Tree Smash, Car Crash

A tree fell on a car.

A tree fell on a car. [Photos from a reader]

Two occupants of a tan sedan had a traumatic experience today. About 5:55 p.m., a tree crashed onto the vehicle while it was driving west on Briceland Thorn Road near the Ettersburg Road.

The driver was able to exit on his own but firefighters were needed to extract the single passenger from the vehicle.

Emergency vehicles on the far side of the tree.

Emergency vehicles on the far side of the tree.

After extracting the patient, firefighters had to clear the tree from around the vehicle, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

Smashed car

Smashed car.

An ambulance responded to the scene. The occupant had minor injuries, according to the CHP Traffic Information Page.

Firefighters and assistants heaved the sedan out of one lane to allow traffic by.

County Road crews were requested to clear debris from the roadway.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • Can’t get much more unlucky and then lucky than that!

  • Well. That’s one that can’t be blamed on drugs, cell phones or careless driving.
    Let’s see what the Blame Throwers make of it.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      You listed the three main reasons for our daily car wrecks. That’s why people always suspect drugs, cell phones or other distracted driving. What do YOU think causes most vehicular disasters? The man in the moon? Doh, who knew? These folks are likely blameless. It happens.

      • groba dude trustafarian osnt

        Damn those pesky trees anyway! Always causing wrecks!

        I blame this on driving cars. Just park the silly things and stay home! Make love, bake bread, hug your kids…

        At least the unfortunate motorists were not driving a pickup! Probably would have been killed! Pickups are the only thing more intrinsically dangerous then trees!

        Have a beautiful day, everyone, and bonne chance!

    • A challenge… if the occupants of the unfortunate car had not let their drug prescription expire, they could have used their cell phone to reorder it rather than pushing their neighbor, who could careless whether they had their medication or not, to drive them to the pharmacy in windy weather. There- drugs, cell phones and careless drivers really are responsible after all. 🙂

    • I blame them durn libs! Its awl their fawlt!

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Wow, amazing. Looks like a big ol’ tanoak. What are the odds that they would be driving right there at the moment of tree-fall? And only minor injuries? Very glad for these lucky people. Too bad about the car.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      That’s the day you go buy a few lottery tickets, just because.

    • Yes, it was a huge rotted tanoak. It broke right off just above the ground. We arrived on scene only moments after this happened and kept talking to him to make sure he was coherent and keep him awake. The guy is super lucky for sure! A branch came within centimeters of impaling him.

    • “It is difficult to be precise, Captain. I should say approximately 7824.7 to one. “

      – Spock, “Errand of Mercy”

  • Windy week! 3 cars were also smashed down the middle in Standish Hickey campground a few days ago. Unoccupied, parked, but still.

  • I thought Redwood trees were the only “jumping tree”, I learned something here!!!

  • Bad “Carma”?
    Glad nobody was badly injured….besides the car.

  • Minor injuries? That’s amazing! Once again, thank you to our volunteer firefighters, technical rescue folks and everyone else who rushed to their aid.

  • Gravity and entropy, when will it ever stop?

  • I was just through there and that fuckin tree was whacked out of it’s trunk, I swear it was on ludes or just whiskey drunk or both. Entire grove was sippen sauce all afternoon,bes b real careful in them parts.

  • One side of the political spectrum or the other is clearly to blame.

  • just one more reason to clear-cut boys

    • What!? If you clearcut the boys you’ll have to clearcut the girls, too!

      Talk about a slippery slope.
      (Shouldn’t clearcut a slippery slope, either, a lot of times.)

  • …”oak tree, your in my way”…

  • Trump did it.

  • Trees on meth!

  • The Entropic Empath

    The tree fell according to my plan.

    I also predicted the chunky naked man in the scraper bucket…

  • If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. In this case make firewood.

  • Someone once told me about the argument they had with their insurance company when this happened to them. It went “So you drove into a fallen tree.” “No, the tree fell on me.” “You hit a fallen tree?” “No, the tree hit me…”

    It was lucky in its unfortunate way that no one was seriously hurt.

  • I don’t hear much about sudden oak death syndrome…is it still present here in so hum? I use to see what looked like signs of it while looking towards the hills west of Sproul Creek…any input ?

  • Tree mad, smash !

  • The tree could have fell moments sooner or moments later? Same thing with that deer hitting my wife. Timing? Makes you ponder. Glad no one was seriously hurt. Hope their insurance covers tree wrecks, acts of god or nature. Most insurances don’t cover hitting wild life, or wild life hitting you.

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