Serial Upskirter Pleads Guilty, Faces Up to a Year in Jail

David Nunez selfie taken from the phone found by the Eel River.

David Nunez selfie was taken from the phone found by the Eel River.

Today, David Nunez, pleaded guilty to photographing under the clothing of women using a concealed or hidden camera. As first reported on John Chiv’s site, he will be sentenced on July 26.

Nunez’s criminal behavior was discovered when on February 2016, Southern Humboldt resident Michelle Vandenack found a lost phone and went through it attempting to learn who the owner was.

In an interview at the time, she said, “What I found was disturbing…over 700 videos… [many] of local women focusing on [their] ass, breast and private parts.”

The women range in age from about 16 to 65 and don’t realize they are being filmed, she explained. “It’s as if [the phone’s owner] has his phone in his hand casually but still recording.”

Vandenack recognizes several of the victims including two local, underage girls.

Most of the videos take place in or around Humboldt County businesses–gas stations, grocery stores, etc.

From her research, Vandenack learned the suspect’s name. We were able to use that to track down his Facebook page. He was reported to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy District Attorney Whitney Barnes from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office told us, “Nr. Nunez was charged with three counts.” He pled guilty to two.

Nunez has been referred to Probation for a report. Barnes explained, “They will interview Mr. Nunez.” She said he will be asked about family background, criminal history, etc. They will provide a report to the judge.

In addition, the victims will be asked to testify. “I am trying to get in touch with the various victims that I know of,” Barnes said. “The victims will be asked how the crimes affected them…We will be arguing that he will be registering as a sex offender.”

The judge will sentence Nunez July 26 at 9:15 a.m., she explained. “He could face up to a year in jail or 180 days and three years probation.”

She said it is likely Nunez will be placed on probation. However, she said, “The more the court hears from the victims of the cases, I would think that would have an impression on the court. There are so many victims that we don’t even know who they all are.”

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  • The Entropic Empath


    I predict that Mr Nunez will be elected “#1 Credit to his Gender” by the National Organization of Women.

    Could Mr Nunez be any creepier? And I believe he may actually be more than 12 years old…


    If you like women, learn to respect them. Then try acting decent in public.

  • Very good work in publicizing this and encouraging the investigation into these crimes!

  • Niice , put this trash away but why so light punishment? Oh I forgot it’s humboldt . He needs to go to San Q for a while and get taught a lesson.

  • How does over 700 videos get reduced to 3 counts? He definitely should be a registered sex offender.

  • The trumplike UK politician is pro-upskirting it seems.
    just 10 days ago and on fathers day the “Conservative Party lawmaker Christopher Chope ended his silence on the matter Sunday, telling the Bournemouth Daily Echo he stopped the bill because of his long opposition to bills proposed by backbench lawmakers rather than the government.”

    • Now how did this topic morph into political blame game? Lemme guess that Trump was responsible and encouraged this perv? Trump is tougher on crime than predecessors so how is he responsible this time ?

      • its still legal in the UK to upskirt thanks to trumps buddy. how is that political, its a fact that happened just 2 weeks ago. its also a fact that this is trumps UK buddy and has similar view points.

        • Oh okay that makes half sense Political allies doesn’t necessarily mean Trum supports up skirting.

        • There is no arguing with such unreality. Provide evidence otherwise it is just, as Trump has repeatedly called it, fake news. Just because you’d like to believe its true, doesn’t make it true.

          • the above quote was taken from Fox News. I would say google it, but you probably don’t trust google.

            • That quote does not refer to Trump at all. But if you have a link to the whole article , give it. Fox mentioning a British Conservator is not proof of anything.

              As an aside, didn’t you recently say you never trust .com links?

              • for research data. not for news. you need to think to yourself that if 12 news outlets press the same article, but one press’s a different angle; which one do you go with? trump has publicly supported this guy verbally out of his own mouth.

        • Alt Right For Life

          Maybe, but the majority of registered sex offenders are libs.

          Hate on but your kind have better odds of being immoral, sexual deviant, pot smoking, felons with an illegal firearm.

          • Anti troll league

            Really? You have any proof of political orientation of convicted sex offenders? Local observer claimed to have checked the registered party affiliation of criminals but I doubt the reliability of that statement too.

          • I couldn’t find any support for your assertion in a super quick look online but I did find this interesting corollary. “The more politically conservative Americans are, the more restrictive their sexual attitudes are. A natural follow-up question is how this difference in attitudes relates to actual behavior. But self-reports of sexual behavior may be compromised by a social desirability bias that is influenced by the very sexual attitudes at issue. We employed a non-self-reported measure of sexual behavior: usage of the adultery-focused dating website Ashley Madison. Linking an August 2015 leak of user data from Ashley Madison to 2012 voter registration rolls from five US states, we found 80,000 matches between 200,000 Ashley Madison user accounts and 50 million voters. According to simple rates in the sample, and also to predictively validated regression models controlling for state, gender, and age, we found that Democrats were least likely to use Ashley Madison, Libertarians were most likely, and Republicans, Greens, and unaffiliated voters were in between.”

