideas or new solutions. And like everyone else, my opinion stinks too.

  • Us against them , man how corny can you get .
    Might just bring prices back for black market . Folks always gonna need quantities….

    • Except that so many other places that are flat, sunny and have lots of water all summer are going to be in the business too. Hills are not good for large scale agriculture of most crops. Only good for hiding illegal growing. Once it’s legal then most places can grow large amounts cheaper and easier.

  • Your Measure Z dollars hard at work.

  • Until that letter comes in the mail and you have to pay the piper. Sad thing about regulation is you can’t escape it 🙁

    • Can’t escape it when the regulators can watch everything that moves from the air. Easier to hide a still making moonshine.

      • Commingling law forms are a trespass on the public side and are dangerous.

        1795 U.S. Supreme Court decision which states in part: “In as much as every government is an artificial [manmade] person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only; a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary [invented], having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed [barred] from creating and attaining parity [equality] with the tangible [physical]. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.”

        Penhallow v. Doane’s Administraters

        S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54),

        See also: CRUDEN v. NEALE 2N.C. (1796) 2 SE 70 “Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.”

        If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any. The only rights you have are the ones you can assert.

        • If everyBODY truly claimed their natural creator given rights, government courts would not have ownership over us. This single action to kill your “Strawman” ( this fictitious person governments created in your name) would free us to live in only one law that covers all law…. treat others as you would what to be treated. Let the spiritual revolution begin here in Humboldt. No lie.. look up “ straw man” and share what you learn!

  • The latest version of ” We’re gonna get you all!!!” Ha Ha Ha! A few cowards are scared away and then they get 1-2% of the remainder. Same story as always. Thanks for the price stabilization, Flower Police!

    • Are you actually forgetting that now they send letters and levy fines…no need to bust anymore- they still like to raid tho’, so they’ll do it both ways. But the odds of making it are still good!

      • Forced retirement

        They haven’t sent out out as many letters as I was expecting this year. But they have sent out a lot. If you want to know what’s going on with abatement notices just google times standard public notices. P-ville and Myers Flat got hit this week.
        Hopefully most people can pull a few more harvests and sell it. Don’t buy a new truck or a bunch of cocaine, you never know when it’s going to be your last big pay day.

    • 25points for making me laugh with the “Flower Police” reference…

  • I don’t understand why pot is so important to people… it is a nasty weed that smells horrible and if you smoke it then it loads you down with laziness and eventually you stop thinking about important things and you eventually become comfortable not thinking or doing anything to better yourself. I don’t understand why so many people are spending tens of thousands of dollars to produce and consume this downing product. And with more states legalizing it, recently on the east coast like Vermont where it is heavily consumed, the value will continue to fall. I see the writing on the wall that if people want this product it is rapidly becoming very affordable. A head of lettuce can be purchased for .99c, because there are farmers that find a profit to produce it.

    • You have no idea what your talking about some of the most successful people in the world smoke cannabis and I’m talking billionaires. Abuse of anything is negative. It’s not right generalizing anything it’s like saying homosexuals or African Americans are a certain way there’s good and bad in all realms of everything but to say one thing is totally bad is ignorant.

      • There popped out the race card!! AND I was not generalizing anything! I was trying to describe my own experiences. And I remember when I was in my 20’s smoking pot my income fell to the floor!! Most likely too; the billionaires you refer to were people who inherited the family wealth.

        • Hardly a race card . It was an example . Miss loads you down with laziness. Miss downing product , most people get happy and laugh and go out and do things outside , it’s called getting high , ok get it . Yes people are handed billions everyday , really ?? Try and be open minded the 60 percent of people in California voted yes to legalize . They get it . Just shedding some knowledge not being mean in any way I understand what your saying

          • It was equating pot use with being born a certain race. Obviously not equivalent either rationally or morally.

    • sponsored by miller light

      lets have a beer.

