Welcome to Green Saturday; Tomorrow is the Weed Apocalypse (And That Might Help Legal Farms)

cal cannabisOn July 1, California’s cannabis rules change drastically. Businesses with cannabis products that only met the old testing standards can no longer sell that merchandise.  So, today is Green Saturday. Prices on perfectly good marijuana will be slashed.

“It’s about getting rid of a lot of older product that doesn’t meet city and state requirements and getting through that old inventory and moving on to the next steps after July 1,” said Nick Danias, manager of a cannabis dispensary to Reuters News.

Then comes what many are calling Weed apocalypse. According to The Guardian, “About $350m worth of cannabis products could be destroyed as new regulations take effect on Sunday in California.”

The good news for growers is that there is a least a short-term demand for cannabis that follows the new rules. True Humboldt told its farmers, “[W]ord got out that True Humboldt has compliance tested flower and our phones haven’t stopped ringing with orders!”

Dispensaries are at least temporarily desperate for some of that Humboldt harvest.

California’s new regulations include 


Beginning July 1, 2018, a licensee may only sell cannabis goods that have been tested and passed all testing requirements in effect at the time of testing.

  • Untested cannabis goods cannot be sold by a retailer and must be destroyed. A retailer may not send cannabis goods to a distributor for testing.
  • Untested cannabis goods manufactured or harvested before January 1, 2018, in possession of a distributor that are owned by the distributor must be destroyed.
  • Untested cannabis goods manufactured or harvested before January 1, 2018, in the possession of a distributor owned by a manufacturer or cultivator may be returned to the licensee who owns the cannabis goods. If a cultivator or manufacturer chooses to sell the returned cannabis goods, the cannabis goods must be sent to a distributor for testing and must meet all of the testing requirements in effect at the time of testing before transported to a retailer for sale.


Beginning July 1, 2018, all packaging and labeling must be performed prior to cannabis goods being transported to a retailer.

  • A retailer shall not accept cannabis goods that are not properly packaged and labeled. A retailer shall not package or label cannabis goods, even if the cannabis goods were in inventory before July 1, 2018. However, for medicinal sales, retailers will place a sticker on cannabis goods stating, “FOR MEDICAL USE ONLY” upon sale to a qualified medicinal consumer, unless the statement is already printed on the package.
  • A retailer may not send unpackaged cannabis goods to another licensee for packaging or labeling. Cannabis goods in possession of a retailer that do not meet packaging and labeling requirements must be destroyed.
  • Exit packaging is not required to be child-resistant and can no longer be used to satisfy the child-resistant packaging requirements. All cannabis goods must be in child-resistant packaging prior to delivery to a retailer.


Beginning July 1, 2018, edible cannabis goods may not exceed 10 milligrams of THC per serving and may not exceed 100 milligrams of THC per package.


Beginning July 1, 2018, non-edible cannabis products must meet package THC restrictions.

  • Non-edible cannabis products shall not contain more than 1,000 milligrams of THC per package if intended for sale only in the adult-use market.
  • Non-edible cannabis products shall not contain more than 2,000 milligrams of THC per package if intended for sale only in the medicinal market.


Beginning July 1, 2018, a retailer may only sell cannabis products that meet the requirements set by the California Department of Public Health for ingredients or appearance.




  • I know permitted farms that are dumping product to the black market to make easy cash. This is all going to have to stop now. The BOE, the BCC, and the state IRS are watching you and they are comparing notes. Tomorrow it all ends, even without track and trace. Isn’t it odd that there are no legal distributors buying bulk in SoHum? Not a one? Where is all the weed going?

    • There’s no guarantee that the new regulations will stop permitted farms from selling on the black market. I met a guy from Colorado who worked in the industry there and he thought some of the bigger farms were still diverting herb to the black market.

    • Your wrong there is a bunch of distributors in Humboldt. They were not running at full speed previously because the dispensaries were trying to get untested material from the black market. now that this is ending expect a lot of new orders for clean tested material.

      • I expect a lot of faked test results.

        • It will be really hard. The testing lab will send a carrier to your property, select a sample at there choice then will bring it to the testing lab and e-mail you the result. They will loose there job if they are caught trying to fake test results and they must remain independent from other cannabis companies.

      • How is he wrong? He’s quite right, at least for this year. The majority of farms do NOT have track and trace implemented. Tonage of cannabis being grown with a state and county license is hitting the black market as we speak.

    • Why would you think it is going to stop?

  • I like stars too!

    You folks that think you are facing an improving market must be high!

