HSU Releases Term Sheet for ‘Village’ Student Housing Project

This is a press release from Humboldt State University:

Humboldt State University HSU ThumbnailThe City of Arcata requested that Humboldt State provide the contract that it has been negotiating with AMCAL/Coleraine (AMCAL) that would allow the university to manage the Village, a proposed new student housing community.

While the contract has yet to be finalized and cannot yet be released publicly, the University has provided the city with a “term sheet”, a summary of the tentative contract’s main points upon approval of the project by the City of Arcata. The contract will be publicly released when it’s finalized.

Attached below is the term sheet that was provided to the city.

If approved by the City of Arcata, the Village project will provide affordable housing and reduce the impacts of homelessness among HSU students. The University began actively working with AMCAL to develop a partnership in May, after the developer made significant modifications to its original proposal based on community and student feedback. Read more about the Village here.AMCAL HSU Agreement Terms



  • Concerned citizen

    the dishonesty of the university throughout this whole process has been pretty lame. I don’t want to rehash that whole story but It’s pretty obvious that the university will try to buy this developement at some point in the future.

    If that were to occur the city of Arcata gets no tax revenue from the project but still has to provide them with services? That doesn’t really make sense for Arcata. All the citizens of Arcata get is increased traffic and noise. There’s some dangerous intersections near there that cannot really handle the existing traffic.

    There’s definatly some other issues with the project. That being said there’s a serious lack of housing in Arcata. The planning department is a total nightmare to deal with, it’s really difficult to get any project through them.

    Maybe instead of this mega development they could ease the restrictions on people building secondary units? Or just increase density standards through out the city?

    Maybe build more housing on campus? Or maybe HSU could acquire some properties adjacent to the university and build student housing there? There’s a 7.2 acre parcel for sale in between the university and redwood park. It would be a way shorter walk to HSU and closer to downtown.

  • HSU never ceases to amaze me. They are planning to demolish the original hospital building across the street to make parking lot. Why don’t they build student housing instead?

  • Maybe HSU could provide housing underground. At the 38 min mark HS is mentioned.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDGjYj0DuQo&list=PLb3Xj3Mzy1j-MHi4IcI5US4_jL0xpOLXU&index=4&t=0s (1:00:08). Lots of loud annoying music here and there in this video

  • local observer

    dishonesty? or a method to dodge the good ol boy developers, you know like the one that formed the bogus citizens group that claims housing cost will go up with more housing and has plans to build in a poor location on the same road.

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