One Dead After Man Broke Into Klamath Home

Crime Scene creative commonsAs law enforcement raced to a Klamath home this morning in response to a 911 call, a man broke into the residence on Gensaw Road in Klamath and killed the person inside, said Del Norte County Sheriff Commander Bill Steven. According to Steven, about 9 a.m. Sunday, the resident called 911 saying that a man was attempting to break into the home he was in. He said that the man attempting to break in had a knife.

“In the time it took to get there,” Steven said, “the person gained entry to the house and reporting party was deceased.”

Steven said, “One of our deputies and a CHP officer got on scene and caught the suspect as he was leaving and placed him under arrest.”



  • curiouser and curiouser

    This is why the 2nd amendment matters. The right to defend yourself, and not wait till the cops show up.

    • Yep. Very well put. I will laugh at a person(s) tryin to break into my house with a knife. My old trusty 12 gauge is always on duty. Take this acount seriously if you don’t think being armed around here is inportant. I will ALWAYS stand up for my 2nd amendment right now what deranged people’s actions or “news” portrays

    • Lol, as if your not more likely to be hurt if you try to defend yourself during a home invasion and own a gun. Stats don’t lie bud. Pulling a gun or other weapon can make a criminal panick and kill you even when they were just there to rob you. Wise people go off facts not speculation, so how about waiting to judge wether a gun would have helped until there is ample facts and not just a few short paragraphs of preliminary “information” that will be updated and change frequently during the investigation. Not everyone should own a gun and guns don’t blanket you in a safety bubble.

      • When the cops are an hour away I think I would rely on my gun. That’s just me. So if you hear of somebody trying to do a home invasion and they end up with a Glock 40 Bullet in the Brain. Then that’ll answer your question whether or not home defense works.

        • I agree one hundred percent toad. Some people just don’t get it.

          J, if you don’t feel comfortable with a fire arm in your home..guess what bud.. you don’t have to have one.

          ONLY SKILLED people familiar with their fire arms should be allowed to possess one.

          I don’t know anyone who would wait an hour for help to arrive while the robber has a knife. That’s some pretty hardcore intent right there.

          Condolences to the life lost. Very sad scenario

        • You nailed that one. Cops are to process the crime scene, not to come protect you while you tell the intruder to please wait until the cops show up. Feel bad for this person in this article, condolences to their family and friends. RIP.

      • We should have the choice “Bud”. Your right on stats but some of us are teamed while most are not.

      • J [edit]a gun would obviously of been ideal not suggesting everybody should have one but for people who do more power to em that’s common sense i don’t know about your all informed stats ,your level of intellengence or what ever stance you take on your pulpit but trying to make it hard for the average person to obtain firearms only erodes mine and your rights to be free i think that’s something everybody is entitled to i don’t want to tell anybody how to live and I would like the right to not have anybody tell me how to live as well

      • While there are definitely not many details yet, given the description so far, this sounds like a crime that would have been prevented through proactive use of a firearm. Someone breaks down your door brandishing a knife, and you’re perfectly justified in stopping the threat. We can probably, in fact, blame the death squarely on people like you, spreading misinformation that discourages or prevents responsible people from being able to defend themselves.

      • Divide by Zero

        One year firing match 45s in competition with the 6th Army Division, I doubt I’ll miss.

      • Your facts have been tainted by the media. Seen way more saves than anything owning a gun.


          Note: I am pro-2A. I just don’t like people denying the statistical realities of gun ownership.

          Guns don’t make your life safer. That’s not what they’re for.

          • The study you’re citing is specific to urban areas. It’s not applicable to the North Coast or any rural settings.

          • To quote from the article: “…compared with control participants, shooting case participants were significantly more often Hispanic, more frequently working in high-risk occupations1,2, less educated, and had a greater frequency of prior arrest. At the time of shooting, case participants were also significantly more often involved with alcohol and drugs, outdoors, and closer to areas where more Blacks, Hispanics, and unemployed individuals resided. Case participants were also more likely to be located in areas with less income and more illicit drug trafficking…”

            And the whole study was based on the experience of urban people in Philadelphia.

