Driver Apparently Wearing Only His Underwear Speeds by Flagger, Hits Water Truck and Then Things Get Worse…

A pickup teeters precariously on the edge of Hwy 36 after the driver sped by the flagger and crashed.

A pickup teeters precariously on the edge of Hwy 36 after the driver sped by the flagger and crashed. [Photo provided by a reader]

A driver today discovered that speeding past a flagger trying to stop traffic may have unpleasant results.

A little before 6 p.m., a driver in a red pickup truck headed east on Hwy 36 encountered the area where a federal road realignment project is under construction west of the tiny town of Dinsmore.

According to a witness at the scene, the driver wearing what appeared to be his underwear “blew by the flagger at a hi[gh] rate of speed, headed into the job site, [and] ran into the back of a water truck.”

Handcuffed man with construction workers.

Construction workers restrained the man where he had fled down into a work area over the edge of the road. The red line was added to indicate where the driver was lying after he had been tied up. [Photo provided by a reader]

The pickup then went off the road and the driver attempted to flee on foot down into a nearby construction area but was captured and restrained by workers. Scanner traffic indicated that it took eight men to restrain the captured driver.

A loader bucket was used to bring the restrained man up to the road from where he had fled.

A loader bucket was used to bring the restrained man back up to the road. [Photo and video below provided by a reader]

A loader bucket carried the man back up to the road where he was later taken into custody by the California Highway Patrol.



  • Good job road crew! His mom must be so proud.

  • Wow! That is some kind of dusty dude.

  • Lazy shovel leanin cal trans man

    Its illegal to hog tie this guy. No one here needs a four year degree to tell these idiots they are going to get sued for violating this mans civil rights. And someone captured it. The picture alone floating around here now are going to get him a million bucks!

    • Really the dumb ass put these workers in danger he got what’s coming to him

      • What if that fat fuck was high on drugs ( meth) can he still sue? No. Drug test him immediately!

        • He is a US Veteran severed 2 turns in the Iraqi war, he having a flashback his PTSD is flow blown. It’s sad to see this image. Please don’t judge.

          • It’s easy to see a picture on a news story and think you know what’s happening. At first read I thought he had to be on drugs for 8 guys to take him down. But hearing now that he’s having a PTSD flashback I 100% understand. My husband is an Iraq Combat Veteran & when someone is having a flashback they can’t simply “call for help”. They don’t know they’re having one! I wish more people would educate themselves or at least have some compassion especially if they don’t undertand something. If you’ve never seen someone have a PTSD flashback you might not understand. This story really bothered me because everyone’s laughing & posting these humiliating pictures of someone who was willing to risk their life for our country. Seeing war trauma is NOT normal & because there are so few resources available sitauations like these are the sad reality of trying to be a normal civilian after war. My heart goes out to him & his family. I’m not saying what he did is ok or excusable, I’m just capable of seeing him as a human being who needs some help.

            • I do have PTSD and have been working with a specialist. Maybe this is a wake-up call that if he is not under care, he should get there. If he is under care then he needs to seek a different professional that can help him better! I would suggest EMDR if he hasn’t tried. He can learn his triggers and much more in addition to how to get to a place in his head he needs to be. EMDR, I feel has many benefits. Its long and painful but I feel it is worth it.

          • Please don’t make PTSD a cop out! As I have this as well and manage myself just fine. My apologies if I hurt your feelings but, if you’re saying it is this bad and you knew about it Why did you not get him help. PTSD is serious and this doesn’t sound like a flashback. I have never once seen a War Fighter in a mankini!

          • Justice F All!

            My son served 2 tours in Iraq and 3 in Afghanistan! He is amazing and intact and I thank God everyday! We do need better help for our Veterans, true. But that does not mean they should be allowed to commit crimes and not answer for them!

        • THAT is no excuse for what he did! Maybe if he endangered your children or ran you off the road or damn near ran over you, you would sing a different tune! There is no excuse for this behaviour whether he is off his meds or a druggie! If he was having an mental episode, he should have called for help, not try to kill a bunch of innocent people! Yes, life is hard but it gets damn harder when you have people like this on the loose. He chose to get in the vehicle and drive for MILES (!) having an episode (according to you). He needs to loose his license, impound his vehicle and be hospitalized for an indefinite period of time whether druggie or suffering from PTSD. Next time he/we might not be be so lucky that he was just bouncing off a water truck.

