Ambulance Heading to Stafford for Man With Almost Amputated Ear

Emergency medical ambulance featureAt approximately 9:10 p.m., an ambulance was sent to South Road in Stafford south of Scotia for the report of an adult male with injuries.

The patient is reported to have been in a bicycle accident and received several lacerations. His ear is reportedly almost completely amputated.

As of 9:28 p.m., the patient is being transported by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.




    Is that why all the multi-agency Fire Alarms went off again? I feel sorry for the person but like me and probably 1,000 more getting some peace and R+R on a Sat night, the fire alarms are really loud and it brings a feeling of apocalypse every time they go off. Who regulates that system?

    • I guess radios and cell phones aren’t reliable enough, the drunk ass first responders sit and listen for the siren.

  • I don’t know where you picked up the stereotype of “Drunk First Responders” but it’s a fact that statement is untrue!!!


    11:56 heard Fortuna sirens go off. Just an error? Drunk personnel butt hit the sirens button?? Ok, and 12:04 as I was commenting. This could be considered a form of disturbance!! I would opt to have an earthquake, at least I would now what was going on…

  • Geesh… imagine the lazy drunk first responders having their r&r disturbed by having to go out and try to save some lives. Very inconsiderate of them.

    It’s one thing to be distressed by sirens; talk to the people in charge if you have a complaint. It’s another thing altogether to insult in such a petty and nasty way.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    I guess that I’m going to have to jump in on this. First as a Fireman, Ambulance Driver and first-aid responder, I’m taking great distress at all of you so-called human pieces of s*** who thinks that we (as the above) really likes to have to get up in the middle of the night and deep sleep to go out and try to save some stupid person who wants to get stoned, drunk or whatever and try to kill themselves or some other very innocent child or Family. My advice to all of you that hates to be disturbed, sell everything that you have and move to some deserted Island out in the middle of the Ocean. I’ll even get up in the middle of the night to help you vacate our part of the world.

    • Alt Right For Life

      Figures drunk pot growers would hate on people that save lives.

      Next time some wounded pot grower calls for help just hang up the phone.

      The only way to fix things is create a time machine, bring MANPADS, and down the jet bringing The Beatles to America.

      Blame hippies and Canada for everything.

      Much respect for your work, I would not be able to help hippies and druggies, you’re a better man.

    • Well said Eldon. I agree with you 100%.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Sorry Kym, but, this kind of crap from a “human” being irks me to no end. I spent almost 40 years or so doing this without pay of any kind. I was a Volunteer Fireman and Ambulance Operator for years with Palco in Scotia. Sorry to unload like this on your site. If I’ve gone overboard, you have my permission to drop me from your site.

  • Hey Kym. I learn about language use from your writings. This time though, as a small point, I want to ask if you think “amputated” is really the best word to express what happened. I looked it up (in the Free Dictionary online) and found a definition that aligned with my understanding of the term:

    “am·pu·tate (ăm′pyo͝o-tāt′)
    tr.v. am·pu·tat·ed, am·pu·tat·ing, am·pu·tates
    To cut off (a projecting body part), especially by surgery”

    Off the top of my head, it seems that ‘severed’ may be more accurate to the circumstances in the story.

    Wishing you and yours a good, safe weekend and holiday!

    • The accident almost amputated his ear. It works. However, severed would have been a better choice. But it was 9:30 and the dispatcher over the scanner was using amputated. I’m not always able to bring my best synonym game to the table after long hours of work. I’m not losing any sleep over amputated-it’s an acceptable though not stellar choice.

      • I was waiting to see what your response would be. I was pretty sure there would be one. However you have impressed me with the civility of it. We would all be so much better off if each response started out with crediting the critic by acknowledging their point has validity rather than spitting out a nasty insult before defending the opposing point. I have been schooled.

      • Jhonny Paycheak. “Colorado Koolaid”. Lmao. Now there’s a song about drinking ( and getting your ear sliced off by a quick handed Mexican)

      • Thanks Kym for the response.
        If the EMT used the term, I understand better why you did.
        Must say, the use of “amputated” (and my recollection of what happened to the Getty grandson decades ago, which was recently dramatized in the film ‘All The Money In The World’ got my attention to read the details!).
        I respect how long and hard you work, and how devoted you are!
        There is NO doubt I will learn much more from you about how to express oneself than you will ever learn from me. Cheers!

  • I wish you need emergency services and we’re all to drunk to respond o that’s right most first responders don’t have drinking problems you really think we enjoy getting up in the middle of the night? Your a pos and I wish I new who you were I wouldn’t get up for you that’s for sure

    • Yes, I think you would probably get up anyway. It would irritate you but usually voluteers get up for the unrighteous and righteous alike because it is in their nature to be giving, even if the recpients of their services are not so nice. For which this poor sinner thanks you.

      • I volunteer as a EMT/firefighter and yes we get up anytime of day or night for any type of call. When 911 is called and your pager goes off… you go! Our department ALSO has a zero tolerance rule for ANYONE responding to a call while drinking ,stoned, or anything thing else. Not only are you endangering the patient,but more importantly,your self or other firefighters.

  • I’ve been disgusted with the nasty comments on this site for a long time now. Enough already! Our first responders in Rio Dell and Scotia are some of the most dedicated volunteers you’ll ever see. Not only do they save lives and generally assist people on a regular basis, but every Christmas Eve, they “disturb” our entire town by going around town in the trucks giving candy canes out. They help out with our town festival every summer, too. They are a vital, loved, and highly respected part of our community. I don’t mind the sirens at all. To me, the sirens are a symbol that we are very lucky. We have good folks who are ready to help, no matter what time of day or night the siren calls them into action. And they ask for nothing in return for thier services. Perhaps the next time you complain about being woken up by a siren in the middle of the night, reflect on the men and women who will be racing out of bed to go save a life, or keep a home from burning down. You can roll over and go back to sleep knowing that if your distress were the cause of that alarm, they’d be there to help you, too. To the other fromthehills commenter, you owe them a sincere apology for your untrue and slanderous comments! I hope you’re big enough to admit you were wrong.

  • …”save some stupid person ..” Eldon Whitehead .

    I’ve heard that prejudgement from sainted first responders more than once.

    And alright already! So one is obligated to get up in the middle of the night, put their own gas in their rigs, take no pay!

    Legend goes, when someone reaches out to help someone it’s about empathy and compassion . When you blast ad-nauseum about the sacrifices you suffered to help that person? It’s about ego.

    First responders know what the job entails when they sign on. I’m grateful for men and women strong enough, nimble enough, young enough and sober enough to be those first responders! What I’m not grateful for is first responders that have automatically deemed the victims a “stupid person.” Really? Or need to blow their own Look- At-Me-I-Give horn. It takes some of the magic out of their SuperHero status.

    A joke: How can you tell when a firefighter/first responder is suffering from cardiac arrest?

    He isn’t telling you he’s a firefighter /first responder.

  • NO X-GAMES 4 U!!!!!!!!!! CAN U HEAR ME THO?!!!!! LMAO

  • Kim, the ear was almost amputated. He was flown to Santa Rosa. IMG_7341.JPG

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