Bicyclist Received Fatal Injuries in Accident Last Week

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Emergency personnel work on the bicyclist. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, the California Highway Patrol was requested by the Eureka Police Department to investigate a major injury traffic collision involving a Kenworth Big Rig and a bicyclist.

At approximately 1334 hours, David Alber (age 55) of Eureka was driving a 2017 Kenworth that was fully loaded with timber traveling northbound approaching W. Cedar Street at approximately 30 to 35 miles per hour.  Zarchary Hebert (age 37) of Eureka was riding his bike on the sidewalk that parallels Broadway and he was approaching W. Cedar Street.  Steven Crivelli (age 64) of Eureka was in a covered bus stop located on Broadway just north of W. Cedar Street.

Herbert rode his bike off of the sidewalk and onto W. Cedar Street without a helmet.  At about this same time, Alber drove the big rig past W. Cedar Street when Herbert turned his bike towards traffic.  As a result the bike collided with the right rear wheels of the big rig.  This caused Herbert to become airborne and he landed in the bus station pullout.  Additionally the impact caused the bicycles metal wheel lock to become dislodged from the bike and the metal wheel lock collided with the covered bus stop window and Crivelli’s leg.  Herbert and Crivelli were transported to St. Joseph Hospital for medical care.

Driving while under the influence is not a factor in this collision.  The California Highway Patrol is asking anyone with information regarding this traffic collision to please contact our office.UPDATE: On 06-26-2018, the California Highway Patrol Humboldt Area was notified that Zachary Herbert succumbed to his injuries while being treated at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.  TheCHP extends our condolences to the family of Mr. Herbert and asks anyone with information regarding this collision to please contact our office at 707-822-5981.




  • Kym, LOCO is reporting that Mr Herbert succumbed to his injuries. RIP

  • This is the sort of accident that makes me so anxious on Broadway. Too often I have had a person on a bike make an unexpected crossing right in front of my truck. Pedestrians do it too but at least they are usually slow enough that someone stops in time.

    I prefer to go miles out of my way to shop in McKinleyville. It’s not that there no bicyclists there but they are more cautious , maybe because there are proportionally more stop lights and less traffic coming from the sides. I have heard the remark that it’s the bicyclist’s problem if they do such things but it would not make killing or injuring someone easier to live with.

  • Kids, always wear your safety gear !

  • Rest in Peace. The rest of you: bicycles need to follow the same rules motor vehicles do.

  • Bicycles on sidewalks all over Eureka. There is a law against it and EPD does zilch. More people will die because laws are not enforced and GMOB’s refuse to obey them.

  • Had one ride his mountain bike against the light in the crosswalk
    at top speed, with no helmet, stopped right in front of him, so close the wind from the car knocked him over,
    he got up and raved like a maniac on meth.

    Luckily there was nobody behind me or I’d have gotten rear ended.

    That was on 14th st,
    used that as alternative route because of that type of thing on Broadway.

    They break every law on those mountain bikes around Eureka and are a danger
    to motorists etc.

    Why dont they just get a motorcycle?

  • He didn’t do anything illegal.
    He wasn’t a tweaker, he was my brother and good man.
    Try to have some compassion and if you want to be mad at anyone, Cal Trans is who hasn’t put in bike lanes where there should be!!!!

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