[UPDATE Saturday] Owner of Missing Dogs Fears They’ve Been Stolen; Video of Dogs Getting into Car Added

two dogs at the doorWith 475 shares from the original missing dogs post on the Humboldt Paws Cause Facebook page, the owner of these two missing dogs, Benji and Gus, is surprised that he hasn’t gotten word of where they are. Adam Smith thinks they were stolen Wednesday night.

“Someone took my dogs Benji and Gus out of my yard in Rio dell around 5-9,” Smith said.

“Just seems funny that in such a small town and with as many friends as we have and the attention it’s gotten that nobody has seen them or knows anything,” he added.

If anyone has any information please contact Carolann at (707) 932-1464.

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.: The owner just received these videos taken about 8:20 p.m. Wednesday night. They appear to show his two dogs scampering along with a woman and two children–one on a scooter and one on a tricycle. They appear to be heading east on Davis Street in Rio Dell. [Videos removed now that the dogs have been videoed being picked up by an unrelated vehicle.]

UPDATE Saturday: Another video has been found that shows the dogs were picked up by a white car after the woman and children went a separate direction.



  • Is this near where the mountain lion has been spotted?

  • Davis and Ireland headed east over the 101

  • The dogs look like they hooked up with the family rather than the family took them. I have had dogs travel for awhile with me then move on as they chose. Leaping to that kind of threat when you don’t know is not good.

    • I thought that too! And since they are still in Rio Dell and the dogs are NOT on a leash or restrained in any way, why don’t the dogs just head home?

      Maybe some ‘missing dogs’ posters along that strip to give her the opportunity to connect the dogs to the owners?

  • Hard to say from the video, but I can’t see any white on either dog. So it’s hard to say for certain that these are the dogs in question.. and they look very comfortable with this family. No leash and just following the kids..

  • Covelo or busted

    Looks like the blonde lady who trains dogs, and her two kids. does she live/ work around Alderpoint?

  • Dognapping is as bad as kidnapping. Hang them.

  • Beware of the dog fighting rings in Humboldt County and surrounding areas. Women do act on behalf for their boyfriend’s to either adopt or steal dogs. Praying the dogs will be found.

  • Service Coordinator L.H.C.

    Feeling hopeful that some mindful resident from the community speaks up and identifies this woman. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but makes you wonder about the happy go lucky character that she is teaching these children about taking pets from an owners yard.
    Maybe it is a big mis-understanding= best case scenario.

  • That lady shouldn’t have dogs if she’s walking em on a busy street with no leash

  • Updates??? Any word on if Adam has gotten his fur babies back yet??? I’m really shocked that nobody has really taken much if any action to speak of to actively help him besides the good Samaritan posting those video clips,come on people help him get his dogs back& [edit]

  • So when I’m on my daily walk and an unrestrained dog joins me does that make me a dog thief? There are other possibilities. Assumed, is not evidence.

  • If no one saw anything, why is their owner so sure someone took them? They may very well have left on their own. Dogs do that. Besides putting a video including children and a woman, possibly subjecting them to harassment, is not a good idea. At least from the sort of comments I’ve seen here.

    • Just to clarify… No person directly involved in finding these dogs accused this woman of stealing the dogs from the yard she was just the last person that was seen with them. RDPD has made contact with her and the last place that she saw the dogs was at the corner of Davis and Rigby streets. Since then there’s a new video posted on the Paws Cause post of a man in a white car picking them up on Rigby st.

  • Update from FB post: (https://www.facebook.com/humboldtpawscause/posts/1580594222050204)

    The lady in these videos claimed herself and children in a FB post that she was just taking a walk when these dogs emerged. Second, there are other videos that show a man in a white car who actually got them in his car. No status update that the owners got their dogs back yet but this lady has nothing to do with their disappearance. Lastly, the speculation that the video “looks like” a known local dog trainer is unfair, and untrue, which could of had serious consequence to her business and reputation.

  • I’ve worked professionally with dogs for 18 years, this is just my opinion. These two look like they got out, they have obviously been raised well, socialized and very friendly. The woman with her children appears to just be walking and the dogs are hanging out…nothing more. The real search needs to happen with the white 4door Honda. If that was a concerned person (I’ve picked up well over 40 dogs that were running loose and contacted their owner or the shelter), why hasn’t he contacted the local animal officials?!? Otherwise, there’s a big concern here that these pups may be sold or worse. CONCENTRATE on the MAN in the WHITE CAR

  • I really hope the find the dogs but I think this video of the lady and her children should be removed. She is a neighbor down the street, one of the nicest little families and this just isn’t fair what is happening them and all the accusations and comments. These are her children whom I’m sure she wants to protect now without her permission being broadcast for all to see. She is a very kind person and it would be very kind to remove this video of her that she gave no permission. Also why do people keep saying they were stolen out of the yard?

  • Isn’t that a white Prius that picked the dogs up? Also…is the man walking and looking back at the dogs the same man that got out of the car and picked up the dogs? Video isn’t clear and is so bright, details are difficult to see.

  • I really hope the dogs are found but I think all videos of this lady and her children should be removed. They live down the street from us and they are one of the nicest families you’ll meet. It isn’t fair the comments and judgment she’s getting since she was just walking home with her kids and the dogs kept following, As you can see she’s just focused on her kids trying to get home. I’ve had dogs follow me before and it’s an unpleasant situation especially when my kids were small. She never agree to have this video released of her and her little children. She is a very kind person, please be kind in return and remove the videos for the privacy of this family. Also I’m not sure why people keep saying the dogs were stolen from the yard? Am I missing something?

  • Karma is a bitch! But poor dogs hope there safe!

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