        • Except that he didn’t have a ptsd episode, he actually was drunk and high. For fucks sake he was driving in his underwear dangerously where did you get ptsd?

    • Under the circumstances, I suspect the fellow needed to be restrained. I wonder what allowances are made for that?

    • it’s not illegal

    • [edit] these guys were well within their rights to subdue and detain this guy to prevent him from harming himself or others.

    • Seriously! this guy owes every individual person working on that job site 1 million bucks for endangering their lives. at some point it must be seen he was the one breaking the law! Forcing people in that crew to do anything within their power to restrain him. It’s called citizens arrest And everybody has the right to use it.

      • 1 million bucks per individual? Where did you come up with such an arbitrary figure? Intricate cipherin going on here

    • The clown damn near kills a person,and you’re worried about his civil rights.

      • Yep. Welcome to snowflake millennium bullshit. If he was a POC Caltrans would be looking at a lawsuit! lol

        • Civil rights are “snowflake millennium bullshit”? In this case that sounds like an entitled excuse for mob violence. We live in a country of laws backed up by the constitution and the bill of rights and you’ll be darned glad you have them if you’re ever unjustly accused.

          We all have civil rights, all the time, 24×7. There’s no excuse for violent retribution, which would have been especially unjust given the man’s personal history.

          Yes, the workers might have been within their rights to use the minimum of force needed to restrain him but that’s as far as it goes. I say “might” because that’s a judgement call. It would have been illegal to shoot him dead since he was running away and probably illegal to crack his head open if that’s what it took to restrain him. They had his license plate (unless the car was stolen) and he was nearly naked and barefoot.

          Because there were eight workers involved that level of violence wasn’t required.

          I hope they treated him as humanely as possible while ensuring that he was no longer a danger to himself or others. Assuming they did, I hope they don’t get charged by the police or sued by the poor fellow, who I hope, over time, becomes better able to cope with the trauma that he suffered while serving his country (assuming Diana’s comment about him having PTSD is accurate).

    • Really, that’s what you were concerned about is that it’s illegal to hogtie up somebody who has violated a lot of laws and could have seriously injured somebody because of his reckless driving. Maybe he was hogtied because they were concerned that he could have hurt others because obviously he didn’t care when he passed the flagger. Get your priorities straight

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      A million bucks, before taxes, attorney fees and all the years of appeals. Yeah that $25k will come in handy 20 years from now. Anyway, do stupid tricks, win stupid prizes and this guy is solid gold meme material. Now he’ll have to sue the entire internet.

    • Oh jeeez… *shaking my head and rolling my eyes*… Who left the bag of idiots open ? This nimrods right not to be captured and hogtied ended where the rights of the workers not to be ran over by a whacked out wingnut begins !!

    • In law school they literally told us “Your freedom of speech ends where my nose begins.”

    • It’s called citizens arrest

    • you don’t get it! This is why Trump was elected. This is what fighting back looks like. No, he is not going to get 1 million bucks. He is going to get a bunch of charges by law enforcement , and hopefully Mercer fraser charges him for the down time

      • Wtf are you talking about? This guy probably voted for trump.

        • Almost certainly — he acts without science or reason.

          • As opposed to Ms. Scientific “What Private Server?”Clinton? Of course she acted with reason as Secretary of State- reason was that she got a tit-for-tat job from Obama in compensation for her not ruining his campaign when he”screwed” her out of her rightfully purchased Presidency that she paid good, solid cash to lock up.

            Poor Democrats. They really can pick ’em. For the right price.

      • Trump was elected because of Russian interference in the election process. Of course, you don’t want to know that.

        • Trump won because Russian trolls convinced the some of most privileged citizens in the world that they should hate their own country and despise it’s laws, values and fellow citizens. It indeed was Russians but the only interference was in the troll suckered hatefest in the decade before the election that drove the rest of the country to seek relief from Democrat ideologues like Clinton, the Goddess of Liberal Abuse, Entitlement and Disrespect.

        • Justice F All!