    • Healing one seed at a time

      Obviously, your take on a medicinal plant is inaccurate- otherwise it would not be so popular-people are fighting for your rights to use a plant to find relief and replace the opiates that should really be under the spotlight for what you are accusing cannabis to be, or worse meth and heroin. If you are really concerned about substances that equate to unproductivity then we can have that conversation and you can replace your word “pot” with a number of other words including alcohol or vacations for that matter because you are not building a strong argument anyways- simply because the benefits of safe relief far outweigh the negative side effects. In fact, my empathy for you my friend is strong and my aspiration for you is that you find relief for yourself in the form of cannabis as so many just like you have found and now see how the government and the pharmaceutical companies have worked hand in hand and spent billions on keeping this plant from the people, incarcerating people for this plant hasn’t worked and perceptions are changing faster than you are aging. Go into a dispensary and see how legal cannabis is being marketed- you don’t have to get high to find relief and that’s what so many are experiencing right now and why prices have to go low to a certain point- bc in order to be widely accepted it must be widely available and in order to be widely available it must be affordable. Opinions can change and for your sake- you’ll be a very miserable person if your doesn’t!

      • Taurusballzhoff

        No, no, we don’t want you in jail, since that costs too much. We want to fine you out of existence, and then charge you big time for legal operations!

        Get this straight: Pot. Is. Not. Medicine.

        It’s a recreational drug. Period.

        No amount of stoner rationalization will change anything.

        The worst thing about smoking weed, is that it makes you think you are OK… Or that it is “normal”.

        Try getting clean for a while. You might reassess your whole lifestyle.

        • Well it could be medicinal but then so is alcohol, opium, etc. However only the people so dependant on drugs to enjoy life could think that taking in any of these products simply to enjoy the feelings is medicinal. Medicine helps with disease. Life is not a disease.

          All these things are toxics that impair some brain functions in order to create these feelings of euphoria. A little honesty about why pot is used recreationally would be refreshing.

          • Just as alcohol is relaxing, so is marijuana. And it is beneficial to be relaxed. (Note: I am not saying it is beneficial to spend one’s life in a drug or alcohol haze but simply that some relaxing is good for people and alcohol and marijuana can help achieve that state.)

            In addition, just like alcohol, marijuana has some obvious medical benefits when it provides pain relief. It is also well-known for reducing nausea and spasticity.

            A little honesty about the fact that the federal government has actively suppressed research on a promising plant-based source of medicine would also be refreshing. And, possibly, if both sides weren’t so hellbent on proving Cannabis is the mother goddess healing all and marijuana is the devil’s weed leading to killing of babies maybe we might find both what is helpful and what is harmful about it.


              “And, possibly, if both sides weren’t so hellbent on proving Cannabis is the mother goddess healing all and marijuana is the devil’s weed leading to killing of babies maybe we might find both what is helpful and what is harmful about it.”

              Well said Kym

            • Research was the only unfortunate casualty of government hostility. I keep remembering the number of lives lost or ruined by alcohol or opium or cocaine or even tobacco, another medicinal plant, and wondering about this one too. What if it’s a controlable method of relaxing for 90% of the population but leads to problems for 10% of its users? I imagine that alcohol has such a stat. Relaxation can be achieved without outside chemical use of any kind. It just takes a bit of education and practice.

              One of my neighbors set fire to his house because pot impaired his judgement. The only two long term pot smokers I knew personally are dead before age 70 due to COPD and that after more than 10 years of fighting the disease. Too many poor choices made constantly.

              We had a chance to be better than that with pot but I guess it’s not in humans to do. I’m not deluded about the reality but doesn’t mean it is not sad.

              • There are people who misuse substances. (Potato chips happen to be a particular failing of mine.) But I don’t think we have a way to remove a substance from use. All the crackdown on marijuana and it flourishes. All the prohibition of alcohol and it demolished the opposition. Rather than trying to prohibit it, perhaps we should study it and learn ways to minimize harm and maximize help?

                • The Entropic Empath

                  Many substances commonly applied are worthless, or even harmful. Don’t try to get any amount of chocolate out of my hand, though…

                  Most of the medications available in a pharmacy, are worthless, and some are harmful. The best thing to do is to avoid Doctors and medicine whenever practical, and only expose yourself to medicine when desperate!

                  As far as Marijuana is concerned, it has no peer reviewed, dose dependent, or legitimate medical use. Mostly, Marijuana relieves only sobriety, and the “pain relieving” qualities probably come only because the patient is too messed up to complain about their pain any more, and is now hungry…

                  People are weak, and they want to “treat” conditions with substances.

