[UPDATE: 20 Reopens] Pawnee Fire Blocks Hwy 20; County Fire Explodes to 44,500 acres

Sign on Hwy 20 damaged by the Pawnee Fire.

Sign on Hwy 20 damaged by the Pawnee Fire. [Photo from Caltrans District 1]

Two wildfires, one in Lake County and one spreading between Napa and Yolo Counties, continue to swallow new ground.

The Pawnee Fire in Lake County has slowed its advance but it spotted over Hwy 20 to the south keeping that major east-west route shut down. It is closed between SR 53 and SR 16 at this time. It is now 14,700 acres and 75% contained. The Double Eagle subdivision is under mandatory evacuation. 50 structures are threatened. [See here for more evacuation and road closure information.]

Temperatures should be dropping and humidity rising which could help with firefighting. But the weather will still be hot and dry.

The County Fire has rolled over 44,500 acres in the day and a half it has been burning. It is only 3% contained. Furthermore, firefighters are expecting “dangerous to critical rates of spread” with shifting winds and long-range spotting.

There are multiple areas with mandatory evacuations around the fire and also numerous evacuation advisories. [See here for more evacuation and road closure information.]

MAPS: Click to go to a pdf or zoom in for details.



  • Frightening so early in the season. It seems it’s going to be a pattern of having fires going all summer.

  • Wow that’s a fast moving fire! Hope everyone gets out safely. Stay safe firefighters & u r the heroes!!

  • Look at the agenda 2030 maps. The DEW fires from last year overlay mighty suspiciously. I gues sense no one notices or cares it’s probably what we deserve then. Too busy with the democratic-republicans white/black obvious divide and conquer. Our country is in trouble.

    • (Face-palm for your comments)

      Wind and powerlines.

      Dragged chains on vehicles.

      Poor house wiring.



      These are real reason s for fires.

      Please, go back to info-schools and research who is feeding you the crap.

      Be a good critical thinker and find some real proof of your (their) real far out claims that are fear based, and fear mongering in nature.

      Then ask yourself, what can you do better.

      • There is small group of people with most of the power who control the world. They have long term agendas looking decades or even centuries into the future.
        Fire is a tool that they use for their agenda. Do a little research on the Santa Barbara/Ventura fires and the weather modification that precipitated that event.

  • Right-o. It’s all part of a massive conspiracy among some mysterioso power players bent on world dominance that are secretly (actually, not so secretly since so many people seem to know about them) controlling our every move. Thank God we can stop thinking now!
    But what if it isn’t? Must be space aliens, a superior force from another galaxy.
    Maybe it’s BigFoot. I’ll bet he’s pissed.
    Oh, nooooo… I’m thinking….

  • unbridled philistine

    Most likely PGandE electricity leaking out all over the place starting more fire storms! I can see why everybody hates them not just for their crazy high bills…

  • Elric of Melniboné

    There is no fire season anymore.

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