            • Kym, that was an inherently flawed study. The people checked against the website were only those who paid fees. And the vast majority of women (97 %) were not charged fees whereas almost all men were. Then take the stat that there was a much larger percentage of women who formally affiliate with Democrats than with Republicans, by a large percentage than the differences the “study” found, it would indicate- well- nothing useful about party affiliation at all. I think is why “libertarian” showed so high. That is a heavily male party.

              Even the authors acknowledge the limitations with such comments as “Furthermore, party affiliation is contaminated with some other variables we would have liked to control for but we lacked data for, such as marriage. Married people are probably more likely to use AM, and Republicans are more likely to be married than Democrats (Fried, 2008). ” and “Another variable of interest is income: AM costs money, at least for men, so wealthier men may use AM more, and Republicans are wealthier than Democrats (Pew Research Center, 2009)”

              It is such a bad attempt at science that I wondered just who wrote it and guessed some college student. Voila- from the author’s biography- ” I’m currently looking for a job to start around the time my postdoc ends, on 24 July 2018.” And this article was written in 2016. One of those awful papers that only the university libraries keep on the shelves because they are required to.

              • I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of energy on it. I have serious doubts about correlating political party with criminal/immoral behavior. But…at least it has some basis unlike the former comment. And, my sense of humor made it funny to me. Sigh, I should probably avoid trying to be funny on the internet.

                • Yes, This is a serious place for serious people only. Besides we all know it’s not political affiliation it’s if you are a catholic priest or not.

                • I admit that way too often I thought someone must be joking by what they posted only to have it made clear they weren’t. I thought you were being serious and I knew others would take it as gospel.

                  I did find it funny that the site’s designers thought that men would pay while not charging women was needed to have women enroll. I remember the site was found to include a large number of women members who were actually constructs of the site’s owners. While the site was a pretty useless as a source of data, it’s existence certainly was a telling social commentary.

          • something tells me sex offenders are not political, locally most are meth heads. you can scroll thru the photos of our local sex offenders, I don’t get a liberal feel from the bunch.

            • Sleepy Alligator

              Oh really? What about Anthony Weiner, Bill Oreilly, that sick pervert who got busted trying to communicate by secret homosexual toilet stall signaling in the airport bathroom some years back, and all the others who are in that club?

            • Sex offenders come from all walks of life, races and political parties. Priests, politicians, movie moguls and meth heads. I used to have to work with those animals and trust me there is no typical sex offender. Guess I should not insult animals by calling sex offenders that but I must watch my language on this platform.

          • Since republicans are 74% more likely to be hypocrites, they both condem & paricipate in upskirting more often by a ratio of 2 to 5.

            • I don’t think well of most Republicans as respresented by their vocal adherents. It’s just that they are less bad than Democrats with their constant crocodile tears and hate spewing.

        • Is there any subject you won’t inject Trump into? Trumps buddy and up skirting, let’s see the evidence.

      • tough on crime= code for I hate black people

  • Slap on the wrist. Hope he at least has to register & let his neighbors know what he did forever.

    Also, I don’t see a connection to Trump. If you do, you may be a delusional observer. 😉

  • Anti troll league


  • You know Kym isn’t letting that comment hang around long. Assume you’re trolling.

  • I’m wondering if there is a place women can go to view photographs/still shots to see if they were upskirted.

    Would a Face Reconigtion computer program help find women on social media?

  • This site is demeaned every time anything by chiv is posted here. He is as bad as the people about whom he writes. Always a little slime in his work.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    One year but probably probation? Now there’s some incentive for other creepy perverts to secretly film women.

  • Gross. He also worked for a home care corporation and sounds like he victimized his patients too.

  • Not a very nice comment, Dirty. Not nice at all.

  • Good work on reporting these crimes, Kym, and aiding in the apprehension of this seriously sick and slimy “suspected” sexual voyeur. Whatever his sentence, registration as a sex offender is appropriate. That will deservedly follow him for life.

  • Dont forget billy clinton. Total pervert! And his wife knew it and did nothing!

    • Agree on that about Clinton. Also if guys just really need to look at ladyparts, aren’t there magazines for that? It’s very 12 yr old stuff. Hopefully he has his big wake up call and will evolve.

  • It would be simpler to make upskirting a disturbing the peace infraction with a heavy fine per picture. Unless the possessor of the picture has either a bill of sale from the photographer or a signed release from the person photographed, the picture itself is all that is needed to assess a substantial fine without needing to ID victims. A very substantial fine.

    • That would be a bit rough unless you set those standards to apply to photos deemed somehow to be salacious. Otherwise, say photos of the crowds at inauguration would be impossible.

      • I suppose if you were taking pictures of the Inauguration from ankle height in a crowd there might be an issue over freedom of the Press but , as Justice Stewart put, it’s hard to define but knowable when seen.

  • I cant recall the last time I saw a woman in a skirt or dress, outside of formal events. I thought women dont wear them anymore. Im not sure that an “up-skirt shot” of pants should not even be a crime.

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