One Woman Dead After She Attempted to Grab Onto Pickup and Slipped

CHP Feature FatalityPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

[Today, at approximately 5:50 p.m.,] Mr. [Todd] Tucker [age 53 of Bayside] was driving his Dodge pickup in a private driveway at a slow rate of speed. The female pedestrian [age 50 also of Bayside] ran up from behind the pickup and attempted to grab onto its left side. As she did so, she slipped and was run over by the left rear tire of the pickup. She was transported from the scene by ambulance to Mad River Community Hospital. She succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. Her identity will be released following notification to her next of kin.

Alcohol or drugs were not a factor on the part of Mr. Tucker. The female pedestrian’s level of alcohol or drug impairment is under investigation.



  • Oh, Man, what an awful thing.
    Poor Mr. Tucker !
    I’m so sorry for him and for those the woman leaves behind.

  • Sad. Never know when something sort of fun and dangerous turns deadly.

  • Fun? Or was it a domestic situation? Why is she grabbing the side of his truck, falling, and getting run over? (By his own account he was travelling at a slow rate of speed — on a PRIVATE DRIVEWAY) Sounds traumatic , and like there are details as to what was happening *before* this occured.

    • My thoughts exactly. My mind went to an “I’m leaving without you” situation. The fall suggests this maybe wasn’t something she had much experience doing. Whatever the circumstances, it’s just a sad, sad thing.

    • It could be simple, she remembered they needed milk and ran out to ask him to get some on his way home.

      • I seriously doubt that type of interaction would result in her missing her shot at the bed of the pickup!!! Why would she need to jump in the back of the MOVING vehicle for some milk from the store??? I would add more comments but I would get in trouble for “insulting”, so I’ll pass… this time!!!

        • Only the headline in the LostCoast says she was trying to jump in the back of the pickup. The press release says, “attempted to grab onto its left side” on both of these pages.

          • And who gave this statement to the investigating officer? If we have only the driver’s version that leaves a large part of the story untold.

    • CJ Engebretson

      Exactly ..sounds fishy my bullshitometer is screaming

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    I am pretty concerned about what actually happened here!

    I hope there is a thorough investigation…

    • Especially where she ran up from behind, not from the side, and got run over? It’s more of a slide than a slip to end up in front of the rear tire from the back of the truck. Right?

  • So here’s a lesson. A friend of mine, years ago, saw her commute train pulling out of the station, so she ran for it and got her foot on the bottom step, then was unable to pull herself all the way up — and the train was picking up speed. Luckily a conductor saw her and grabbed her. When she told this story, a wise person (not me!) said, “You know, people do that all the time — they make a run for something, afraid of being late, never thinking this may be their LAST MOVE.”
    We have no way of knowing why this happened. I hope, too, there is an investigation. But it’s just as likely to be a moment of commonplace human failing, so let’s not do too much speculating and writing scenarios yet.

  • CJ Engebretson

    Something isn’t right with this story… something is missing

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