            • What the fuck Hispanics habe to do with the intruder or victim??? Why is it when something goes wrong ppl like to point the finger at other racial. Why cant white ppl accept the fact that you also have pieces of shit in your race. But the difference is white ppl look at the other way when its their own kind and point out when its a different ethnicity.

              • If you read the linked study in Jaekelopterus’s post, that remark was from the study. As frequently happens the leap to call racism was irrational as the study simply pulled the information from case reports of police, coroners, hospitals, etc and was incidental to the investigation. To assume that negativity where a minority is more heavily involved must be racist is itself racist.

                For example most arsonists are way overwhelmingly white. Because that stat does not match the race demographics, does that make it racist? I doubt you would be interested in saying that. A person saying so would indeed be the racist in the story.

          • Yes that is exactly what guns are for. To defend your life, property, family from all threat’s be it a home invasion or the government. HUNTING AND SPORT HAS

          • This is a weird study. Very detailed but weird. It tried to determine whether, in a case where an individual was assaulted by a person with a gun, divided them into people who got shot versus people who did not and whether they had a gun themselves or not. They concluded that possessing a gun themselves increased their risk of getting shot during an assault.

            It stated clearly that this applied only to urban, not rural, people so I have a feeling it a number of cases where a store owner was being robbed versus at home. The study classified that as a “high risk occupation.” It also involved face to face arguments, quite common in our area, and cases where people shot by bullets missing their targets as in shooting through wall and inadvertently hitting someone, a very rare occurrence in scarcely populated areas. Besides being male, the clearest indication of both being involved in a shooting and being killed in a shooting was prior arrests.

            This study may be of relevance to stores owners, who are simply exposed to violence due to being the target of thieves, but further it is not really useful to the general population as regards to defending themselves against a personal assault by someone they know, which is more likely to happen in rural areas.


      • Good ol’ liberal logic “I don’t like them so you shouldn’t either.”

        Only if we could interview the deceased…. “Would you want a firearm and try to defend yourself or be defenseless and die for sure?”

        Sorry ultra-libs but until the world is made of sunshine & rainbows I’m packing my CCW and trusty handgun!!!

        • I’m liberal, and I say if you don’t like guns, don’t own one, but don’t infringe on my right to do so. Y’know, live & let live.

        • It’s not about politics. Some people are afraid of guns or were raised that they were bad. My wife doesn’t dig them but me, come in our house to do harm and you’ll leave in a body bag.

      • The problem with shooting a intruder is you can end up going to jail. California is prolly the worse place to shoot someone defending your home. It’s not right if someone is trying to enter your property and cause you harm you should have every right to take them out….

      • If this is true then why does the CDC say that there’s over 500,000 defensive gun shootings a year, this is people using their privately owned gun to stop a crime whether against themselves or someone around them. Then there’s that pesky fact that over a 130,000,000. Americans own guns, yet there are fewer than 500 accidental gun deaths a year.
        Or since the 90s gun ownership has climbed while gun crimes have decreased by over 50%.

        • I think 500 accidental gun deaths a year is alot of accidental gun deaths.

        • It’s funny that the article from the Washington post that you linked to had nothing to do with your statements. It explains how gun violence has gone down in the last 25 years, with no mention of ownership as the reason.
          A CNN poll of 2017 said that gun ownership has been steadily declining for 20 years. You’re not just cherry picking stats, your making shit up. And 130 million people with guns seems a bit high, as there are about 120 million adult men in the U.S. Hard to find stats on that ,tho.

          • How is that cherry picking? the article which was written by The Washington Post which is a very left-leaning publication says that it has dropped by almost 50% I never said it was because gun ownership has increased but there are million more guns owned now than in the 90s

            With an estimated 260 million guns currently owned in America and less than 500 accidental deaths per year that’s what a .00019 % chance of an accidental death? or let’s take the amount of people in America which is roughly about 320 million excluding illegal aliens that’s a .00015%

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        “J”, I’m fine with that risk of further injury if it keeps me alive. I’m not too concerned with the intruders surprise. In fact, that’s the whole point of stopping a break in. One of us isn’t going to live anyway. I can get bail money and a good attorney pretty quickly, but you go ahead and hide if you’d like. #2ndamendmentmatters

      • Try telling this to the family of the deceased.
        My condolences to this victims family

      • Hey J? Post this sign outside your home or front door then and stop hiding behind a right that others have fought so hard to protect. Let all criminals and tweekers know that you refuse to protect yourself with a firearm. Good luck!

