Drug Task Force Arrests Two and Scoops Eight Pounds of Meth Last Night

DTF feature blurThe Humboldt County Drug Task Force snagged two men and eight pounds of methamphetamine in Carlotta yesterday evening after an investigation led to them obtaining search warrants for two locations and one vehicle, explained Lt. Brian Quenell.

Two men, Juan Carlos Barraza-Hidalgo and Ezequiel Martinez-Hernandez, were arrested after officers located eight pounds of methamphetamine in their vehicle. They were charged with possession of an illegal substance for sale.

The task force then served the search warrants on the two locations. “They found additional evidence of sales,” Quenell explained. The investigation is still ongoing but he promised more information by tomorrow.

UPDATE: 8 Pounds of Meth Hidden in Spare Tire on Bottom of Vehicle, According to DTF



  • Let me guess, their “product” was manufactured in Scotland.

  • Can you say CARTEL

  • But they won’t be deported. The Immigration Dentention Center has no room for them until they can deal with all those children they have locked up.

  • Keep at it! Always a good feeling to hear that you have caught bastards like these who are infecting our community. Thank you.

  • Whoo hoo great job there’s more unfortunately
    Thanks Leo’s

  • Another significant bust. The sheriff has stepped his game up.

    • LONG OVERdue that they find something besides those with “Too MUCH Cannabis” excellent job finally of concentrating on far more dangerous as well as more prevalent drugs such as Meth!!!

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Good job sheriff! A real true drug bust, way to get that crap off the streets! Nice to hear of something other than weed getting taken off the street.

  • John well being

    Released on OR already. No worries.

    • U cant deport! These are POC with civil rights! People who are just trying to feed the community of poor white trash meth so those people can rob other people to feed there drug habits all the while causing domestic violence,child molestation,burglary and collecting government funding because they have mental problems and can’t get a job. Ok…. deport them…

  • 8lbs is a good haul. Well done.

    • 8lbs has a local street value of $102,400. that’s a whole bunch of SSI money being spent. but compared to the ~9million in SSI issued every month to Eureka residents, it doesn’t seem like much.

      • How do you figure it to be $28.20 per gram? 15 years ago it used to be $100 a gram in Idaho, $40 in Vegas.

        • its a $100 an 8 ball right now. I hear coke is also that price. the last time I bought an 8 ball of coke was in 2001 and it was $150. I have paid $300 in the late 80s. it seems supply and demand are high which is poor marketing if you ask me.

  • Don’t forget to notify ICE that these illegals were dealing ICE.

  • I wonder if Arcata will start a go fund me account for these undocumented workers?

  • Nice!!!
    Anyone notice the big uptick in meth and heroin busts since pot legalization?

  • Please prosecute and deport regardless of citizenship status. Replace with quality people through legal process. Thank you, Mr. Trump.

  • Great snag Humboldt Drug Task Force, keep it up & I hope more charges are added.

  • I just dont get these comments! Where anywhere does it say they were illegal? We have our own idiots here in the usa you know! Just because there mexican dosent mean they arent from here

    • The vast majority of narcotics now flow across the Mexican border, controlled by the cartels. The cartels love using migrants to transport and distribute for numerous reason (as we have seen time and time again here locally ) so if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and is packing 8 pounds of meth and it’s name is Hernandez not Billy Joe Bob on a Harley….

      • it rolls right over the border in trucks or under the border in tunnels according to actual records. they don’t use migrants. if 8lbs was found yesterday in Humboldt, how much do you think comes across the border each day. America’s thirst for hard drugs has never been higher. I would says tons cross the border every day.

        • Would a border wall help significantly ?

          • what do you think? I don’t even think the wall would stop immigration. you can’t build a wall thru the area most travelled in Texas. you should look at the map, Texas is the winner. a wall is for fearful people, that’s its intended purpose just like the walls in gated communities.

            • Well since you asked what I think, I feel the wall would pay for itself making the border more manageable while cutting down on crime, incarceration, and all the other social drains. Immigration is fantastic, just legally and systematically. Sometimes neighbors need fences

        • They don’t use migrants? I bet they don’t use ultralights, tunnels, catapults, ladders, false identification, stolen vehicles, mules, boats, mail, desperate Americans, greedy Americans, they use and exhaust every method possible and one is most definitely migrants. But usually it’s quite a few of them supervised by a “coyote” and if anything happens the coyote runs and repeats the process over again. Then they might make the migrants family work of the debt a.k.a sex trafficking.

      • Plenty comes for beyond our borders, yes. But what if I told you that meth is ALSO made in garages right here? Back seats of cars? Hmm? Its nothing more than a bunch of deadly crap mixed together, and plenty of white born-and-raised good ol’ boys make it here too.

    • Mexican is a nationality, not a ethnicity.
      If they are Mexican, they aren’t American and should be deported, If They aren’t Mexican, but american, then we are stuck with them, just like all the other potential drooling friends wandering the streets..
      Dual citizenship should be banned. Same with snow birds. Modern people might try the old idea of loyalty again.
      Huge bust, we will probably see more like this as the drug dealers move out of weed world & back into the remaining black markets.
      Like Nancy Pelosi says, “Meth users do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do.”

  • It’s less on the streets and less our children have access too. Good job!

  • The Entropic Empath

    Pleased to see larger busts for crystal! Hopefully some folks will be in withdrawal by tommorow, but there is plenty more where this 8lbs came from, I predict…

  • Alt Right For Life

    That’s eight pounds that growers can’t soak their marijuana in to make it more addictive.

    Good work law enforcement in getting drugs off the streets and working on making the lives of drug dealers and growers completely miserable.

    • Ridiculous. I highly doubt any grower ever soaked weed in meth.

      • Alt Right For Life

        They water the plants with it or spray it on there, saw it on the news about how marijuana has been made more addictive and is destroying lives and entire neighborhoods.

        People are outraged and want an end to this behavior.

  • Doing the happy dance!! Nice job LEOs!!
    And thank you Kym!

  • That is awesome great job cops keep it up there might be hope, for our community.meth is the re as l root of evil I saw a lady that I knew was as meth user say her today 20 years later just tweekeked white stuff on each side of her lips jack just a hanging .and still doing .maybe this bust might save her life. Or someone’s life anyway get job I heard sirens coming my way must have been them.

  • Thank God. Keep it up, guys.

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