[UPDATE Friday] A Quickly Growing Wildfire Burning Southeast of Douglas City in Trinity County Is Threatening Structures

The red marker indicates the approximate location of the fire.

A wildfire burning southeast of Douglas City in Trinity County is threatening structures, according to a tweet by Cal Fire. When they posted at 6:48 p.m., the reported that the fire was 50 acres.

About 6:55 p.m. they tweeted that the fire is near Blanchard Flat Road and Reading Creek Road.

The incident was first reported as a “large vegetation fire” at 6:18 p.m., according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

The map shows that there are several homes and barns located near the start location given on the CHP page.

Flight Tracker shows the major area being circled by aircraft.

Flight Tracker shows the major area being circled by aircraft.

Shasta Trinity National Forest Service tweeted, “#ShastaTrinityNF Helicopter 506 and 6 engines assisting @CALFIRESHU with the #FlatFire

Scanner traffic around 7 p.m. indicates that the fire may be 75 acres, according to one estimate.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: According to scanner information, the fire is now 80+ acres with six tankers working from the air and a VLAT requested.

UPDATE 8:04 p.m.: The Incident Commander doesn’t expect to stop the fire tonight, according to reports over the scanner. Multiple air support units are being ordered for tomorrow at 8 a.m including 13 copters and four air tankers.

Flat Fire as seen from an airplane

Flat Fire as seen from an airplane. [Crop of a photo tweeted by Cal Fire]

UPDATE 9:03 p.m.: Cal Fire tweeted that the Flat Fire is now “150 acres and 0% contained.”

Flat Fire late Thursday evening. 150 acres and 0% contained.

Flat Fire late Thursday evening. [Crop of a photo posted by Cal Fire]

UPDATE Friday: The latest information is on this new post here: Flat Fire in Trinity County: 300 Acres, 0% Containment (Map)



  • Funny how when they say “structures” they bend over backwards to say any kind except the many greenhouses that we can easily see from the satellite maps. I just think it’s ….obvious. I counted more greenhouses than barns for sure.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Does it honestly matter what they call them? People’s properties are burning and their structures are in danger. That is all that matters. Hope CalFire saves all those structures!

      • Not that much. It’s CalFire’s mission to save all structures. But it’s just weird to me. Why not say it-“greenhouses”? That’s what is there. Barns, houses and greenhouses are the structures. Why purposefully leave it out? Is this press release trying to hide that fact? I think that’s weird.

        • The article is not a press release. Press releases on my website are labeled and are yellow with a green stripe on the left side. Cal Fire originally labeled the buildings as “structures” in a tweet AND They ALWAYS DO THAT. They are not trying to hide that some may be greenhouses. They are avoiding mislabeling. They say structures throughout a fire because they are focused on saving them and don’t want to be mislabeling a garage or a barn or a shed or a greenhouse as a residence. When individual firefighters are on the ground, they make a determination to prioritize–if your garage and your house are on fire and they only have the resources to save one, they would choose the residence. But as an overview, they refer to all buildings as structures.

          • Thank you, Kym! I guess I came off pretty snarky but you handled my question with respect. When my land burned a few years ago CalFire labeled an old trailer of mine as a “structure” but not any Costco carports or the pump house. They did a great job! I’ve also seen them cut lines around peoples’ weed and veggie gardens to protect them. I was of course wondering if we were still “hiding out” in the terminology. It seems like we are past all that hiding but then…sometimes not

            • When my place burned an old cabin from the 30’s that was really just one standing wall left got pinned to the CO as a lost structure when it burned. Sucks for him but I told him for 5 days I needed a mop up crew for 5 days for the smoldering skunking around in the duff.

            • I don’t think Cal Fire will go out of the way this year to point out how they saved marijuana gardens. Legalization is new and there is a canyon between those who believe marijuana is the gateway to destruction and those that believe it is a relatively harmless intoxicant (to say nothing of those who believe it is the mother goddess and can cure all.) My belief is they won’t want to step into a controversy they can avoid.

        • Its because it doesn’t matter.

    • i sure do hope so. i have many dear friends that live behind that gate, and it is my friends property thats on fire.

    • ItsAFamilyTradition

      The greenhouses are what make the majority of us money up here. You dont like it, your welcome to leave. This is a growers county and always will be. We run this place and will run you out. Come play in the woods with us or get out.

      • I was commenting on the information release. Not attacking anything but asking a question about why greenhouses aren’t included, since they are regular structures like everything else. But your reply is interesting. And it’s the reason that Humboldt is now shutting down many grows. The growers got surly and the city folks got sick of that. Everybody will “get out” as the price plummets nd enforcement increases so enjoy your last couple years! And…I hope everybody is safe in this fire. CalFire will protect your greenhouse at taxpayer cost so don’t worry!

      • You don’t run crap buddy!!! Your a joke if ya actually think your gunna run any true Trinity County resident out of here!!! And what kind of special do you gotta be to think that the “Majority” of people grow weed!! Yes there a lot of grows around here but there are a lot more people that have regular jobs than grow weed. [edit] It’s the potheads like you that we don’t want around here cause you think your something special and don’t follow the rules!! Your probably one of the one that only claims half of what you grow.

  • DC10 fire tank just flew over…

  • Not sure of the relevance of the comment about greenhouses vs. structures. In Trinity all greenhouses require a permit, are seen as an improvement to your property, and are taxed appropriately.
    Sure hope all are safe.
    Whether you like it or not, we’re all in this world together. Especially when it’s on fire.

  • I’ll check it in the morning.

  • Too many fires already this season, it hasn’t even gotten really hot yet!!! I shudder to think what the situation will be when it does!!! ;-/

  • Where is California’s Boeing 747 fire fighter going to land for refueling, and 19,000 gals of retardant or water refill?

    Or will the U.S. Inc’s Forestry Department usurp state authority and deem it grounded as in last year’s Northern California fires in October, and again in Southern California fires?

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