          So full of crap! He won! ….if you look at the record for his accomplishments so far…he blows away what the last few Presidents have done for our Country! May not have voted for him this last election…but will for the next one!!

    • Typical Cali humboldt progressive thinking, and the problem with this state/county.

    • He almost caused a head on collision on 101 North before turning onto 36. My friend had to slow down and evade as this dumbass was driving into oncoming lanes at high speed.

      • I believe this is same truck that was driving extremely fast and reckless on 101 near Myers flat at around 430 pm. Almost went head on with a Subaru or similarsmall car, he was driving north in the southbound lanes going up the hill into the 55 mph curve at eagle pass. Seems like.he fou.d some justice for his extreme and suicidal actions

    • Lazy shovel leanin cal trans man is stupid

      He committed a felony and they witnessed it. They are legally able to detain him with no no legal recourse to them.

    • Are you for real? What planet do you come from? The planet of OH POOR GUY?

    • He was restrained for his own safety and security, and that of others, after all other reasonable attempts and alternatives to curb his behavior had failed. No injury was evident because of the restraint itself. He was still able to toss himself to and fro like a tossed salad in the back of a loader, albeit a bit dusty down to his once tighty-whities and beyond.

      Unrestrained, he likely would have injured others or himself with great bodily harm. Like, I dunno, say running into the back of water truck like the numbskull skullduggery scoundrel that he was.

      • numbskull skullduggery, haha

      • Great.. I’m glad you’ve got inside info..
        So do tell, the “Dunh-Dun-Das” in question were originally white.. in the pics and video, they appear to be more of Mauve, Taupe or Sandscrit color. What withall the dirt and dust this criminal in Crimefighters is tossing about in to and fro like a beached trout in zip tyes, it hakes sense that they would take on an earthier tone. Whetever the color i think we can all agree that he is a fashion trailblazer thats not afraid to go bold.. my hats off to you Dusty.. you went big..
        Does anyone else out there share my concern that what with the lemming like mentality of so many here on the northcoast they there could be copy cats?.. A rash of tighty-whitey clad ‘Ner do wells’ reaking havok on our public roads.

        In other news be on the lookout for my new line of:
        “Dusty Would Go!”
        ACCESSORIES (Sweats/T-shirts bumper stickers and coffee cups at a retailer near you…

    • It’s not illegal. As for law enforcement, it is whatever is reasonable and necessary.. I’ve had to use 4 point restraints (or a’s you call it hog tie) suspects on more than a few occassions like trying to kick out my windows during transport…

    • It’s called a citizen’s arrest and it sounds to me that he needed to be hog-tied to control his actions. [edit]

    • They probably should’ve given him a glass of water and a sandwich as well. [edit] Human rights are one thing but the safety of public workers and the public is another that’s far more important. Go back to your lemonade stands and hopeful ignorance of a socialistic hell. The working class will return.

    • that completely depends on the state

    • Deiter Kirkbride

      Fuck yeah that’s crazy af who the fuck do they think they are fuckin justice league all involved are probably unemployed by now and looks like they assaulted him as well wow 😮

    • Well, Im not sure where you got your law degree from. But a citizen has the right to arrest if they are present when a felony is committed. Therefore by arrest it means your liberty is forfieteduntil released by a judge. Hog tieing is a protective measure for the defendant as well as a detainee.

      • Wrong.

        No. “Citizens Arrest” does NOT mean that you, as a citizen, can hog-tie someone and “place them under arrest”. Not at all. What “citizens arrest” IS is that you may detain someone (but you can’t hog-tie them) because you witnessed them committing a crime, and you have to call the police and describe to the police what it was you saw, and the POLICE will place the person under arrest based on YOUR information as to what you saw.

    • Jefferson State Tractor Service

      To whoever posted about shovel holding lazy cal trans guy…

      These arn’t Cal Trans guys..these are hard working MEN..getting the job Liberals like yourself can get to the coast on a nice road..that cost twice what it should because your way of thinking.

      What positive do you contribute to your comunity? This team of men just eliminated a serious threat to not only their well-being…but the community’s.

      Hats off to MF

    • McKinleyville resident

      You sound like an ambulance chasing lawyer………….good luck with representing Dusty!

