Family Asks Public’s Help After 63-Year-Old Hiker Disappears on New Bigfoot Trail

Kingsley and David Ura as they prepared to head out on the Bigfoot Trail.

Kingsley and David Ura as they prepared to head out on the Bigfoot Trail. [All photos provided by Ashley Ura]

When Ashley Ura and her mother dropped her dad, David Ura at the Ides Cove Trailhead about two and a half hours west of Corning on June 15 to hike the new Bigfoot Trail, they expected to meet him in Hayfork on June 21 to provide him with supplies for the next leg of his journey. He never showed up.

They worry he could have wandered off the trail which is new and not clearly marked in some areas. Or he could have been injured.

“I just want to find my dad,” Ashley explained. Her father, 63 years old, and her dog, Kingsley, are experienced hiking buddies so she is hopeful that they can be found. Friends are hiking portions of the trail looking for him. “There are a lot of people going out on the trail,” she explained.

“I’ve reported it to the Trinity Sheriffs Department and the Tehama Sheriff’s Department,” she said. “It has been four days.”

But, she said, there has been no call. “So far no signs of him yet,” she said quietly.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department at (530) 529-7900 or Ashley Ura at (541) 326-7744.

David Ura and his wife.

David Ura and his wife.

UPDATE: Found.



  • Hopefully he’s found safe. That’s some rough country

  • Hope found soon

    Call Diana Totten

  • Corning to Hayfork? In this heat? YIKES

  • Kim, thanks for helping to get the word out.

  • Hope he is found safe and sound. It’s got to be a horrible feeling to just not know anything. I would go hike the trail to look if I was able. Good luck and hope you bring him home.

  • Positive prayers to this man and his family, I hope he is found safe, Kym thank you so much for everything you do

  • Dangerous area there. Cartel growers in the canyons and illegal greenhouse growers on the ridgetops…little to no cell service and 100′ plus temps last few days…and the guy who invented this trail says its gone in places and very hard in others…hope he’s ok. Here’s the link about the trail..

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    I really hope they find him ok. I could potentially help hike the trail next weekend if they need more searchers.

  • Oh my, the set distance is 40 miles as the crow flies, closer to 50 miles by foot, and in reading the link in the article, the trail is a hodge podge of separate trails and roads…….. definitely not a trail I would not like to be traveling alone on, pets don’t count, especially if it was my first time on it and I was not to be expected to arrive at a set destination until 7 days later.

  • I looked at the two links for this trail. It seems to be a difficult hike for the experienced hiker-camper. I hope he is safe and just hiking slower than expected. I would be thinking of hiring a tracking dog.

  • I’m sorry to say this, but the family must make ALL efforts to find this man.

    The TCSO will not be doing anything except answering phone calls.

    Is Josh Ford the detective on case? Sorry if that’s the case. Don’t waste your time with them. I really wish you good luck.

  • Family needs to get a helicopter on this asap, by whatever means necesssry, poor guy might be sitting alongside the trail with a broken leg.

  • I hope he is found safe. Please get this man a Garmin inReach or similar device. You can send a text via satellite daily saying OK or what not. If you get in a need for help you can hit a SOS button informing authorities of your exact location and will send help.

  • keeley Mitchell

    It is very good that Cliff posted it on his Twitter. My thoughts are with his family and my prayers that they are both found safely

  • If you (anyone or everyone) could keep us updated here, that could/would be helpful.
    While I hope for the best, we know every day that passes is not good.

  • Everyone in the area should just go take a look. In my town we had a girl go missing after a New Years eve party. I drove the windy canyon looking over the edge occasionally .Two months later her car was found at the exact spot I stopped at and was looking over the edge. I lose sleep thinking if I would have looked harder she might have been saved,

  • I hiked this trail in 2015 and knowledge of how to use a GPS was essential to finding my way because of the overgrown trail. I also fear for his safety in the Hayfork area because of the heavy marijuana growing in that area. If he is found he needs to start using a satellite locator device like the Garmin InReach in the future so he can check in with a map location that is sent to friends and family via email every day. You can also text with it on the trail–all satellite, so no need for cell service. Don’t be so concerned about the heat out there–there was plenty of shade along the trail and he would be up at a higher elevation than down in the valley. He sounds like he is experienced. I sent an email to Michael Kauffmann, the originator of the trail with the story. I checked and and no one is now journaling on the Bigfoot trail that I could see. I hope he is found.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Any updates?

  • Maybe check with Glenn County Posse to see if they have a mounted SAR unit? Prayers that he is found soon.

  • Brian Barry West

    Bump, may we

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    It’s not looking good. This has been a lot of days now and I think if he needed help he’d have started a signal fire by now. I keep hoping for some good news but there’s been no sign of him so far.

  • Update? Hiking alone in an area with risks like mountain lion, bear, and marijuana growers it seems like people should be out there with dogs as soon as possible to find him before someone else does! If he is injured he won’t be able to get to water!

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