    The definition of “businessperson” is:

    A person able to comply with all applicable State, Federal, and Local laws, relating to production, marketing, labor and taxation, safety and pollution control, and who is able to continuously handle supply and demand, quality standards, labor forces, shrinkage, loss, and all the continuous challenges of everyday business.

    Simply put, “Business” is the ability to win the race between profits and costs!

    Short run considerations may make you Florists into Farmers, but in the long run, you have a lot of competition, and many many frustrations and challenges for effective competition in the the “legal” market…

    Smoking dope is for losers, but growing it may not be something that the common man was intended to do.

    I recommend a serious effort to understand what you are doing, in the legal sense, for the long run, or, consider going even more illegal… The government is watching, but they are just as bad at this as many growers seem to be!

    Also, you may want to consider farming on actual farmland, close to your market, and hiring an advisor who understands what it means to stay in business over the long haul.

    Good luck!

    • Farming on actual farmland = getting seeded. The wind carries pollen a long way in the central valley.

    • Yawn…I like stars too…judgement is preachy and boring…big big yawn….

      • I like stars too!

        Hey, roll another one! Your comment is, well, proving your apathy…

        Good thing some people are clean and sober enough to pass laws!

        Being ignorant and high won’t make the payment on that Tundra…

    • You’d never make it! Sounds like you’d waste too much money, unless you could do it like a “real” farm business: inherit 3,000 acres and lease it out to banks with robotic tractors. Play golf in a cardigan. Enjoy high prices for corn, or subsidies when its low.

  • Testes, testes, one two...three?

    Is most legal weed sold at stores already tested? The variety of 8th packages I’ve seen all have one of a few different lab company’s emblems stating they were tested. Are those tests not up to par by new standards? School me, please.

  • Wish people cared as much about our food crops being safe for consumption

    • Testes, testes, one two...three?

      Generally speaking, hippy-esque culture, in which marijuana trumps alcohol as a head-change of choice, embraces healthy food more than any other demographic. If you think people aren’t up in arms demanding healthy food, you’re not looking at all. And to be fair to you, major media aka factory food inc., would rather you focus on something else, so they focus on other stuff exclusively.

      Ask your county supervisor how much prime Humboldt County agriculture land they’ve rezoned to build infrastructure on instead of farm. Please. Developers are paving our world class farm land every single day, and our supervisors are handing it to them.

    • I do as well!!! All the pesticides as well as herbicides & rodenticides as well are all perfectly legal to use on the products we eat but not Cannabis??? WTF, OVER!!!!

    • Same!!! Our food is DIRTY !!

  • Taurusballzhoff

    Well, food isn’t burned and inhaled! And it doesn’t lead to harder drugs…

    • Really it is. Every time you turn your stove or oven on.

    • And I wonder if all the tobacco and alcohol (a much harder drug, btw) in California meets those standards, guessing…no.

    • Neither does Cannabis (lead to harder drugs) you must have been watching that OLD movie, Reefer Madness again!!!! It is TOTALLY FICTION!!!! One toke of a joint will NOT make you to go out & murder someone for more!!!

    • Haha. You know what leads to harder drugs? Your m.d. not marijuana.

    • Lead to harder drugs? How can anyone think that in 2018?! Even the guy who started the DARE program has said that they did great harm by lying about the effects of cannabis and making the “gateway drug” claim. He said it led people to not believe the dangers of other drugs because they has been lied to about cannabis.

      • I like stars too!

        Cannabis: Number one effect is: you don’t think it’s bad for you (makes you stupid), number two effect is it makes you want some heroin…

        Drugs are drugs, it’s all downhill after the first hit…

        • 🤣😂🤣

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yeah, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine really suck. We’re trying to move toward safer, non-addictive mind-altering substances. Have some fun and demand absolutely no caffeine whatsoever in your home or workplace. No energy drinks, no espresso chocolate beans, no chewing gum, NO CAFFEINE, nada. See how you do. That’s a bunch of reality in one dose. careful so you don’t over-dose on truth.

        • I like stars…ummmm, no it does not make you stupid. You did that all by yourself. 2. It does not make you want to do heroin. Get real.

        • Don’t listen to the lies

          [edit] Cannabis is not the gateway drug, even if there was one, bad choices is the gateway.

    • Ingest tons of chemicals. It’s good for YOU.

      • Agreed just ask “Big Pharma” they will happily tell you their drugs are are far superior not to mention 100 times or more as expensive to purchase & likely to do less for you than an herbal remedy!!! Not necessarily Cannabis either!!!