    • A citizen can detain a suspect using reasonable force, including handcuffs. Given these boys didn’t have handcuffs, a belt is reasonable.
      It appears you need to study a little more.

    • That’s what I was just wondering! Why the brutality?

      • Perhaps all the innocent lives on the job that he put in danger?

      • Did you READ the article, he was still assaulting people and trying to get away! Plus reading all the comments, this guy was driving like a maniac since Myers Flat!!! And he didn’t wreck til the Narrows, so many people he could have killed!

    • Are you kidding me. I run my rig passed a group of cars endangering lives of everyone in the area. I’ll probably high on something which I’m sure they test it for. Not to mention the flagger would come back with endangering his her life with a moving vehicle which is considered a weapon in the state of California. By the way put some clothes on next time. Explain that to the judge

    • If it is illegal, the law should be changed.

    • Aquaman knows the answers

      Police officers are no longer allowed to hog tie people due to issues around positional asphyxiation. I would think it’d be easy to articulate these guys aren’t cops and aren’t going to use of force case law review on an annual basis so they will likely be in the clear.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Attorney at LOL

      Well maybe they taught you that in internet law school, but it’s called a citizen’s arrest. He was committing a crime, fleeing the scene of an accident and can be restrained by any means necessary. Causing an accident and running around in your underwear and refusing to stop or cooperate are not civil rights honey bun.
      And I know hillbillies always think they’re going to win the lottery by “suing,” but if you really think any lawyer is going to take a case again a bunch of construction workers who surely don’t have a pot to piss in, then you really are as ignorant as you are desperately trying not to sound.

    • Don't Drink While Pregnant

      It’s illegal for cops to hogtie a person because it’s difficult for people to breathe in that position and people have suffocated. Can’t expect a road construction crew to know about that phenomenon.

      • Yeah, and it’s also very hard to survive if some DF hits you with his truck after nearly running over others. Read the article, it took eight people to restrain this more than likely drugged out wacko. He is lucky that they just restrained him. He doesn’t look beat up nor does he looked like he has been tased as evidenced by no urine down the front of his shorts. I also see no bullet holes. He was tied in such a way that he could still breathe and roll over on his side if he wanted. (see video) WTF.

    • Well you gotta do what you gotta do would you rather have him go off the cliff and die ?

    • What’s the violation? And what government entity committed the violation? You gonna sue a private citizen for a 42 USC 1983 or similar violation? [edit]

    • Where did you get your law degree? It’s not illegal. He’s lucky the cops didn’t get him first, they probably would have shot him.

    • Ignorant comment!

    • Oh, and flying through a work zone and disregarding the workers direction and safety is ok?

      Sorry, play stupid games win stupid prizes. He lucky they only tied him up and waited for the police. If he had hit and killed a worker [edit].

      • Yes, if he had hit and killed a worker, that would certainly be a different story. BUT, what if the driver was injured or even died as a result of being hog-tied like this? What about THAT?

    • whatever man. this dude ran the road block at high speed and endangered the workers lives. hog tying really isn’t that bad. he was restrained before the cops got there. get over yourself

      • It was not their right to restrain the man in this way. This is “assault”, “battery” and “false imprisonment”, and violating his civil rights. These workers will be lucky if they don’t do jail time for this.

    • Not your friend

      🖕there’s your civil rights

    • Absolutely. As stupid and as dangerous as what this guy did, the construction workers are the ones who have done the “really bad thing” and could very well go to jail for what they did.

    • Absolutely right.

  • Man these construction workers on 36 don’t mess around, recall the story last year of some that flew passed the flagger evading from a pot snatch.

  • Awesome, respect the cone zone or you’ll get hog tied and thrown in a loader.

  • The poster child for “HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE”

  • Wow what a story! Almost as crazy as the man in Myers 😮

  • Wow….
    The age old question has been answered….boxers or briefs! LOL

  • Well it was kind of warm today and he was kind of dusty. Maybe he just wanted to splash some water on himself.

  • Classic picture. The crew is probably still laughing about it. Great Job Guys !!!!

