Sheriff’s Office Eradicates Nearly 2,000 Marijuana Plants, Seizes Firearms at Illegal Grow in Dinsmore

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On June 20, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served a search warrant to investigate the illegal cultivation of marijuana in the area of County Line Creek Road near Dinsmore. The following agencies assisted the DEU: the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department and the California State Water Board.

One property was investigated during the service of the search warrant. The landowner did not possess nor was in the process of obtaining a commercial cannabis permit for the parcel with the County of Humboldt. During the service of the warrant, DEU deputies located five greenhouses with growing marijuana plants inside. Deputies eradicated a total of 1,924 marijuana plants and seized two firearms.

Assisting agencies also located the following violations:

One water diversion violation (up to $8,000 per day fine)

One water pollution violation (up to $20,000 per day fine)

Multiple building permit violations (up to $10,000 per day fine)

One mismanagement of universal waste violation (up to $25,000 per day fine)

One discharge of waste into state water violation

No arrests were made in connection to this search warrant. This case is still under investigation. Criminal charges related to unauthorized cultivation of marijuana will be filed with the District Attorney’s office following the completion of the investigation.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Alt Right For Life

    $63,000 a day in fines?


    That ought to teach a good lesson about not growing weed.

    • Sheriff has been busy in that area lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighborhood is hit with a batch of abatement notices next.

      • Alt Right For Life

        126 pounds a day they have to grow and sell to pay their fine?


      • Too bad they don’t do anything in eastern Willow Creek. Lots of traffic moving through the hills on forest service roads and also in the subdivisions.

      • You do know a lot of the Sheriffs are playing both sides ,like Tatum from Mendocino. About time that dirty [edit] got busted! He got away with that for way too long! Wake up you law abiding citizens!!!

    • The lesson: Replant immidiately.

      • This has worked in the past. With the county’s new satellite surveillance access it may no longer be a good option. I don’t know.

        • Its not really a satelite. Satelites are not actually real. The county has a plane that will fly over and take photos it works in a grid patter and goes back and forth till it takes photos of everything.

          • You’re right about the plane but not about the satellites.

            I think there is solid evidence that satellites exist and are real.

            I couldn’t find anything on this site but if you search “satellite” on LOCO you’ll find a good article listed first. It describes the satellite monitoring contract approved by the BOS. One thing it can do is prove that plants are cannabis based on the spectrum of light reflected/absorbed.

        • as soon as it is federally legal the County won’t be able to use this technology unless they want to use it to enforce every other code on the books. I see round 2 of sticky legal situation coming to the code enforcement office. round one was when they used the “we are looking for a MJ garden” to gain access in early 2000s.

          • I’m affaid that’s the plan. The abatement notices aren’t only for cannabis. Most also are getting fines for unpermitted earthwork and buildings. One (and only one) that I’ve seen did not have a cannabis violation. There is no reason to think they won’t use it for all violations. Almost no rural parcel would have none.

    • I’d much rather have a drunk on the road after spending all their money at the bar!!!

  • 2000 plants. Sounds like a small mom and pop just trying to survive these days.

  • Now if the cops would just concentrate on Busting the real root of all or problems meth, and heroin distributors ,and labs ,but no let’s waste more resources on Pot .

    • Pounds of both heroin and meth were found in multiple separate recent busts. The sheriff’s department has stepped its game up. They added a bunch of staff with measure Z money.

      I don’t think the meth labs are here anymore. I think it’s mostly made in huge “superlabs” elsewhere and smuggled here to be cut and sold.

    • Exactly right, it’s supposed to be legal now but you HAVE to do it exactly how They say or…!!! As for the Meth & Heroin dealers especially the meth labs & the BIG amounts of Smack but since there isn’t as much money to be made by busting those they continue to spread their poison!!!

    • Really? It’s ok to ruin the environment and water?

      • How about fertilizer distribution?and other pollutants killing off water life?

        • ban the chemicals and impose fines for using said (now illegal) ferts… don’t paint everyone with same brush… its as legal as wine, just over-red taped. Watershed destruction should be viewed at the pick and shovel level as well as the individual broke grower level

  • Wow a bust on June 20? Fast reporting

  • Keep up the great work!

  • Wow really ?!?! They busted a scene that maybe if it has a awesome year ….maybe just maybe might see 3-5 boxes before trim bill and over head . This has to be the stupidest bust ever . They had to have passed 300 unlicensed unpremited mega grows along the way .

  • Keep dropping the hammer. This is the best news ever.

  • Bulgiarian beef stew

    Pay to play. If you dont pay the county they come fuck with you! This is how extortion works. They werent kidding when they said to come into compliance. Its like the mafia when they say have the money by friday.

  • They gave out dozens of abatement notices to every illegal grow in the area

    • I call BS. There are zero abatement notices posted in the Eureka Times-Standard. Are you making this up or are you creating false narratives or are you just rumor-mongering?

      • I hope Lg responds to your question, thanks.

      • Abatement notices have been showing up in the Times Standard classifieds some time late Friday nights/early Sat mornings. I think they also leave a hard copy at each parcel and mail one certified to the owner(s) of each parcel.

        Code enforcement seems to be putting out a batch of abatement notices every two weeks. The last group was 19 in the Blocksburg area June 8/9. The group before that was 28 in Rancho May 25/26.

        • There are 10 new abatement notices in the Times Standard classifieds. They aren’t for parcels in the Dinsmore area though. From first glance it looks like all are in western Sohum.

      • 100% sure . I read several of them .

  • Try going to the Sprowel road offramp meth camp if you are looking, plenty of meth/heroin coming up out of those bushes all day long, just park and watch the zombie parade from the bushes to the sidewalks of Garberville. Seems like a GREAT tourist attraction for the new Chamber to promote.

  • Environmental advocate

    Maybe they should hit the pines? Post mountain? Or maybe find all the tweek in Zenia/AP and all the stupid grows on 8 mile that messing up the water. That’s what I’m most mad about, is the environmental destruction going on in our beautiful mountains 💔

  • Look at all that shade inside that greenhouse

  • looks OSHA approved to me.

  • didn’t know we had a sheriff. Didn’t know a sheriff’s OFFICE (building) was capable of pulling off a bust.

    According to – f i n a l l y- Billy is listed as “undersheriff” for 2017. Doesn’t match the website – Sheriff and double-dipping as Coroner.

  • Looks like prices will be up this year 🤔

  • globalist’ greenhouses equal artificial.

  • The Entropic Empath

    Am I the only one who thinks fine bud will be selling at the farmer’s market for around $15/lb by November?

    There is so much dope growing, well, absolutely everywhere, so, why the fuck are you people still planting 2000 plants in such a remote location?

    Who do you think is going to buy it?

    I predict ruin, and a poor final year of dope-growing in Humboldt.

    • Since there is currently a $148 per pound cultivation tax that would be $163 to the consumer. Plus sales tax plus etc. I think $15 is unlikely anytime soon.

      • The Entropic Empath

        Just spitballing, my predictions usually are accurate within a few pennies…

        Even at $163/lb, it’s about right.

        In 1973 I bought pounds for $160, and I thought it was ridiculous! The end of $10 ounces…

        • The Entropic Empath

          And it also seems unlikely that anyone at all is gonna pay the $148 to grow a pound of bud…

          Even with the authorities playing “whack-a-mole” with a couple growers…

          I, myself, refuse to pay the $150/yr HOA dues until they get some teeth in the CCR’s…

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