                  Rise above your suffering! Pain, it doesn’t hurt that much! Meditate, keep busy… Smoking pot is for 12 year olds. Responsible adults should have too much to do to waste their lives getting high!

                  Alcohol and cigarettes are for suckers, and Heroin, Cocaine and Meth are for those who want to die.

                  Embrace the beauty of your existence, and avoid clouding yourself with recreational intoxicants, like Pot.

                  I predict you will be happier!

                • How do you get high on potato chips? ( Asking for a friend?)

                • You mean you don’t feel ecstasy when biting into crispy salty goodness?

                • Can’t be done. The difference between abusing things that don’t impair thinking is that only the abuser pays for its use. And is probably aware of its effects.

                  With mentally impairing drugs, the impairment creates plentiful opportunity to harm others too. And the drug will distort awareness or at least override it.

                  You assume that people want to restrict their use as to retain good judgement and not harm others while impaired. But that is not why drugs are used. What users want is to get high and lose the inhibitions that good sense imposes. That is what you call relaxation. And isn’t that the whole point?

                • Sorry to butt in; but THIS is how you get high on Potato Chips

        • Another fishwife

          The FDA just approved Epidiolex, a canabis based drug for use in two rare forms of epilepsy.

  • Humboldts cheap property future

    I hope everyone realizes your property values are dropping substantially with every letter they send out and every bust they make . The real estate market will surely crash if they hold true to there statement. The letters are enough let alone the wasteful eradication. The letters and fines are the big negative impact that will affect the value of everyone’s real estate values .So think twice if you think it’s a good thing .

    • I like stars too!

      Real estate values? Really?

      There is practically no real estate market in most of Humboldt, since normal investors stay away from areas where criminal activity is rampant!

      Also, your shack on 20 acres with 5 greenhouses, it is not worth a million dollars!

      Get real!

      • It was inflated out of all common sense by pot growing. If it deflates because pot growers go elsewhere, that is not unexpected. And go elsewhere they will, raids or no raids.

        The real kicker will be when property values drop, the income the State receives will drop. And like a hungry shark used to easy pickings, they will look around them to see who next can be picked off. The problem is not pot inflated prices but a government with no self control.

        • I foresee 30 new deputies being laid off. its almost like failure is Humboldt’s middle name. the foothills of the red counties to the east are filled with greenhouses. easily more than 10,000 north of Sacto and the no grow Calaveras County looks more like pro-grow. the real kicker is when 30,000+ estate homes in the high 6 figure have their value re-assessed. there is an actual threat that Humboldt County could go bankrupt.

          • groba dude trustafarian osnt

            One thing for sure:

            If you don’t like the government, start a revolution! It is your right!

  • Its kinda cool to see what comes outa that chipper!

  • When are they going to get out there and bust the cartel in the national Forest grows . Oh ya they can’t charge crazy fines on those guys . And it’s actual hard work hiking out there . I thought they were going to save our forests with all that money . The cartels are loving it . Imagine next year when they pull off there 50000 plant grows with no problems from the law how many will pop up . What idiots we have running things . Anyone supporting any of these fine and letter efforts aren’t too smart .

  • Nice mulch

  • Must have the music credits. And what are the lyrics at the beginning?

  • Cant get em all so keep growing! Hillfolk been harvesting for a while now and these assclowns think this shit will stop. Laughable. They are all bent out of shape because they actually have to do some work for all that salary we are giving them. Its so ironic they get to bite the hand now that fed them all these years. Wonder if anyone will bite back or just take it like a bitch?
    Shits gonna hit the fan soon enough and im gonne be there to say i told you so nigga!

  • Where were they the last 10 fuckin years!

    • Plugging away. But now it’s not to create a money draining court case but to protect government income sources from permits and fines. Now it’s important. Money’s involved.

      You want any government’s attention, especially one who believes in government solutions to social problems and thus always needs more, then softly say “Money, money, money money… ” By the forth repetition, you will have their undivided attention.

    • Giving zero fucks, that’s where they were. They too a 10 year self imposed hiatus and let Humboldt go to hell. No Sheriff has explained why they let the greenrush happen. Lazy assholes.