  • It begs the question of, WTF was he on??? It must have been something excellent to bring on such stupidity!!! ;-/

  • Must be a real special batch of meth goin around.
    Remember the egg and frying pan analogy?

  • That’s rad, in Soviet Russia drugs do you.

  • Can the buckets on those tilt all the way forwards? Would make a pretty secure holding cell if done on asphalt.

  • The Humboldt county dope grower truly is a special breed.

  • The old “a bee flew in the car” routine may be this guys best bet at getting away with this

  • Who you calling tiny! Ha, the picture flashing on the main page, I seriously thought it was an out take of Officer Farvre covered in powdered sugar from Super Troopers

  • He was probably on his way to the mad river burger bar to get his next fix of meth. Just another story proving that the 36 is trash. Unethical growers and meth heads.

  • Real dirt bag

  • Did Mercer Frasier just score again?

  • At least the road crew knew he wasn’t armed!

  • Here’s your sign..

  • This crew needed to be called when Zack Harrison was on the loose…

  • I can’t believe some idiot thinks this is a law suit ready to happen. Seriously? The guy is lucky this is all that happened to him. It’s called citizens arrest and it is very legal. 😉

  • I was at the stop sign (held by the road crew worker) when this man flew by me at such a high speed that I figured he’d crash and was hoping he wouldn’t take any innocent lives!! Glad he was caught as there were no police officers around to see this crazy guy driving wrecklessly through road construction! Good job, men!!

    • He passed me back before Martin and Shirleys. I was doing 50mph, he passed on the outside of a blind turn at “guessing” 85 or 90mph went into the old redwood carvers pullout then back into eastbound lane. He braked hard enough for the next left that he swapped left then right before releasing brakes and barely made the turn. Im amazed he made it as far as he did. He blew through the pg&e jobsite without stopping for flaggers immediately after passing me.

    • Recklessly

      He literally was not driving wrecklessly, as he had a wreck

      I suppose he could claim his “breaks” failed…

  • Looking at the still photo, I thought that it was The Donald.
    I couldn’t figure out what he was doing there.
    Wouldn’t be the first time that his bizarre behavior made no sense.

  • Flaggers Revenge

    That’s the funniest thing I ever heard LOL. I was a flagger and you meet all kinds on the road. Serves him right

    • I was an operator on a pipe line job in Newhall, guy tried to run down our flag girl, twice. They caught him and he had a history of threating women.

  • I love the 36. Lawlessness is bliss. This guy will definitely learn something from this one.

    • Jefferson State Tractor Service

      What could you possibly teach this guy…other than people that put construction workers lives in danger…go to prison!!

  • Somebody must recognize the truck. And, how hot does the bucket on the loader get on a warm-weather day like this? Is that why the perp did a barrel-roll into the shade on the short video?

  • Cowboy hog ties tweeker…yes..nice rope..see you at next rodeo

  • File this under”Just when you thought you’ve seen it all!”

  • Man…it’s getting to where every time I see an accident on RHBB I just know it has to be on Hwy 36. That road is WAY too twisty for speeding, especially high as a fucking kite in your underwear. I hope he got a good mouthful of dirt.

  • All I have to say is WOW!!!😂

  • There’s two Fruit Loops in this story – the driver and the commenter who thinks the driver’s civil rights were violated.

  • I carry big zip ties in my truck, in case I feel a need to detain a fella like this…I was told by a Sheriff that I could be arrested for false imprisoment, or kidnapping if I used them for that

  • Unfortunately this is today’s world that we live in. Very sad.

  • Ain’t he something special.
    Humboldt County, Home Grown, Corn Fed, Local Yocal, Extra Special, Good Ole Country Boy flying by the seat of his tidy whities. As special as he appears to be, his family must not let him off the farm much. He’s what you call a “mighty fine catch” or “keeper”.

    Any jackass driving 36 so fast and loose, endangering the lives of other drivers plus a road crew then attempts to escape in his underwear, deserves everything he gets and more. Brazen, stupid, lacking consideration for others and no concern for safety is a deadly combination.

    When he comes out of his haze he better not start whining about being pictured in his skivies. He brought the attention onto himself. If he would have drove the road at a safe speed, followed the rules and yielded to the flagger he could have drove to hell and back in his underwear and no one would have been the wiser.

