7 Day a Week Bus Service to SoHum; Stops in the Parks Added

Press release from County of Humboldt:

Humboldt County transit authority busBeginning on Monday, July 2, Humboldt County bus riders will have more opportunities to take public transportation to and from gorgeous Southern Humboldt, including more stops along the world-renowned Avenue of the Giants. The Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) this week voted to expand its Southern Humboldt inter-city service, which runs from Eureka to Benbow, and will now provide the service seven days per week from July to October, and six days a week during other times of the year.

The new schedule features five daily southbound trips on weekdays and six northbound trips. On weekends, there will be two daily southbound trips and three trips back north. Weekend service also includes 10 stops along the Avenue of the Giants.

“It has been a wonderful experience to work with community along with the staff and Board of HTA toward such a great improvement to Southern Humboldt bus service,” said Second District Supervisor Estelle Fennell. Not only do we have weekend service, but riders from north and south can now access and visit the numerous wonderful Redwood Groves along the Avenue of the Giants at very low cost. What a wonderful way to celebrate the natural beauty all around us.”

A ride from on the Southern Humboldt inter-city line will cost $6.25, and you can pay for your fare in person or using the Token Transit app. Reduced bus fare programs are available. To plan your trip, visit HTA.org, or us the Transit app on your phone. Buses on the Southern Humboldt inter-city service are comfortable, well-ventilated and all buses have free wi-fi.

The change in service also includes the elimination of the local Southern Humboldt route, which ran exclusively between the communities of South Fork, Phillipsville, Redway, Garberville and Benbow.

Background on transit in Humboldt County:

Transit in Humboldt County is administered through a joint powers authority between the County of Humboldt and the cities of Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Rio Dell and Trinidad. HTA provides riders with affordable fixed route and dial-a-ride transportation options that allow access throughout Humboldt County. Services span from Trinidad, south along Hwy. 101 to Benbow and east on Hwy. 299 from Arcata to Willow Creek, including the Arcata–Eureka Airport and the communities of McKinleyville, Eureka and Fortuna, with Blue Lake Rancheria providing service to Blue Lake.

Learn more at the HTA website



  • Not sure why Phillipsville & Miranda get lovely bus shelters & Myers Flat does not. Along the “beautiful Avenue of the Giants”. Anyone know the answer? ESTELLE?????

  • Do your bus service go to Cresent city? Could connect to Oregon’s transit. We hope so soon

  • With stops at Redwood parks it increases the opportunity for tourists to use it. 🙂
    Anyone know if they still have wifi on the bus? When they started the service that was a touted feature of that bus travel.

  • Good. More public transit options means fewer accidents. Now if the buses in Eureka would run later during arts alive…

  • I like stars too!

    “Myers Flat” is a town?

  • This is good news, but to any of the drivers or transit authority staff, please drive slower through our small towns. The bus comes into Miranda from the south end at over 50 mph, faster than cars and it’s so heavy I don’t how it would stop for small kids, animals or someone pulling out of the many driveways it flies past, seriously an accident waiting to happen, are these routes timed or some other reason they are always in such a hurry.

  • It sounds like fun, I want to try it. I will not need wi-fi as I will be looking out the windows and hiking in the trees.

  • I wish they came down to Richardson’s grove!

  • I’m thankful that they finally have weekend service, even though it’s for a few Summer months. What a boon for my grandson and I to take time to hike and camp in our beautiful redwood forests. As for the whiners commenting here; grow up piss ants. Maybe RTS will even post this news with a schedule on their web site, huh?

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