Hippie Sabotage Performing at Mateel on September 27

This is a press release from the Mateel:

Ineffable Live and Mateel Community Center present Hip Hop, EDM duo Hippie Sabotage,  Thursday, September 27, 2018 at the Mateel, 59 Rusk Lane in Redway.  The show starts at 9pm and doors are at 8pm.  Tickets are available in advance for $35 online and $40 day of show. There are a limited amount of meet and greet tickets available for $85. Tickets are on sale Friday, June 22nd at 10am.

Formed by brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, Sacramento electronic music duo Hippie Sabotage started to craft their hip-hop instrumentals in the mid-2000s. Working closely with local producer Chase Moore during their early career, they mixed the cultural melting pot vibes of their hometown with hip-hop and produced beats for rappers such as J. Leake and Yukmouth. They later collaborated with Chicago-based artists such as Calez of 2008ighties and Kami de Chukwu.

Hippie Sabotage developed and expanded their beats and soon incorporated more diverse influences on their tracks for a whole new host of rappers such as Alex Wiley (“Something to Say”) and C Plus (“Callin’ Me”). They released their own material with the Vacants EP in early 2013 and followed this with a couple more singles (“White Tiger” and “Sunny”) throughout the same year. They began to get worldwide attention in spring 2014 when singer Ellie Goulding posted their remix for “Habits (Stay High)” by Swedish pop singer Tove Lo on social media. The song reached over a million hits following Goulding’s endorsement, and was soon followed by a handful of releases that same year. In addition to the Johnny Long Chord EP, the duo also released The Sunny Album.

In 2016 they released their sophomore full-length, Providence, and the Options EP, a collaboration with Cubic Z. Hippie Sabotage continued their work with Cubic Z on the Drifter album in 2017.



  • Looser Rip Offs

    how can they operate they owe my payroll taxes to the government any other business would be shut down Loosers Rip-Offs

    • shhh! the governments payroll tax collector spoke. who cares about your bs taxes blah blah blah. hippy sabotage is a good act I’m stoked to see. thanks mateel . some of us can read and that 141k+ paid down in the last 8 months is amazing good work. i noticed the changes at samf ( and how clean it was) and loved it. thanks you for your diligent work to save the center. god forbid a disaster ever strikes our area but I’m happy to know mate will be there as a red cross shelter and hub for our true community.

  • Pretty sure “hippie sabotage” is what happened at The Mateel last two years….

  • I thought that Hippie Sabatoge was what happened to the flaming VW van, this morning.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Remember, if you go see “Hippie Catastrophe” or any of the other top-notch shows your local NPO is putting on, pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal, so the proceeds will be more difficult for the Board Members to steal.

    Don’t expect those employee taxes to be paid anytime soon! If you work for the Mateel, cash your paycheck quickly!

    Have a beautiful summer, it will probably be the Mateel’s last…

  • Dirty Off grid sohum livin

    Hippie sabotage? Like putting assjuice in the pachouli?
    Or ballsweat on their headbands?
    Come on my land with hippies and get shot on site! Holes are dug and ready bitches! Murder mountain motherfuckers!

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