    I think it’s safe to say, he’s proven beyond much doubt, he’s sure not the sharpest tool in the tool shed or the brightest light on the strip. On the other hand, the road crew did a mighty fine job detaining a near naked fool. Someone should buy that crew a few rounds of beers after work.

  • dude needs to tap the brakes a little more often.

  • hmmmm, just in his underwear? Was anybody chasing him? Like an irate husband?

  • You’re a trick

    Hahaha I wonder if the same person who made that lawsuit comment is the same person in a lawsuit on 36. Call the wambulance.

  • Hey mom! Look! No hands!

    • Dang it Earl you gotta stop drinking like that every time your wife leaves you! Yes , it Could be meth or he could just be a very f’d up good ol boy or whatever y’all call yourselve’s up here. I’ve seen cases that look as bad just from drinking. Yeah good work road crew guys! They may have just saved his life.

    • Closer to “Look Mom, NO BRAINS!!!

  • It’s illegal for law enforcement to hog tie. Not an average everyday joe. What an idiot.

  • Hog tied & Lassoed. Here’s another story of citizen restraint of a suspect, from horseback. Two years ago in Oregon:

  • Just showed my older kids…we live on 36….when I was telling them about it, they said they saw that truck EFN FLY by….all the comments about him almost hitting cars since Myers Flat….DANG, so many people he almost killed BEFORE he endangered the MF crew….WHOM WE LOVE!!!! Kudos workers! Just grateful he didn’t take another human out.

  • The hog-tying technique was perfect in this case–a big, heavy, out-of-control guy like that. Even though it looks funny, I can’t possibly laugh, because I had been traveling west on 36 a little earlier that day. This is so scary really. I really applaud the workers who restrained this crazy person.

  • Kym, you’ve got the best blog north, east, west and south (news).

    Divide . . . Humboldt? Zip, zero, nada.

  • well, i saw the cops hogtie a guy a few years ago; they later called me and asked if i had a problem with that; no, i said ’cause the guy had just invaded my home…
    the rest of you are idiots–i look for a comment from ED or Eric K and skim through your silly opinions…
    hope the guy gets his million…

  • I saw this going 90 through Hydesville he pulled into Murrish market and was blaring music pumping his gas in his underwear screaming like a wild animal at the guy next to him! When he pulled out he hit and ran a boat and flew down 36 I called 911 apparently a lot of people did as well glad he has been captured he was Definatly on drugs!

  • Hogtied… In his underwear… Surrounded by big, buff construction workers…
    Some guys would pay money to be in his position! Except for the felonies, cops, and jail, of course.

  • Did anyone have a cell phone wit them when that truck flew by them before it ran thru the construction site an wrecked?


    • Zero tolerance starts at the border. Deport immediately and take away his bath salts. Obama let him in. Doubt he is here for the unwanted jobs. Close the gates and round up the ones who illegally entered Go ICE

      • Delton Streetman

        Evidently you didn’t read rhe posts about this person being a veteran who served our country. Maybe you AND your president should be the ones that are deported. But I would really like to know where you would deport an American born citizen to?


  • I just want to know who the heck he is?? Anyone know?

    I just want to know who the hell he is???
    Anyone know yet?

  • “Sorry, guys. I was in a hurry to get to my dealer’s house again. I’ve been awake for a month!”

  • If it took 8 construction workers to control that fat old dude, hog tying was the way to go.

  • Just think what will happen if Mexico wins the World Cup…

    (1 2 3 not racist…no backsies!)

  • Willy, why don’t you go back to whatever country yr grandparents came from. The Mexicans were in California way before us white dudes.
    I would say the driver needs some sartorial advice & a revoked CDL.

    • You sound a little “Dusty” yourself there Jorge. Why stick up for someone who risked dozens of lives? CDL revoke? How about reckless endangerment? Bath salts

    • Mexico didn’t exist before the United States. It was a Spanish colony until 1821. So if you wanted to say Spain claimed much California as a colony, that would be true although as far as I ever heard there was never any Spanish presence in Northern California other than a sailing expedition. I doubt whether the local native tribes recognized Spain’s rights and had only infrequent foreign relations with the southern indigenous population before Spain claimed the land by right of “discovery.” Despite the assumption, all Indians are not alike.

