[UPDATE 12:02 p.m.] Lumber Blocking One Lane of 101 South of Leggett

Traffic Hazard iconAt approximately 10:27 a.m. a lumber truck lost all of its load south of Leggett between Tan Oak Park and Twin Rocks, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

One southbound lane is blocked by 2×6’s but another southbound is open. A cleanup crew is now on its way.

UPDATE 12:02 p.m.: The lumber is off the road but emergency vehicles are still in the outside lane.

The lumber has been pushed off the road.

The lumber has been pushed off the road. [Photo by Jacob Whitney]



  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    “Another rig “loses it’s load” on 101…

    What caused it this time?

    Real tired of dangerous conditions on 101 caused by rigs…

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      And potholes in town,broken windshields,debris in the roadway.
      Watch the logging trucks in Eureka 6th st or Myrtle ave,rip up the road when they stop/start at a light. All those potholes and bark on 6th aren’t from commuters.
      Logging trucks and growdozers wreck the city sts

      • that is what our county is, logging and lumber, live with it or move back down to where ever you came from…. you ever think WHY we have bad roads, too damn much WELFARE going out for the illegals and dead beats,

        • fuckwalterwhite.com

          Ok MOM.
          That’s what corp taxes are supposed to be for.

          I really doubt the weed taxes will even out the deadbeats wherever they’re from.

          And an adult woman should know better than vto assume that anyone who cares is from south of your pothole logging road.

          So welfare should repair logtruck damage on main sts?

        • No one wants to pay taxes.

          Taxes fix roads.

          So lower the taxes, especially for corporations. That way the corporations will make more for their shareholders, who don’t mind potholes, and we can have potholes.

          When the police and fire associations have to call my house for money, and potholes fill the roads, it makes me wonder why people keep crying for lower taxes.

          • A lot of the time the connection between higher taxes and road maintenance is pretty sketchy. There are a lot of demands on and wish lists from government. Maintenance lacks glamour and seems to be something where funds can be diverted without much public protest. Right up to the point the roads fail outright.

            Thinking that higher taxes gets better government is like thinking paying more for anything automatically gets something better. It usually just gets more eager salesmen.

            • Rather that the continual push to cut taxes takes its toll in other areas.

              • The only tax cut I’ve seen is this year’s Federal income tax. Other than that, the ones responsible for roads have only increased and increased while stopping most maintenance has been the practise for the last decade or more. Simply the connection you are attempting to make is not what history shows.

                Although this last post’s wording is confusing. In general, government has been engaging in frittering money away doing too many things very badly. They should focus on doing less things but doing the remaining tasks better. As long as they get more money for their bad but expanding work, they will continue to expand, doing even more and doing it worse.

  • It was impressive almost blocked northbound lanes.

  • Is the driver OK? Poor guy. That’s a bad day.

  • FYI everything you have is delivered by truck. Quit crying and share the road.

  • I’m always nervous when driving past a log truck, especially on a curve. This is why.

    • Crosses my mind every time!

      • Piggy backed log trucks make me nervous too. I have read stories about them coming off and ending up going into a road side building. I treat them with a great deal of respect.

    • Except this was not a log truck, it was a lumber truck. Log trucks have stakes on the truck and the trailer that are called bunks that pivot when cornering, the logs are tied to the bunks with wrappers. They (the logs) essentially become part of the truck and the trailer and create an extremely stable load that will even stay secure during a rollover which is very rare, in fact i dont know the last time a log truck dumped a load of logs on a public road. Not saying it hasnt happened, just not very often. Lumber is hauled on trailers that are a lil more tipsy. These are just my casual observations

    • Sharpen your pencil

      How do you think they feel when there is a bunch of inept drivers that can’t give them space to breathe? Close in there gaps, tailgate where they can’t be seen, or hang out in blind spots. Not to mention carry 10s of thousands of pounds in loads. Most truck drivers are far more competent behind a wheel than normal driverses in their compacts.

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