      • Better to have a gun and not need than not have a gun when you do need it. Every person has a constitutional right to defend themselves in the face of adversity.

      • Incidents of people successfully defending themselves with firearms is vastly under reported. Stats show that a gun is only fired once in thirty times when a citizen defends himself. The mere display of a force multiplier discourages the attacker. That’s as best as we can tell since we don’t know how many people don’t report the incident, since they didn’t fire their weapon.

      • I have a gun, you break in to my home, I am 10 feet away and my gun is pointed at you, what do you do ?? One step forward and you are dead, How would you take my gun from me ??

    • Agreed C&C. This couldn’t have ended worse for the victim.

    • Agreed 100%
      I am an old lady, who, do to an unfortunate lapes of judgement years ago, cannot possess a firearm. (No violence or theft involved)
      I guess I deserve to be murdered as I cannot repel an intruder😠

    • C&C, add me to the list of agreed 100%

      Mama didn’t raise no involuntary organ donars round here.

  • should have blasted the guy soon as he stepped in!

  • Shoot first and you might win, but lose manslaughter charges.

    According to the FBI more people are killed defending themselves against a person with a weapon. Out the back door is a better option.

  • I’m betting that those “stats” aren’t put out by the justice dept or any “real” study. More likely a fantasy product created & quoted by the anti gun organizations.

    Claiming you are more likely to be hurt if you dare to defend yourself from a armed intruder is pure speculation at best.

    If you do nothing to defend yourself when a armed thug attacks you put your life in the hands of the thug. Many are smart enough to do everything possible to not be a victim.

    Is there anything that blankets you in a safety bubble? I’ll take my chances dealing with armed thugs and NOT depending on their deranged criminal whims.

  • You are the first responder, not the police. It is better to have a gun and not need it than need it and not have it. Practice and be prepared. Lots of wackos out there.
    As for J, see how you respond to someone invading your home! After you wash your underwear, assuming you survive, we’ll see you on the target range.
    Crime will change your mind.

  • curiouser and curiouser

    Self preservation is an American right…and the constitution was designed to protect that right for individuals despite a misinformed majority of the population who wish to take it away.
    Statistics based on the domesticated suburbanite population of America are incomparable with the lives of Rural Americans. It is unacceptable that a majority of city dwellers can threaten the rights of independent rural Americans to own firearms…or backyard chickens, or woodstoves for that matter. Happy 4 th of July!

    • HERE, HERE!!! If you move north don’t bring SF and LA with you and their communistic, sheepish midsets!

  • 911 in Humboldt is lame. I have a feeling it’s going to come under review. All that money & we just can’t get the police where we need them in time. Maybe they just used their “discretion” not to rush there. Sometimes they just use “discretion” to not come at all.

    • Can’t tolerate stupid

      Lol like anyone is going to take you serious when you can’t even read far enough into a short article to see this is Del Norte County.

  • I don’t know the details of what happened in this case, but I imagine the person who died wished they had a gun, if they didn’t.

  • You people are so idiotic with your ramblings on.. assuming this and assuming that. Making everything all about you and your political/personal beliefs. It was my cousin who was killed. None of you know anything. It was his own way younger family member who lived next door that broke in and killed him. Even when someone does own a gun it doesn’t always help or situations happen to quick for a gun to help. Or maybe he just couldn’t gun down his own family.

    • We are all assuming the police will not arrive in time and that we must be able to defend ourselves. Are you somehow suggesting it was your relative’s preference to die?
      Sorry for your pointless loss

    • Life is complicated. I’m sorry for your double loss. It’s a hard road. All the people making comments are not directing them at you or your family. They are thinking about their own possible situations only.

    • So sorry to hear of your family’s loss. Hold onto your happy memories and let them carry you through this tough time.

