Coral Sykes: Young Mother, Loving Sister, Fiance’, and So Much More

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coral Inez Sykes Coral SykesCoral Inez Sykes was born March 31, 1989 to Kimberly Ritter-Roby and Brent Sykes in Fortuna, California.

Coral grew up in Humboldt County, her brilliant smile and kind heart touched many lives, she was an incredible blessing to our community.

Coral was a very kind and compassionate person, she had a love for animals and you could usually find her best friend Mr. Bean by her side.  She was a very talented crafter and photographer.  She had an amazing ability to turn discarded items into amazing art.  She was a professional cake decorator, a great baker and an amazing barista who made each of her customer’s day better with her smile and a great cup of coffee.

Coral was a loving sister, she cared for and mentored all of her younger siblings whom she loved very much.

Coral suddenly passed away after giving birth to her daughter Nevaye Inez Helvey on June 1, 2018.

Coral is now with her sister Olivia Sykes and Paternal Grandfather Jack Sykes.

Coral is survived by her beautiful daughter Nevaye Helvey, fiance and love of her life Eli Helvey, mother Kimberly Ritter-Roby, father Brent Sykes, brothers Christian Allen,Tracy Roby, & Elias Sykes, and sister Alona Sykes, maternal grandparents Stephen and Charlotte Ritter, paternal grandmother Donna Durr and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family and friends who loved her dearly, and miss her deeply.

Coral’s memorial will be held at the lighthouse in Shelter Cove June 30th at 2:00



  • Rest in Heaven, Coral. You will be a shining star in the heavens for your beautiful baby girl. My heart goes out to Charlotte and the family.

  • I almost lost my daughter with her baby and this makes me so sad. My heart goes out to you folks. Hang in there it gets better with time.

  • So sad , she was always so niice when we would come into get sandwiches in whitethorn , we talked often as our daughters name is Olivia . God bless the whole family .

  • Yes, God bless the whole family. Our hearts are with you, please know you are loved by all who know you.

  • So so sad! You will be sorely missed.

  • :'( Beyond sad....

    Such a loss! What an amazing young woman she was. I will always remember her as someone who defined sweetness and who was present in a way that transcended her earthly years. That special eye sparkle & that smile……
    Huge condolences to her family and our whole community. Her spirit will be dancing in the wind as it rolls off the ocean and over the tall grasses through the oak trees ♡ right next to olivia ♡

  • Thank you for your kind words…

  • Praying for your family..
    Rest In Peace..

  • She was always very kind to me🌈❤️

  • Peggy (Ritte)Giardiello

    So for your loss prayers for the family

  • My condolences

  • Coral

    Because of you, others have laughed a little harder,

    cried a little less,

    and smiled a lot for no special reason.

    Because of you, others have felt the warm of a special relationship,

    and the gift of your love.

    Because of you, our world is a much happier place.

    Thank you for being you

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Back up the boat

    Wow so very, very sad. Blessings to her family and friends. Baby girl has an angel looking out for her. Her momma angel.

  • My condolences to her family. So sorry Charlotte & Kim!❤️. To her husband, my heart aches for you! Stay strong for you daughter, she needs you.

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