[UPDATE: Home Now!] Looking for Love? Female Pitbull in Heat Missing


pit bull dog on green lawn

Chrome, a handsome 2-year-old pit bull, is in heat and she’s missing from the Benbow area. According to her owner, on June 20  she “managed to get a hole in the fence.”
If you have any information, please call (323) 868-3407.
UPDATE Friday: Chrome is home.


  • Sorry, but zoophilia just isn’t my thing…

    • No it’s NOT looking for love, it’s a natural animal instinct of an animal that is NOT fixed! So Humboldt can have MORE dogs running around, grrrrrr!

  • Mucho Chaka chaka !

    Start looking fools

  • You got pups bro! For sure. The one thing you have going for you, is there’s lots of pits around. Hopefully she finds one instead of a shaggy mutt. Get a dog kennel. They’re $400 bucks at Costco

  • Don’t delay…….find her and get her spayed!

  • I lost my dog around there for 9 days. Don’t give up.

    A good suggestion that helped was, putting out my dogs kennel n bed with my used clothes around it. This part may sound silly but it might have helped too…..pee pee near by. Your dog knows your scent & might hang near since it’ll smell you. Good luck. I hope you find your dog.

  • When your dog is in heat, it must be securely confined and kept indoors. I always kept mine indoors and tied up, only going out when necessary and on leash. If it is POSSIBLE for a bitch in heat to escape, she will escape. The urge to breed is powerful.

  • Pups in 60 days.

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