Semi Hits Redwood on 101

Crews work to clean up after the accident.  semi

Crews work to clean up after an accident. [Photo by Stephanie Vansteen]

At approximately 6:45 a.m., a semi slammed into a redwood tree near the Smith Redwoods State Reserve north of Leggett. The driver of the Peterbilt is uninjured.

The southbound lane is blocked and some of the northbound lane is impacted also. However, traffic is getting through. A tow truck has been requested.



  • Wow!!! I leaned something reading this, it seems Hwy 36 isn’t the only place to find “Jumping Redwood Trees”!!! They sit there until a driver comes along not paying attention or not enough at least, then they jump out in front of them, causing them to hit the tree!!! Sneaky SOB’s!!! They look perfectly normal until you’re closer, then it’s all about Oh SH!T!!! That’s my $.02 worth YMMV!!!!

    • Veteran's friend

      Many many redwood trees along 101 have experienced the impact of a motor vehicle. This penomenon is not limited to 36 by any means.

    • And this explains why old growth redwoods were always felled leaving high stumps. There is always metal from bumpers and radiator grills embedded in the first ten feet of oldgrowth trees.

  • No more rig crashes!

    This is a very good example of how not to preserve the Redwood Forest.

    Rig Drivers: Please do not text and drive, and please attempt to navigate the dangerous roads of Northern CA without crashing into our trees, careening off our thoroughfares into the river, killing helpless wildlife, or, lighting the environment on fire by dragging chains, making sparks, tossing smokes etc!

    YOU are the professional drivers! Drive safely, at the speed limit and act like you care!

    • Well said. “Professional’ is only a title. Doesn’t mean every big rig driver knows what they’re doing. And now they have cell phones. Great.

    • We actually do. The driver may have dodged a car in his lane attempting to pass another car. I see it all the time. How about you car drivers quit acting pricks every time you get around a truck? Ever think of that?

      • Most truck drivers I know are extremely careful! They don’t want to wreck! They could lose their jobs. My Mom taught me respect for trucks…family drove log trucks and gravel trucks, plus drove trucks building bridges in Coastal Oregon….people must think they can stop on a dime, if they are loaded, everything changes. Thanx Jon for your post.

        • I’m a truck driver myself. And I have a Dashcam. So that thing sees all. And it catches every idiot around me doing something stupid because people are so impatient. You wouldn’t believe it until you watch all of it.

          • Semis down passenger vehicles up

            Speaking of impatient, we just love it when one of you jackasses decides to get in the left lane in order to pass another truck, that is already going the speed limit, then you take 10 min to very slowly pass the other truck while the entire freeway is waiting for you. Stay in the right lane!

            • Hey [edit], we have every right to pass. We are allowed to do 60 miles an hour. How about you stop buying shit? You know, we bring you your food [edit]. Tangle with a truck and see who wins.

              • groba dude osnt trustafarian

                Whoops! Truck speed limit is 55 in California! Truckers pay massive taxes, but they do not own the road.

                EVERYONE, slow the fuck down, and drive safely. Those rigs are delivering critically needed training bras and rubber dog shit to Target and Wal-Mart, and hauling important Taco Shells and Beer! Everyone gets to use the roads, but the roads are not quite big enough for the total volume of traffic, since your taxes go to retired state employees first, and then to fix and improve roads!

                Truckers, a little less attitude, and a little more consideration will be appreciated! Driving safely is your job, all the other drivers are not going to be accountable for your convenience.

            • Being impatient around any vehicles, but especially around big rigs is a recipe for disaster. Before you dis the big rigs you better realize we would have no goods up here if it wasn’t for them! How do you think our goods get here? There is no railroad. Truckers are awesome. And yeah, they need to pass people too. Your lack of giving yourself enough time to get somewhere is the problem. We all have that to some degree, but we all don’t blame others. Give them space, they can not stop like we do in passenger vehicles.

          • I’m with ya. I see it all the time. Gee, that big truck can stop on a dime! NOT! Can’t fix stupid

          • Jon, thank you for your hard work. I always try to be respectful of big rig truck drivers. Y’all usually work long hours and driving usually makes me even more tired. And yall spend lots of time away from family. My aunt and uncle used to drive truck. This truck driver, may have been going the speed limit. People can be so rude. Glad he or she was uninjured.

            • You are so right Jon.Before I stopped driving truck I was going from Mckinleyville to Bay Area and Fresno hauling lumber and most of time time the Big Rig had to watch out for cars in part of the wrong Lane so you had to drive your Truck and watch the other drivers.Just a hard part of the road.


            This is a great video of why you should never fucked with a semi And reinforces the old saying “the big rig always has the right away” unless there’s a redwood tree in the way of course.

        • You don't have to be smart to be rich!

          Watching my speed on hwy 1 South of the Bay, expecting those lights to turn red at the bottom of the grades, leaving some car-lengths ahead of me….it’s always those Geniuses in their Masaratis and Porsches jumping the line in front of me… unaware that I’m standing on the brakes, riding the jake, Just so they can wait for the red light under my front bumper!

      • Or stocktrailers!

      • I agree Jon! I’ve seen people drive like idiots around trucks. I come from a logging & trucking family & was taught very young to respect trucks. They can’t stop on a dime & don’t move over as fast as cars.

    • No more rig crashes! – How about the drivers just slow down a bit and enjoy the ride.

    • Just happy the trucker is fine. To hell with the damn redwood trees right next to the road. Jerks think the redwoods are more important the the driver’s lives!

  • Glad that everyone is ok, the tree didn’t even feel it lol

  • I’m glad the driver is OK, I’m sure the tree has weathered worse over her last couple thousand years and thanks for the morning chuckles in the comments.

  • More common courtesy and less impatience are what EVERYONE on our roads need.

  • As for killing innocent wildlife, nothing can prevent a brainless deer from jumping into your vehicle no matter what speed you are going. They do not give any warnings before they suddenly appear. Glad the driver is ok.

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