Man Arrested After Threatening Gun Violence in Orleans

Sean LoganYesterday, about 11:30 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a man making threats.

According to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “[W]e received a call from someone making threats of gun violence towards a residence in Orleans. The man making the threats, Shawn Logan, was located at a residence on Red Cap Road and taken into custody on outstanding warrants and fresh charges of [possession of methamphetamine.]”

UPDATE Thursday: Shawn Logan is 46 and from Pecwan. He was “also booked on a misdemeanor warrant for two counts of DUI, resisting a peace officer and driving without a license,” according to Karges.



  • CLAUDIA Johnson

    More people no care for others Even children

  • Divide by Zero

    There’s no such thing as “gun violence”. A firearm is an inanimate chunk of steel without reason, and a soul. Now people violence, that’s an entirely different subject.

    • Unicorns and rainbows. Unicorns n rainbows. Unicorns and rainbows. Go to happy place. Ignore human violence. God will save me. Happy place

    • You are so correct about there being no such thing as gun violence. But the knee-jerk media headline-writers feed that crap to us and know we will slurp it all up. It is a major misdirect devised to keep people in a frenzy over guns, and the result is always MORE MEANINGLESS LAWS that do nothing to stop violence. When you get right down to it, the violence is perpetrated by the very same media that claims to be reporting on it. Let’s call it “media violence”… making people scared of guns so that they are rendered incapable of protecting themselves.

      • Oh, for heaven’s sakes, you have no idea of how I feel about guns. I began shooting before I was 10 and passed my NRA course soon after. I used “Threatening gun violence” because the press release from the Sheriff’s Office used that. I assume the guy threatened to shoot someone but I don’t know and so couldn’t use that.

        Having said that, what the heck? Would you have a problem if I said threatened violence with a knife?

        Try not to get too worked up over phrases–rarely are we, the blackhearted media, trying to evilly brainwash anyone.

        I only save that vile side of my personality for my nature posts…”Yaha ha, Now you will love Humboldt, you trembling minions.”

        • Don’t be too sensitive, remember it ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to. It’s entirely possible that you created the headline without giving it much thought. Only you can say if that is the case. It’s also possible that you might give pause going forward to the notion that using the term “gun violence” is feeding a liberal agenda, whether you shoot or belong to the NRA or handload your own ammo. Besides, your response sounds a bit like the “I have many black friends” response we often hear when someone is suspected of being racist. Face it, the guy in Orleans was not arrested for “gun violence”. Your headline is inaccurate and on top of that, creates bias, no matter how many NRA shooting classes you once took.

          • local observer

            I would recommend a 3rd party viewpoint on the subject of gun violence or even gun culture. the liberal agenda is to fix problems that adversely effect us all. to say the US doesn’t have a gun violence problem is like saying Eureka doesn’t have a meth problem. luckily the meth problem is finally being focused on after 3 decades of the problem being ignored, is it too late, probably. if you haven’t figured it out yet, the agenda of your leaders is Chaos, which is very lucrative if you set it up right. but don’t worry the liberal will work on fixing the problems it has caused. FYI, a felon threat with a gun is classified as gun violence as you can read.

          • I agree my headline is inaccurate and changed it.

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