[UPDATE: More Evacuations, 0% Containment] Pawnee Fire Jumps to 8,200 Acres (Maps); Twenty-two Structures Burned

Tanker plane dropping retardant on the Pawnee Fire Sunday.

Tanker plane dropping retardant on the Pawnee Fire Sunday. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

The Pawnee Fire which started Saturday evening northeast of Clearlake Oaks is scorching 8,200 acres this morning. Twenty-two structures have been burned so far. However, at the morning briefing today, Cal Fire reported they made good progress last night.

Cooler weather today should help continue the trend. But the thermometer is still expected to climb to the high eighties. Winds are expected to be light and from the north but then switch to coming from the southwest in the afternoon.

More reinforcements are pouring into the area. Cal Fire reports, “Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire suppression missions as conditions allow.” Ten choppers are also expected to fight the fire today and protect the 600 structures that are threatened.

capture of Pawnee fire KMZ

For those with Google Earth, click the map to access a KMZ file which provides  details of the fire perimeters.

The fire has reached the Indian Valley Reservoir. Choppers were using water from it yesterday to fight the flames.

For information on evacuations and shelters, please go here.

Briceland Fire driving past a burned field. at the Pawnee fire

Briceland Fire driving past a burned field. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Humboldt County firefighters are on the scene. Units from Humboldt Bay Fire and Briceland Fire have been in the thick of it. Today, they get some much needed rest before returning to fight flames tomorrow.

Humboldt Bay Fire resting

Humboldt Bay Fire resting yesterday evening. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Photos from yesterday:

Flames burned to the edges of these structures before firefighters quenched them.[Photo by Mark McKenna]

The flames spread unchecked across empty hills as firefighter protected structures. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

A tanker dropped retardant to protect a home. [

A tanker dropped retardant to protect a home. [Photo by Mark McKenna]


UPDATE: More evacuations, 0% containment. Click here for update. 

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  • That is an epic photo with the tanker. Kudos.

  • Great fire coverage as usual. The go to place for the latest info. Thanks to RHBB.

  • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

    I will be happy to sell you my home in Lake County!

    Getting cheaper!

  • Praying for all the fire fighters and others involved in this fire. Be safe everyone, and if you are asked by CDF to leave please do so, nothing is worth your life!

  • Pawnee Fire:
    BEST coverage here on RHBB. Better than the Cal-Fire incident reports which list Lake Co as “El Dorado Co.” Thanks so much!

  • I appreciate this coverage so much even though I don’t live there. Especially the bit on the Humboldt Bay FD. Thank you.

  • Good thing we outlawed clearing brush (fuel) so the kangaroo rats wouldn’t have their feelings hurt.

    • Yeah bcuz no one does fire reduction around their house and calfire never tells you to. And pge lines had nothing to do with last firestorm.
      Pls stop with unnecessary untrue words. There are brush clearing projects everywhere. Have you seen on this fire where lack of clearing for critter habitat caused or made this worse???
      There maybe places that are protected for the kangaroo mice,& if so thats because they are going extinct and hold an important part of their ecosystem.
      These fires are not from that. If you havent been to lake county, its a lot of tall grass woodlands.

      Now if you wanna talk timber companies poisoning unwanted treesso they die and are left standing as huge dead torches well that was a big fire issue in mendocino&continues to be.

      Sending best to everyone

      • Great post, thanks. When the firewood is in, and the brush is cut and burned in the spring, every year, year after year. This person must live in NYC, and not in Central Park, either.

    • That’s not true lake county has an ordinance that states if you. Don’t clear such and such of feet around your resisidence you will be fined.

  • Kym, thank you for this excellent coverage. I always recommend your site to friends for the most up-to-date fire info.

  • Hopefully they will put it out before there is anymore destruction!

  • I’m a few miles from the fire and your coverage is better than all our local sites down here. Thanks Kym.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    Fabulous coverage as always! Thank you!

  • Thanks, Kym! I live in Lake Co now and agree that your coverage is the best. The pix are sensational. And thank you, Briceland Fire, and other SoHum firefighters coming to help.

  • Thank you for this coverage. Do you know what the red square with the F inside is on the OPS map?

  • Currently in Clearlake Keys. (a subdivision of Clearlake Oaks on the water) No visible smoke from here at this time.

  • Maybe Willie Nelson knows why the buzzards fly

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