      Picking and choosing a few good ones,with nice things

  • All these folks that don’t know the game will be leaving n all the black market money will be in the right pockets again

    • Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr

      The Game is to be sold, not to be told, and the game is changing fast. The legal commercial indoor grows in the south are going to destroy the market for Humboldt weed in CA. New regs, testing, taxes, permits, and free-falling market prices are going to make it damn hard to make a legal buck. Recreational users will grow a few plants and discover that they have enough for family and friends.

      The out of state black market is saturated with product from CO, WA, OR, CA, NV. Effing saturated!. Yall collectively producing enough weed to serve all 50 states. $3k pounds are history. Proctor & Gamble gonna make sure of that.

  • The Entropic Empath

    Growers need to get on the other side of this! Whining like a bunch of little girls is what stoners do, but, if you must grow in Humboldt, follow the goddamn rules and nobody from the government will jack your plants!

    Growing in Humboldt is crazy, anyway! It’s too far from anything, the cost of everything you need is ridiculous, and there’s 30,000 other guys doing the same thing!

    In Oregon and Washington and Canada, they are ramping up to BURY everyone in Bud! So, be ready to sit on a lot of product, especially that Black Market shit you love to produce in your “Rape and Run Grow”…

    And, here is another thing: Even if you do manage to make a bit of money, the market for weed may not respond to the presence of massive amounts of legal flower in the manner you would expect. Regular people might buy an ounce a year, but few end-users are gonna sit in the streets and toke all day, like you do…

    The average growers, even legal ones, face incredible competition, massive tomes of regulatory problems, increased costs for testing, packaging, delivery, and processing, and labor issues and taxation!

    Got a headache yet?

    The few of you left, in a couple of years, will still have plenty to whine about, but the point is you may not want to continue to play your game in Humboldt County, or even in California!

    May want to lay off that shit for a month or two and consider the future!

    I predict many will change the way they do “business”…

  • The Entropic Empath


    Absolutely anybody can grow 6 plants. On their own.

    This is the point of legalization.

    Take the money out of drugs, and the harm will go away…

  • The video made me lol.

  • They can bust 3 people a day for rest of summer An that’s 90 people, at most an they don’t work saturdays or Sundays so people , stop with the whole “get them motto” all it’s doing is help these black markets guys survive even longer!

    • But, if those 90 people are fined a hundred thousand dollars each and have liens against their property, then others are going to start taking that under advisement.

      But it’s more likely to be the market place that winnows the numbers down. It will be the reduction of profits combined with fines that does it.

  • Don’t believe for one second that legal growers, Industrial or Mom and pop, aren’t selling what they can get away with on the black market.

  • How do these evil.people sleep at night? I do not understand.. police are horrible people.

  • Hysterical listening to people thinking enforcement hasn’t evolved! Wake up people, the new name of the game is loose your land to fines for growing. I think it’s pretty much on its way back to the eighties and they don’t even need a gun or helicopter…

    • county, state, or federal agencies will not be able to take the land under a lien if it is contaminated, without accepting its liability. this will be another well thought out blunder.

  • The difference between a war/conquer invasion and today is that the invaders of today have sabotaged their enemy’s culture prior to arriving, to the extent that their enemy thinks that they deserve to be invaded . . . and pay the public servants for their service of inviting foreign, unconstitutional, paper terrorists.

    Either you are a sovereign in the common law jurisdiction, or you are a slave in the commercial jurisdiction. There is nothing else.

  • Fall in love with the word No.

  • What’s going to happen to permitted growers ball and chained to track and trace when facilities like the 25 million dollar one in Mendo sprout up and dominate the white market? Answer: Back in Black.

  • The sheriff made a promo video to scare pot growers! Humboldt is going Hollywood!

  • People spend too much time on here complaining and debating. Writing ten paragraphs making their point to some “pot head loser” that they cannot stand. What a joke, just because someone smokes or grows does not make them morally wrong.

    “Don’t you look at me so smug
    And say I’m going bad.
    Who are you to judge me
    And the life that I live?
    I know that I’m not perfect
    And that I don’t claim to be.
    So before you point your fingers,
    Be sure your hands are clean.
    Judge not
    Before you judge yourself.
    Judge not
    If you’re not ready for judgement.
    The road of life is rocking
    And you may stumble too.
    So while you talk about me,
    someone else is judging you.”

    Some of these humans have lived here their entire lives and happen to be upstanding citizens that contribute to our community.

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