Fortuna PD ‘Failed to Respond’ to Grand Jury; Jury Offers Timeframe for Noncompliant Agencies

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Civil Grand Jury:

Humboldt County Seal 2017This is the eighth report from the 2017-2018 Humboldt County Civil Grand Jury, titled:

2016-2017 Compliance and Continuity Report

Each year the Grand Jury produces multiple reports containing Findings and Recommendations that require responses from the appropriate individuals or entities to be in compliance with the California Penal Code. This report contains a detailed review of the responses provided to the eight reports issued by the 2016-2017 Grand Jury in terms of their compliance with penal code requirements.

Such reports are important in that they provide the current Grand Jury and the wider public with valuable information regarding what actions have been or will be taken on the prior Grand Jury’s recommendations. Offering such assessments helps to hold government officials and entities accountable for providing reasonable and compliant responses. Also, future Grand Juries often review such responses when considering potential follow-up investigations.

Of the twenty responses required from 12 county and city agencies (some responded to multiple reports), only one failed to respond: the City of Fortuna Police Department.  Thirteen of the 19 responses were received within the penal code timelines. Six of the 20 required responses did not address the Findings and, in that respect, were noncompliant. The major area of noncompliance related to failure to provide timeframes for review and/or implementation, for which there were a total of 25. To help address this issue, this Grand Jury has included a recommended timeframe on all Recommendations contained in the 2017-2018 reports.

Members of the Grand Jury hope that by reviewing these responses the county’s citizens will better understand the unique functions and responsibilities of local government employees and agencies, as well as their commitment to improving their operations and the services they offer.

The full report is attached.Compliance and Continuity Report - Final



  • I down loaded the linked file but was unable to open it.

    • It opens for me. And it should be available also in the post. You just need to wait a bit for it to load.

      • I tried again and it won’t read for me. I must not have the appropriate app in place.

        • I’m going to tell you some common errors that I used to make and see if they might be your problem. I’ve attached a photo, too.

          First you should see in red letters: The full report is attached. Then a white page should load below that. It could take a minute or two depending on your device and you should be able to read that by clicking the forward and back page arrows at the bottom. (See blue circle in attached image.)

          You should also be able to click the red letters and open a document.

          Or you can go to this page here:

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      What Kym said. It’s a word doc format attachment if the PDF link no worky. Use MS Word, or a .doc file viewer such as Open Office (free).

  • Let’s get the lead out and prepare for the storm. lists an avg of 5060 indictments per month since Trump took office. It’s going to be a busy year or two.

    • The world’s biggest keg of whoop ass is about to be tapped.

      • Boy is it ever!
        There are 40,000+ sealed indictments with each indictment holding the possibility of more than one person/company each.
        Happy Independence Day Stars!

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