1965 Mustang Stolen in Arcata Last Year Recovered at Property in Trinity County

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Ichpstarn the month of June, 2018, the California Highway Patrol received a tip of a stolen 1965 Mustang on a property in Junction City. CHP Officers conducted an investigation and believed they had located the Mustang on a property controlled by Michael Yingling in Junction City.

On the morning 06/22/2018 the CHP served a search warrant on that property at 360 Quail Rd in Junction City. Yingling was not there when the warrant was served. The 1965 Mustang was located on the property. It had been stolen last year in Arcata. A 1999 Ford F-250 which had been stolen on 04/20/2018 in the Redding area was also located on the property. The F-250 had been taken apart and chopped up.

Also located were numerous firearms, which Yingling is prohibited from possessing, and a controlled substance.

Yingling was arrested later that day at another location for possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and weapons violations.

Gary Beckstead, who lives at the property, was arrested for weapons violations and possession of a controlled substance. Stolen vehicle recovery CHP



  • its career tweaks like these that keep me from enjoying the canyon creek trail. 360 Quail road looks like a junk yard and its right on the river.

  • Another job in Trinity that was not handled by the Trinity County Sher….circus.

    Well done to the people who knew who NOT to call for help.

    Detectives at TCSO couldn’t catch a cold in December hiking naked in the alps I tell ya.

    Kudos CHP for doing what likely should have been a TCSO job.

  • Is this part of the same Yingling family that owns the gravel quarry in Weaverville? Not a very common name…

  • One can’t help but wonder if this is where my Toyota truck was headed when it was stolen from willits and crashed in trinity county? 🤔

  • It would be great to see the mug shots, so we know who to watch for when they’re released.

    • No kidding.

    • If you do find mug shots, please share them with me via Facebook My account has been made public because some people wanted to contact me. I’d like to follow the case if possible to ensure justice is served.

  • Back in 1965, when we were kids, a game to play when we were in the car with our parents was “My Mustang.” Whenever one of us would spot one, we’d go “my Mustang!” It was a contest for us to see how many Mustangs we could spot, and each of us would keep a running score on our Mustang-spotting prowess. My Mustang.

    • We did that same thing on the school bus. Haha brought back a 50 year old memory.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      When I was as a kid we played what we called punch bug. First one to spot a VW beetle would say punch bug and then punch the brother in his arm. Being the youngest my arm would be really sore at the end of the ride.

  • Mustang Sally drives a ’65.

  • [edit] that guy didn’t steal nothing from no1 it wasn’t his he does side work to keep his family with food and a roof over there heads and some ppl just leave shit there and never come back [edit]….what happens to innocent tell proven guilty…[edit]

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