      I don’t know why commentors write off subject. It does get boring.

    • Elvis Costanza

      Sorry for your loss. You are the ONLY one entitled to comment here.

      • This is a news blog. Don’t take people’s freedom of speech.

        Not everyone is targeting or commenting about the particular situation or family member.

        This is a very controversial subject on a popular news thread

    • Wow. Thanks for some perspective. I’m very sad for your family. Tragic all the way around. Condolences.

  • Just sorry the home owner or police did not kill that damn SB! I don’t care if he was family or not, time to eat some lead!!!!

  • They may have been related and killing the attacker was not his first choice. Unfortunately, the Yurok Tribe is not funded to provide 24/7 for law enforcement and relies on Del Norte Sheriff and CHP which is not always close by.

  • James Marmon MSW

    Native American Reservations Services

    Tribal communities throughout the nation have seen an increase in crime, fraud, drug activity, domestic violence, human trafficking, gang related activity and school violence. Tribal members and visitors are afraid to report crime because they fear reprisal and retaliation from the person that they are turning in.

    Comprehensive Programs for Tribes and Reservations

    “The WeTip 855-4-THE REZ hotline as a safety tool for members and guests on the reservation. WeTip also includes train the trainer education for tribal police to utilize WeTip as effectively as possible. WeTip provides literature to community residents to identify and report suspicious and dangerous activity on the reservation. WeTip trains and facilitates implementation programs focusing on drug awareness, gangs, bullying, vandalism and domestic violence.”

    James Marmon MSW
    Former Child Welfare Social Worker
    Del Norte County Health and Human Services.

  • They may have been related and killing the attacker was not his first choice. Unfortunately, the Yurok Tribe is not funded to provide 24/7 law enforcement and relies on Del Norte Sheriff and CHP.

  • My heart is hurting…wish help was closer…why are there not cops there..sure was when subway was there..

  • You guys are asswhole’s this will devastate someone, maybe many. Remember that a person died. Imagine it was your loved one and shut the f up. Death destroys so much and violent death is a horrific reality that some of us have had to face. The people in Klamath have experienced so much violence and death. It’s not fodder for political debate. I fear to hear the name of the deceased, selfishly praying it won’t be one of my family or friends, but knowing there will be those who are mourning even now. Shame on you. Humanity is lost to politics as it once was in the name of religion.

    • An increase in crime in a region is a reason for political debate. The second amendment debate although not necessarily relevant in this case yet is relevant as it seems every media outlet is using possible case to exploit it. If you are concerned it is someone who is important to you I would suggest calling your family and friends and possibly getting off the comment section on the internet.

  • The police carry guns to protect themselves, not you. Lock and load.

  • In my 1911 I trust

    Always carry your 1911

  • Thank you for posting this information. Del Norte County Sheriff’s incident on line information has not posted it, I couldn’t find any information, and then I remembered I have You set in my favorites…and there it was. The information from the incident. Thank you so much. Me and a lot of people in Crescent City and surrounding areas were listening to the scanner were very concerned for the victim and didn’t know what had happened. I am so sorry this ended up to be a very tragic incident for the victim and loved ones.

  • Jus saying, I’m so sorry. Empathy for you and your family for the double loss.

  • Mike, intellectually you might be right, but emotionally, your comment indicated your heart is cold.

    • Well that’s a first, not sure if I’ve ever been right intellectually before. I’m so going to screenshot this so I can show my girlfriend.

  • Ya know you scabs who no nothing of the facts except some one was breaking in some one got killed and Lord ty they( police) caught the vermine. You don’t know anything else. But there ya go spouting the law and guns and whatever the hell you think might be “right”. Let me tell you except for any official comment on here about this poor situation it’s all wrong. Get a life people. My sincere sorrow for the loss to the family’s.

  • Off to browns buying some guns!

  • I love all the “tough guy” comments in here. “leave in a body bag.” “End up with a Glock 40 in your brain.” “One of us isn’t going to live anyway.” “See you on the target range.” “Rather shot or stabbed in the front trying to…”
    A bunch of Reacher wanna be’s.

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