[UPDATE: Live Video] New Evacuations on Pawnee Fire; Governor Declares State of Emergency

Video by Humboldt Bay Firefighters posted on Facebook.

The Pawnee Fire which had burned 8200 acres by this morning is now pushing south and east. There is still 0% containment. The Lake County Sheriff issued mandatory new evacuations for the Double Eagle Ranch area.

As of 4:15 p.m, fire is dangerously threatening structures in the Chalk Mountain area, according to scanner traffic. Multiple fire support crews are being sent to the area as is aircraft.

The fire is advancing onto Chalk Mountain Road, The fire is advancing onto Chalk Mountain Road, according to scanner traffic and a report from Mark McKenna, our photographer. The red and yellow area represents areas Cal Fire mapped as part of the fire this morning.

The fire’s advance has not gone unnoticed. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a State of Emergency for Lake County. This will provide more resources for the residents and the firefighters.

In addition, a man was arrested in the evacuated area. According to the Lake County Sheriff,

Christian Hiran CamposThe community of Spring Valley has been under mandatory evacuation since June 23rd when a fire erupted on the northern end of Spring Valley and threatened the entire community. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office requested the assistance from local law enforcement agencies to assist with patrolling the evacuated areas. Those agencies are the Lakeport Police Department, Clearlake Police Department, California State Parks, California Fish and Wildlife, and the California Highway Patrol. They are patrolling for unauthorized people in the area and contacting them to determine their reason for being in the area.

On June 25th, at approximately 1340 hours, Lakeport Police Officer Andrew Welter was assisting the Lake County Sheriff’s Office with patrolling the Spring Valley area. He observed a black Toyota 4-Runner traveling on Spring Valley Road to have expired license plate tabs. He conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver, who identified himself as Christian Hiran Campos, 30, of Ukiah. Campos said he was working in the Spring Valley community, but was unable to identify who he was working for or what he was doing.

It was determined Campos was an unlicensed driver. A consensual search of Campos’s vehicle revealed he was in possession of approximately two pounds of marijuana and a loaded handgun. Other items found inside the Toyota were a small weighing scale and binoculars.

Campos was arrested and booked at the Lake County Jail for being an unauthorized person in disaster zone, possession of more than 28.5 grams of cannabis, possession of cannabis for sale, transportation of cannabis for sale, possession of a concealed firearm in vehicle, unlicensed driver.

UPDATE: live video from Lake County’s Facebook page showing the smoke boiling up across Clear Lake.


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  • The video of the fire tanker dropping fire retardant gave me goosebumps. I never saw one until we moved from Eureka to Redding as a kid. It still has the same emotional power. Safety prayers for everyone who is involved with this fire.

  • High winds,low humidity, and stupid people = disaster! This is just the beginning people, there are fires sprouting up all over humboldt….fortunately they have been put out quickly by volunteers and cal fire airships. Be safe . Be smart. This year is already forecasted as the worst fire season yet for California

  • Just announced 10,500 acres with 5% containment.

    New fire in Clearlake but that may be out already.

  • Good job on that arrest!!!
    Humans who attempt to profit from the misery/tragedy of others are very low indeed.

  • So many emotions are swirling inside of me, each fighting to find the words to share, all to no avail. There are no words, just emotions. And tears.
    God bless the first responders and residents, pets, wildlife and worried loved ones near and far.

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