[UPDATE 7:15 p.m.] Fire Burning Near Phillipsville/Miranda; Power Lines Down

A plane is circling the Phillipsville area.

A plane is circling the Phillipsville area. [Photo provided by a reader]

A vegetation fire is burning near the town of Phillipsville north of Garberville. Power lines are reported to be down. Phillipsville Fire has been requested to respond. A report came over the scanner at 6:45 p.m.

Several residents in the Miranda/Phillipsville area are reporting seeing a spotter plane. One reports seeing a bomber. One Phillipsville area resident reports, “[I]t’s getting Smokey down here.”

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 7:15 p.m.: We’re getting a report this is on French’s Road near the Miranda Bridge.

UPDATE 7:27 p.m.: According to a Cal Fire spokesperson, Paul Savona, a Cal Fire air attack plane spotted downed power lines and a 50′ x 50′ vegetation fire near French Road which begins by the Miranda Bridge between Miranda and Phillipsville.

Fire engines are on scene and some resources are now being sent home.



  • ¤♡¤《¤》¤♡¤

    Hope it gets contained quickly!!

    Please everyone if you see glass bottles or jars out on the ground pick them up&take them to recycle/trash.
    Especially if near dry grass!
    The bottom of a mason jar at a certain angle is just a few steps below a magnifying glass.
    We walk through the grass field near us from time to time to pick up bottles, not worth the risk to not.

  • Any updates?

  • I hope it’s out!

  • Fires out heavy mop up FYI

  • Two power line incidents, Leggett and Miranda, in one evening. Pretty strange. I went over the Miranda bridge yesterday and there were at least a dozen cars parked at the dirt road where people go down to the river bar. The Miranda side of the bridge on the left. I hope they’re not leaving a lot of trash and glass. Whose property is that? Maybe a sign would help.

  • “Somebody”, where do you get your info? We all would like to see the “ mop up”!

  • First hand mop up done thanks Kym for the great reporting

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Didn’t PG and E just fly the powerlines looking for overhanging trees and weakened power poles? Seems like a lot of showboating on their part if there are two separate incidences involving their powerlines and fires right after they just supposedly checked them all out. Probably in response to all the fires they caused last year in the bay that burnt out all those homes and killed all those people. I just wish it seemed like they were doing something instead of joyriding their choppers through people’s front yards

  • In regard to “Eel River’s” Question about who owns the parking area and dirt road at the east end of the Miranda bridge. It is owned by the county. I believe it was donated by the family of the previous owner as they had no use for it and the previous owner had allowed people to use the swimming hole for years. Maybe the county parks system could put up the signs.

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