Michelle Costantine Steps Into Eureka Mayor’s Race

Michelle CostantineLast night Michelle Costantine, a leader in the community group, Take Back Eureka, announced that she would be running for Mayor. Below is her statement on the group’s Facebook page.

After reviewing the candidates that have announced to run for Mayor of Eureka I, Michelle Costantine, am announcing that I intend to run for Mayor of the City of Eureka. I am convinced that through a united effort and proper leadership, Eureka can be changed for the better. I am posting here first because I wanted you to know first. I have spent many months being encouraged through your support and friendship. Many of you have encouraged me to run and I am now going to, with your help, make it happen. I will prepare a formal announcement in the near future and will look forward to your support and encouragement as the campaign kicks off.

Thank you for your supportive efforts so far and I look forward to working with each of you as well as the whole of Eureka as we work to make our home a safer, more secure and beautiful place to live. I am excited to see what we can do when we truly work together for the common good! Thank you and there is much more to come.


Michelle Costantine



  • Who is she taking Eureka from, and for whom?

  • MEGA!!! 😉

  • Yay! Reason will likely rule with the current options and choices for mayor! I was very worried for a bit when the fundamentalist evangelical christian was the only runner up.

  • It seems like this is a dig at Heidi and Susan, because only after realizing that they were running then Michelle decided to run?! I fear that Michelle and Susan are fighting a similar fight, and they may defeat each other against Heidi.

  • I am not sure if I would call Take Back Eureka a “community group.” More like vigilante posse or hate group. I was a member for a couple months but left because I couldn’t stomach the vitriol towards “libtards” and the homeless.

    • exactly, especially when the leader smoke weed outside his shop and blames the entire transient problem on drugs. I like the community group call “Take back Eureka from Take back Eureka” its also on FB.

      • Which leader are you talking about? If it’s who I think you’re talking about, he hasn’t been a part of the group since the first few weeks they formed TBE. I think you’re grossly misinformed. You and TallTreez.

  • My only experience with “Take Back Eureka” is a few community clean up days. But can not say I remember talking to her.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    After reviewing the above campaign announcement I, Poster formerly known as Matt, have decided to vote for someone else.

  • So she does what for a living?

    • a quick google search reveals she is a professional complainer.

      • And what exactly is she “complaining” about? I see a lot of action from her… she’s out trying to make our community a safer, more enjoyable place to live. What are you doing besides sitting behind your computer screen hurling insults?

  • Said the racist.

  • Eureka Citizen

    Myself and a few friends regularly participate in PacOut cleanups and have met Michelle. After joining her site and all the TBE enthusiasm, we looked forward to finally meeting face to face. Speaking for myself I was not impressed. We introduced ourselves and she said nice to meet you and walked away. Zero interaction! Found it to be the most socially awkward moment in 20 yrs since HS. Shortly after that meeting, I found she had also “unfriended” me on FB after she had initiated the contact.
    Not a big deal but very odd. I live in Eureka and not going to vote for her.

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  • I can’t vote for Heidi, a religious fanatic, don’t think Michelle really has the experience.
    My vote is for Susan. I guess we will see how it turns out in Nov…

  • I have met both Heidi and Michelle before. I don’t remember where I met Michelle, but I remember her face and have an uncomfortable memory of her being very rude to me and my family. I don’t know where she works or lives.

    I confess that I am also a “religious fanatics” like Heidi, if that’s what you want to call someone who believes in Jesus Christ and loves his neighbor as Christ commanded.

    Unlike the confused people who think Islam is peaceful, when it is violent and brutally sexist.

  • However I don’t agree with Heidi about measure K, as I am a Constitutional Conservative, and sanctuary cities and counties are violating Federal law respecting the protection of the United States from ILLEGAL aliens.

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