      • Dear Guest,
        You’re correct about Mexico not existing until 1821, but Mexicans arguably have been around since the mixing of Spanish or other European bloods and Mexico’s indigenous tribes (of which there were many and the most widely known were the Aztecs). Biology does not understand manufactured political-legal definitions such as “country”, “sovereignty”, etc. Have a good day. 🙂

        • So your idea is people of one race have the same rights to territory no matter who was born where as part of what tribe. That sounds rather like “They all look alike.” A very racist sorting of people. The idea of sovereignty based on historical occupancy of self identified groups seems a whole lot less troublesome and much more relevant. Thus a few tribes do have cross border citizenship. Indians have their own sense of borders not so easily dismissed.

      • I think I read somewhere that the northern most Spanish settlement was in Hopland which is little south of Ukiah.

        • It was as much colonization as anything the US ever did so it’s rather surprising that anyone would think that a failed Spanish colony conveys rights to dismiss the US as a colonizing entity. But there you are.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    I am confused… Did they whack him in the head and then use the sex-restraints on him? And where did the, interesting, ties come from? The “Amazon Handy Pocket Sex Restraint” in the “clip-on belt-pack?”


    • Upon reexamination it looks like a standard blue tie down strap modified for the situation. Don’t know about the other type Hope we can get details thru legal post- mortem.

  • Interesting that in 60 plus miles of reckless travel, witnessed by many commenters in this very thread, NO ONE CALLED 911 TO REPORT that there was a mad maxian on the road.
    Form Myers Flat to Dinsmore y’all just shrugged.

    • When I talked to CHP Officer David Berone, he said that law enforcement had received between 25-to 30 calls complaining of everything from stealing to driving in the wrong lane to excessive speed, etc.

  • Wanna see true racism? Worldstarhiphop picked up this. Check out the comments on that site

  • Too much speed in the cone zone. I heard he started his run in Mendocino County and stole a bigfoot statue. Anyone know if that is true.

    • Yes to the start in Mendocino and he took a carving from Bigfoot Burl. He did toss money at the employees who were trying to stop him, I heard, but they were unable to recover the money.

      • OMFC…LMAO. Just got back from a road trip Kym and am reading the archives. This is the FUNNIEST story. The bigfoot statue detail and throwing money just send it over the top.

  • Mabe his girl friend was hot and ready and he was just trying to get thar on time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It’s a common idea that some special issue give a person a pass on responsibility for their actions. That is confusing sympathy with responsibility. Unless a person is mentally incompetent and therefore unable to recognize right from wrong, their personal stresses do not allow them to endanger others at will without being condemned.

    Apparently for some people, having a harder life than others is good enough to excuse any behavior. They trot out the phrase “You don’t know him” as if that changes the things they did.

    • Delton Streetman

      In my opinion (and that doesn’t carry much clout) you couldn’t meet the definition of mental illness and not able to discern right from wrong any better than a war veteran suffering PTSD flashbacks from their service to our country. True that doesn’t give a person a free pass on endangering innocent civilians. But it does say a lot about the care our veterans are getting (or the lack thereof) maybe the government that is pushing for cutting veteran benefits (while asking for trillions of dollars to enlarge the military) should be the ones who are actually at fault.

  • Curiosity did not kill the cat

    I just want to know WHY! Someone interview him, please!

    • his facebook is wide open. his friends list is typical list of local wannabe local Eureka gang bangers with job descriptions like Pimping and Hustlin. he served time in Mendo county jail with an address of Fort Bragg. it seems he is part of the 18th Street gang based on a memorial. I would say “why” is related to hard drugs and someone did something that made him mad. Eureka is a messed up place.