      • Taurusballzhoff

        Obviously worked for you, Mr Sparklemahn…

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Bad food choices can lead to pesticide consumption and a high fat, high salt, low fiber diet that may be far more deadly than cannabis all day, every day. Bad food choices will shorten your life and promote debilitating diseases. But, hey, knock yourself out. An active fantasy life is comforting.

    • You like farts too

      Coffee is burned and drank. Hard drugs lead to hard drugs. No other product will pass the weed testing standards! Not cotton balls, tampons, or your sandwich! Tougher standards than any thing else.

  • What I love seeing is all the dispensary owners crying in the news because they have to destroy the black market weed they bought dirt cheap, en masse last fall. Serves them right for gouging us so they can get a 300% markup for years. Fuck em! But really, none of this matters without state track and trace. All Humboldt’s program did was screw us while the black market is allowed to continue state wide.

  • This seems like a non issuefor most farmers everyone was already producing products that pass testing… Sounds like farmers with old material just need to retest and repackage? Is this correct?

    • Except that is expensive

    • That “old”material might not pass the new test since it was grown without regard for what they are testing for.

    • From my experience of testing product for the past 5 years, including more than I want to say on here that was cultivated in Humboldt, most can not past testing. Even organic cultivators have failed because their clones were contaminated when they got them, and every clone produced from those dirty clones produced more dirty clones. Another issue is contamination from neighbors, and from being placed in old containers that once held dirty product. They’re also checking for dog and cat hairs, which can be pretty common. The soil used could have unwanted stuff added to it, the pruning compound can get you, rogue employees, the mold everyone in the fog fights, the list goes on and on.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        I’ve heard that storing the weed in a plastic tote can cause dirty lab results. If that’s true wouldn’t it be the same with plastic bags like ziploc and oven bags?

        • Not exactly. The contamination I was speaking about was caused by the containers having dirty stuff in them in the past, then people put the clean stuff in them, and then it gets contaminated. It’s not caused by the plastic of the containers per say, it’s stuff stuck to the sides of the containers, leftover residue.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Since the growers have no morals or values and are known to lie through their teeth just to sell their drugs, why would these testing places be any different?

    The entire industry is made up of felons and thugs that are proud to be criminals.

    This type of trash can not be trusted.

    The Federal government needs to go after these clowns and lock them in prison, where all drug dealing trash belongs.

    • The state will undoubtedly test store shelf samples and if they find a lab that falsified results then the lab will be out of business.

      • No that lab will get a warning and be retested at a later date, and once they pass that retest they will be able to carry on

        • Taurusballzhoff

          Felons, thugs, and poisoners!

          I think the poisoning of potheads is the primary reason they all become rapists and mainliners. And guys who want to take a photo up a woman’s skirt… MMmmmmmm Heroin is better for you than Cigarettes and Alcohol!

          Q. How could he think like that? A. He smokes weed…

    • HBC C.H.U.M.P, is that you?

      Did you name-change on us?

    • In general, most all the labs are people that were in other industries and not people from the cannabis space. I don’t know of one that is owned by a grower.

  • Round up is legal. Non organic food is legal. Fast food is legal. Prescription drugs with hideous side effects are legal. Hypocrisy is legal. But not old fashioned homegrown organic small farm weed. What world is this?

    • The Entropic Empath

      It is legal to grow, own, buy and smoke weed!

      Just not to grow 2000 plants and sell it on the Black Market!

      You can grow your own, just don’t sell it or give it away.


      And the legality of something has nothing to do with anything! You can choose not to consume anything at all! Unless you’re high! Then you will want to rape and kill and shoot heroin….

      • Does anyone now what they are testing for..I know pesticides.. But heard a rumor not yeast and mold..that was the one hurting people last year…even if you spray every three days and everything looked perfect shit was still failing…its from depping and keeping it on all night..you would have to have exhaust or uncover at night and let them breathe. Anyone ?

        • I like stars too!

          There are many great videos on “how to grow like a pro”. Almost anyone can grow decent pot, but maybe you shouldn’t try to make a living out of it…

          If you need to have it tested, we have molds, chemicals, insects, and adulterants.

          Just grow it out in the sun, and don’t spray it with anything. You can use regular dirt, or fancy dirt…

          Weed is weed, just depends on genetics. You really don’t need 25% THC to get high! Lots of people are smoking Sativa, since Indica causes paralysis these days… In the seventies, weed was about 1-3%. You just smoke more!

          If you need “dep” weed to get high, you should just shoot heroin.

          • Nonsense.

