8 Pounds of Meth Hidden in Spare Tire on Bottom of Vehicle, According to DTF

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Ezequiel Martinez- Hernandez

Ezequiel Martinez- Hernandez

On June 27th, 2018, at about 6:30 P.M. Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force with assistance from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Eureka Police Department K-9, and a Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office K-9 conducted a traffic enforcement stop on 27 year-old Ezequiel Martinez-Hernandez in the area of Carlotta. Also in the vehicle was 27 year old Juan Barraza-Hidalgo. Special Agents authored and executed a search warrant on the vehicle.

With the assistance of a narcotic detection K9, Special Agents located approximately 8 pounds of methamphetamine that was found in the spare tire on the bottom of the vehicle.

Juan Barraza-Hidalgo

Juan Barraza-Hidalgo

Agents arrested Ezequiel Martinez-Hernandez and Juan Barraza-Hidalgo for possession for sale of methamphetamine, transportation and sales of methamphetamine. Agents also served search warrants on residences connected to the subjects in the Eureka and Fortuna areas where they located indicia, digital scales and packaging materials.

Ezequiel Martinez-Hernandez and Juan Barraza-Hidalgo were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional facility where they were booked for the above listed charges.

This was a month-long investigation into methamphetamine sales in Humboldt County. Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.

Approximately 8 pounds of methamphetamine

Approximately 8 pounds of
methamphetamine were located in the spare tire on the bottom of the vehicle. [Photo provided by HCDTF]

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  • Wow, look at all that meth! Eight pounds of it.

  • Good job ! You just saved 1,000 human lives.

    • They will find more…. it’s a junkie mission in life… they will scorer the ends of earth to find more meth. They will rob the gold teeth out of there dead grandma to buy more junk. So no… it has saved no one. Only the next dealer in line to make a profit!

  • Right before ssi day gonna be alot of methheads freakin out…

    • Lol, this will be entertaining day for those who love to people watch. To the people watchers…..the zoo opens at midnight!😂

  • Great news!! Now. Get the emergency rooms and detox places ready. Get support people out in the homeless (etc.) communities to let addicts know there are options for help…. WITHOUT meth!

  • James Marmon MSW

    I wonder if the meth was smuggled across the border by illegal aliens?

    James Marmon MSW
    Former Substance Abuse Counselor
    Mendocino County Juvenile Drug Court.

    • Your job is to treat them not to judge them. It does not matter where they’re from, only where they are going. Otherwise, quit…bcuz the other attitude disqualifies you for the job.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Calling it how it is. Don’t get mad at the truth. Disqualifies you from ever being taken seriously, bud.

        • Lol, you truly think speculating is the same as “calling it as it is?”. Hahaha, you must think everything you read in the internet is true too?! Lol!!!

      • James Marmon MSW

        I’m sorry you’re taking the news so hard Ernestine. Hang in there, more is on the way.

        James Marmon MSW

    • Insured delivery.mules caught.business intact and booming.these pictures make people dream.im from south of chihuahua.i study and inland sea deposit of plant plankton.pervitin,with hitler was distributed in chocolate.the biggest and most spectacular of atrocities are done by poor men that think they can’t exist without “coca”. Thanks for advertising crystal.

  • Alt Right For Life

    They just mix that in with fertilizer and water the pot plants to grow an ever increasing addictive marijuana plant.

    On the news it showed how they water it in or spray the meth on the plants to cause people to be addicted, it’s more addictive than crack.

    Glad they won’t be spraying any more plants and the world is a safer place.

  • Awesome out standing work dtf ,but now the crazys are gonna be coming out ,but it gonna save alot of lives getting rid of the poison.

  • Seems like it’s usually Hispanic folks getting busted with the large quantities of heroin and meth. Maybe Trump has an idea how to deal with that.
    Damn, did I really say that?

  • The Entropic Empath

    Before we go crazy congratulating ourselves:

    It’s just like the fields and greenhouses full of un-permitted weed, the DFG and Sheriff jacks some growers but there’s thousands more who get away with their crimes.

    Everyone drives over the speed limit, but only a few are cited…

    I predict there is plenty of Crystal, and Smack, and that more is arriving, just about now…

  • This smuggling crap is off. So is building a wall, that can’t be built. From what I’ve noticed, from Mexico, they catapult weed or other drugs over the fence with a $50 wooden catapult. Someone receives it on the other side. No money was spent. A wall cannot stop this.

  • If u are a Mexican working at Normal job then great but this is all cartel! F all them.All Mexicans get rid all them they are cartels fucking up our cities, close border and piss on keeping families together!

  • Plenty still available from the camper next to the town square, driver side window,Nevada plates-or try HHI.

  • Clean up Redway

    Great job special agents and all involved.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’m sure there is a lot more out there.

  • That’s a lot and would have been cut down to far more. Thank you officers you did a good job. I have loved ones who’s lives are being devistated by this drug. It’s not a joke or a political cartoon. So sad that Americans are so rediculous online. Grow up and go outside and interact with people not trolling hate junkies. So rediculous to make getting this drug of the street in any quantity a bad thing. You should really get educated about drugs and the dt symptoms before trying to shame law enforcement for doing a good job.

  • DazednConfuzzed


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