  • Freerangecitizen

    This fellow swerved into the Murrish Market at 40 mph fishtailing into the parking lot, locks up the brakes 15 ft past pump one, spins in reverse 5 ft behind the pump, then pulls up to it. I was standing at pump 2 so i got an earful when he started cussing and kicking the pump when his first attempt with the card didn’t work out. when he was done he threw the pump on the ground (still turned on) and proceeded to peel between a bunch of incoming outgoing traffic taking off at a high velocity. The first flagger I came to said he went through the one way traffic control at 90. He was terribly hostile at the gas pump so i can only imagine how pissed he would have been when he hit the water truck. those guys did what needed doing when they restrained him. Everyone who was in his path is very lucky to be ok right now. Anyone upset about the manner in which he was restrained does’nt realize that tying his hands would’nt have been enough to immobilize him. Oh, and he was fully dressed when exiting Hydesville, so i’m guessing that he disrobed while driving at those speeds. comforting thought.

  • The Entropic Empath

    I don’t think I am ever going to recover from the photo above…

    Thank the stars that nobody was killed by this maniac! I hope we eventually discover what got him going, but I suspect he was pretty much like this before the event horizon started the destruction of his universe.

    The trauma caused by his blowout could have been much worse!

  • a very serious OSHA violation putting someone in a loader bucket and a separate more severe violation by moving equipment knowingly with someone in the bucket. it can be inferred as excessive force due to potential to bodily injury. MF without a doubt will be sued by this guy and I would assume OSHA will be issuing a fine in the mid to high 5 figures for the violations.

    • Since OSHA applies to employees only in reasonably foreseeable work related violence, it is unlikely to be an OSHA violation. Unless of course the employees were in the business of capturing and transporting criminals and they themselves were hurt.

      • the guy didn’t get into the bucket by his own will. who put the guy in the bucket? and there is a reason for construction fencing. OSHA applies to everyone that enters your jobsite regardless. and it doesn’t matter how they enter.

        • You are confusing OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) with a civil tort.

          • as an OSHA site safety officer, I can assure you that bucket rides are an OSHA violation no matter who rides the bucket. I would also assume MF will be sued under civil tort for forcing this guy to ride the bucket. for the record I have rode the bucket many times to get the job done, but I am an owner and if I got hurt workers comp would not apply to me, but I would still get the OSHA fine.

            • Unpreventable employee misconduct unless the owner directed the use. And if he did, then that is the only possible violation of OSHA standards. But how likely is that.

              • its a direct violation of the IIPP. this is considered preventable with training. are there training logs? if not they better start making some.

    • Delton Streetman

      I have seen people who were transported in a bucket due to injuries and the need to not injure them worse and OSHA didn’t have any problems with it. I would think transporting a violent person that was subdued to a safer location would be much easier done by placing that person in a loader bucket than dragging them uphill through the brush at the end of his restraints.

  • This page made it onto Reddit. Also side note to racist people, you suck!

    • Some racists are obvious as in they belong to a racist organization or use racist epithets. Others think they aren’t racist but are. Then there are those eager to call racist whenever it suits their demands. They are racist too. Not reverse racists. Just plain racists, only smug and self satified. The last category sucks too.

      • Yea I’m originally from socal and have lived in humboldt almost 10 years now. This is still the only place we’re I’ve been confronted by racism so blatantly. I don’t think there’s necessarily any more racism in Humboldt than anywhere USA or any part of the world for that matter it’s just that here I’ve been told to keep driving south when sitting outside the store in my car, not served at the VFW bar in eureka at a show while they made racist comments about me and my friends and seen a lot of what people call”reverse reacism” for sure as well. And I agree, b it’s it’s just racism.There’s incredibly awesome people here too, otherwise I wouldn’t chose to be here. It’s kind of similar to weed issue constantly talked about on this site too. Soo much hate,bigotry, dehumanizing comments I just shake my head. It is the internet I know, but the majority of comments on this site tend to be this way and it makes me sad.

  • Some people are better off hog-tied.

  • I seem to remember an episode of McCloud that ended like this.

  • I hog tied a man with duct tape once at Reggae on the River for T-P creepin and for having grabbed a naked young girl in her tent. I was lucky he did not press charges,,,,,the guy may have been out of line and plenty fucked up BUT!!! cal trans fucked up big time.

  • only in cannabis coountry

  • so many comments about this stupid story–it really makes one ponder the level of intelligence in this area…
    i guess things really are bad in the hills…

  • Take his license away and get him some help asap. No one should be able to drive if they are suffering from PTSD. He needs intervention! Stop humiliating him this is someone family member and yes veteran.

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