            All of today’s strains are yesterday’s genetics.

            The US was just importing badly farmed product because there was no competition; Mexi-seed, thai-stick, etc.

            The argument of weed today being a narcotic vs past weed is really an argument against good farming in general.

            Most of what you have been posting is complete rubbish and propaganda infused historical rhetoric. Other than than your “stick it out in the sun, regular or fancy dirt” comment, which is right on the money.

            • Yes to Stars “weed is weed”. 40 years ago, the pot growing “Bible” said to harvest “at the peak of floresence, when the white ( or pink, purple) hairs are at their fullest size.” Then it is beautiful , rich and light. But now everyone lets it go and go, to increase the narcotic effect, the weight, the THC content. That’s why it makes people stupid! It’s a downer! Psychotropic early harvested weed is lovely and can induce one to plain living and high thinking. Time for an uplifting revolution. For starters, never grow anything you wouldn’t use yourself- food, weed,whatever. Stop focusing on the Market, and focus on living right. Less is still more, and small is still beautiful…Remember…

          • What about the molds they spray on us with the chemtrails? That’s all over weed that is outside

        • (1) Cannabinoids;
          (2) Foreign material;
          (3) Heavy metals;
          (4) Microbial impurities;
          (5) Mycotoxins;
          (6) Moisture content and water activity;
          (7) Residual pesticides; 61 of them
          (8) Residual solvents and processing chemicals;

  • Leave it to stoners to announce their “Green Saturday” one day sale the day before. Wow man.

  • The plants can be so big, or you may have multiple thousands of smaller plants ..It’s not like u are homogenizing the entire crop and can pinch off the top and get a sampling of the whole to “test.” How can you rely on the tests? The farmer or distributor can certainly manipulate the sample or the product they claim is behind it . Not hard to jimmy that system I bet… IMO The compliance regs try to box in a living and amorphous substance. It grows in lovely orb shapes not square feet!

    I too subscribe to Just Maybe’s philosophy of “taking it a bit early.” While maybe impacting yield some it results in a much more pleasant and creative high… To less really being more !

    • Anon: // “The farmer or distributor can certainly manipulate the sample or the product they claim is behind it . Not hard to jimmy that system…” //

      Harder than you think given that the farmer/distributor doesn’t get to choose which product is sampled.

  • I like stars too!

    Everyone who needs some weed, should grow their own. The business of selling pot, is crazy. It’s a damn weed, grows anywhere, except in the dark.

    Hybrids, genetic drift, Indica, Sativa – you smoke it and it gets you high. It’s all the same!


    I hope the point of legalization is that now you can produce all you need. At home. For almost free!

    Take the money out of drugs, and the crime will go away. But remember:

    YOU can choose to be clean and sober!

    • People also would do well to grow their own lettuce and tomatoes& more. But weed is really a low maintenance plant, and for personal use, a couple of plants in the yard could be plenty. And if you are low income& have a physically repetitive job, CBD weed is your best medicine. Education is key here. Also, why do people go to shops& pay $10-$30/gram, when they can discreetly buy directly from a small farmer. Keep the cottage industry alive! Commercial is already in corporate hands. All these rules & regulations are the ploy they create to make it too expensive for small growers to survive. Just as we have Farmer’s Markets, there needs to be small scale pot farmers markets…even if they are done in protest .

      • groba dude trustafarian osnt

        Check Craigslist. Apparently Top Shelf Indoor Bud is $100/oz in Oakland.

        Interesting that you can’t get a professional job in CA off CL, but you can buy your drugs…

  • The weed apocalypse was on OAN TV news tonight. 😀

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Support your local mom & pop growers.
    Buy Black Market Only!
    The wealthy, the corporations, and the establishment fill their overflowing pockets at our expense by controlling and regulating and taxing every consumer product in this country. We should not give them this one. Many of the cannabis entrepreneurs that exist today would not have been in the same room with anything marijuana related 10 years ago. Now they just get to come in with their checkbooks and Attorney’s to do whatever they want in order to make another dollar while the real people who endured years of getting arrested, losing property, risking everything, honing their skills to provide the best quality weed the world has seen, creating strains and all the other ways they contributed while the authorities were breathing down their necks are being left in the dust. Buy Black Market Only! For decades the government has locked people up in a cage, broken families, and stolen years of harmless people’s lives simply because of pot but now they want to regulate and tax that same pot in a manner that only benefits the wealthy and creates hardship for the Mom & Pops. Buy Black Market Only!

  • “Meh gusta pollo de Humboldt!”

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