Ink People’s Tuxford Gallery Featuring ‘Ecosystem’ at July Arts Alive

This is a press release from the Ink People’s Tuxford Gallery:

Vanishing by Laura Keenados

Have you ever thought about how all living things are connected? How animals, insects, birds, plants, and everything in creation work together with their environment to survive, creating their ecosystem? Curator Mary Goecker Yates recalls camping with family when young, watching all the different creatures in their environment. Many of her artworks involve nature, and she decided to organize a show, inviting the community to share their creations about ecosystems. Artists from all throughout the community have come together to share their diverse works in this public exhibition.

Ecosystem is an art exhibition exploring the interconnection of all living things and the environment. It will be held at the Brenda Tuxford Gallery, 525 7th St, Eureka, throughout the month of July, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. All are welcome; this gallery is accessible and free.

Ecosystem by Mary Yates


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